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RaptorMed Change Log

Version 3.15.5 April 15, 2018
Major changes

Minor changes
  1. The animal spreadsheet in all group operations is now sortable by clicking on a column.
  2. NCAQ - Added collected by, tide and local description fields to the Collection Info form.
  3. NCAQ - Can now copy water quality and env conditions data and graphs to the clipboard.
  4. NCAQ - The old-style donation fields are now unavailable when the new Donation Manager function is in use. It is either one or the other.
  5. NCAQ - The Image Search tool now includes images attached to enclosures.
  6. NCAQ - The Enclosure Treatment plan now includes options to schedule water changes and "Other" on specific days of the week.
  7. NCAQ - The Advanced Search tool now allows animals to be found based on their location/enclosure during a specific time period.
  8. NCAQ - The Enclosure name and description can now only be edited by Maintenance users.
  9. NCAQ - Added the Cape Hatteras Collection Report.
Bug fixes
  1. The length of the Collection Method or Collection Vessel list choices was not checked or limited in any way.
  2. The weight was not printed to the proper number of decimal places in some of the reports based on templates with auto-replaced macros.
Cosmetic changes
  1. On the medical record entry form: "Weight (g)" changed to "Weight".
Maintenance/infrastructure changes

Version 3.15.4 April 8, 2018
Major changes

  1. NCAQ - Overhaul of Collection Site Google map funcion.
    Now compatible with latest Google Maps API.
    Can specify the species group as well as the species.
    Can choose ALL for both the species group and the species.
    Can either save the map or view it directly.
  2. NCAQ - Can specify the units when entering an animal's weight.
Minor changes
  1. NCAQ - Widened microchip field
  2. NCAQ - Added mid-length girth and anal girth for eel biometrics
  3. NCAQ - Added separate choices for Training behavior vs Enrichment behaviour goals.
  4. NCAQ - Added the Terms of Admission field with a new Terms of Admission report.
  5. NCAQ - Enrichment is now printed on the Feeding sheets
  6. NCAQ - Only reminders of category "Treatment Sheet" are printed on Feeding sheets.
  7. NCAQ - The Group Cage Sheet renamed to "Group Enclosure Sheet". It now displays the number in group and the proper species name (abbreviation, common name, etc).
  8. NCAQ - The Enclosure/Room Animal list now displays the number in group and the proper species name (abbreviation, common name, etc).
  9. Info link on Species form now auto-removes http:// and https://.
  10. NCAQ - The necropsy report now displays the species.
  11. NCAQ - The Enclosure summary displays the non-rehab column setup always.
  12. NCAQ - Added the "Lookup by microchip/PIT tag" command and now all lookup functions are under a single menu command called "Lookup by".
  13. NCAQ - The Genealogy maps images can now be copied to the clipboard.
  14. NCAQ - The Program schedular now displays the species group and allows the user to sort by each column.
  15. NCAQ - Can now graph enclosure maintenance data in a graph popup window.
Bug fixes
  1. NCAQ - The sample viewer for an animal did not allow the list to be sorted by clicking on column headings. Also made the list taller.
  2. NCAQ - The various census reports did not display the sex properly if a group animal had a sex specified.
  3. Unable to retrieve queries when using Remote Access.
  4. Failure during and after clearing the cache when using Remote Access.
  5. Weight trends graph did not appropriately rescale the y-axis when the "Include adults" checkbox was checked or unchecked.
  6. The Treatment plans would fail to be retreived if the plan had not been edited with 3.15.3 as the >formula> and >fluids.> nodes where missing.
Maintenance/infrastructure changes
  1. The application can now require an encrypted passcode when using Remote Access.
  2. Today's date is not auto-saved with attributes that are created with the special "ATTRIBUTES" feature in the Generic Forms.
  3. Can now display the last value for a specific attribute on an animal's main page. This uses the >>ATTRIBUTE|LAST|NAME|LABEL<< format

Version 3.15.3 April 3, 2018
Bug fixes

  1. Daily sheets might not print due to "Unable to get grabber status error". This was introduced in 3.15.2.
  2. NCMNS - Crash if long text inside square brackets in animal's chart.

Version 3.15.2 April 1, 2018
Major changes

  1. IBR - Added the Formula and new Fluids section to the Treatment sheet. This allows formula and fluids to be setup like any other medication and the doses will be auto-calculated.
  2. IBR - Added the Examinations daily sheet.
Minor changes
  1. IBR - Added 6XD, 7XD, 8XD treatment frequencies for feeding.
  2. IBR - Display a short-hand version of the patient id on the bleed sheet and medlist.
  3. IBR - Display the last PCV/TS on the Vet list.
  4. IBR - Display the capture/found date on the main patient screen.
  5. CRC - Daily sheets only display reminders of category="Rehab"
  6. BPRC - Added Notes field to Program log.
  7. PAWS - Added Injection site field to Vaccine records.
Bug fixes
  1. The current Route and Frequency choices were not properly selected when those fields were edited in the dosage editor.
  2. ACBOP - Was unable to export Bandit data when running in Remote Access mode.
  3. Queries cannot be saved with an apostrophe in the name. This caused a crash when running in Remote Access mode.
  4. Query Tool would display the query title in caption bar even if it failed to load properly.
  5. The application did not prompt for restart after the Remote Access cache was cleared. This is definitely required.
Cosmetic changes
  1. IBR,PHSS - The Print Daily Sheets form was not Win 10 compatible.
  2. If a medication form is "NA", then it will not be printed on the various daily sheets.

Version 3.15.1 March 23, 2018
Major changes

  1. WWC - Reorganized the Animal Info screen into tabs.
Minor changes
  1. Can now have four user-defined checkboxes in the Animal Info form.
  2. Add Reminders - add the the "Add one" button to add a reminder and quit.
  3. Added the <<DAYS_IN_CURRENT_LOCATION>> tag.
  4. Can now set the IE browser emulation mode in Preferences. This will help with html/css incompatibilies that seem to be somewhat random on Win 7.
Bug fixes
  1. Was not escaping email messages properly.
  2. The "Not fed today" query did not include animals that did not have an entry today.
  3. The Aux marker tag was not displayed properly if Aux markers were not enabled.
Cosmetic changes
  1. Band information should not be displayed if banding/tagging is not enabled.
Maintenance/infrastructure changes
  1. Can now use unencrypted SMTP servers.
  2. Can now select from pre-defined login settings stored in logins.xml.

Version 3.15.0 March 15, 2018
Bug fixes

  1. CRC - Rehab nocturnal daily sheet did not print properly.

Version 3.14.30 March 13, 2018
Major changes

  1. Can now program alerts when any record type (except training) is created. This works with either an individual add or a group operation.
Minor changes
  1. Each user's choice for record entry types to display are remembered between logins.
  2. NCMNS - Added Enrichment pane in Historical Data Viewer to view all enrichments at once.
  3. Added Ophthalmic (OP) route for eye meds.
  4. Can now use the [TODAY] macro in alert messages.
  5. New AZ Game and Fish rehab report.
  6. Can now print Daily Care Log from within animal's chart.
  7. KBSTRRC - Added cold stun report.
  8. Individual treatment plans are saved as if the OK button was pressed if the Treatment plan window was closed with the X button in the upper-right corner.
Bug fixes
  1. App would crash if trying to view a Google map with too many points.
  2. Google map export based on species group was an exact match and did not match "avian:raptor", for example when selecting "avian".
  3. Fixed Indiana Rehab annual report problems. 1) Did not display finder name and county. 2) Did not display the final date for all final dispositions. 3) Improperly included animals that were transferred directly into education permit and were not transferred from rehab.
  4. There were some missing or incorrect How Sexed codes on the USFWS banding form.
  5. KBSTRRC - overflow but when creating transfer or release records. This was introduced in 3.14.28 when the animal id field was widened.
  6. App would crash if too much text was entered in the Notes field AND the Age/sex characteristics field in Animal Info.
  7. Biometric for Eel length was displayed mm in an entry field that expects cm. This should only have caused a problem if an existing eel length was edited and then resaved.
Cosmetic changes
  1. Reorganized the heading on the Physical Exam forms.
  2. Can now set the background color for all generic data entry forms and the PE form. The default color is white.
  3. The Macro value entry form used by the Graphical reports is now sized more appropriately.
  4. Normal range bands are drawn in different colors on the PCV/TS graph.
  5. TuWC - reformatted animal lists in the annual permit application reports.
  6. Alot more fixes for compatibility with Windows 10.
  7. Reorganized the Amount fed and Leftovers edit fields on the Medical Record Entry form to make it less wide.
Maintenance/infrastructure changes
  1. Changed the way image HREF links are created in the aniaml's chart. This should fix problems with the program hanging when clicking on an image link.

Version 3.14.29 Feb 21, 2018
Major changes

  1. Completely rewrote the Google Map export function. The user can now select what data to export.
Minor changes
  1. Can now add dates as just a year and this will automatically assume Jan 1.
  2. Can now add relative dates that will auto-calculate from today. Examples: +1d -5w +2m +1year
  3. Can auto-insert blank lines between fields in custom data entry forms. This is purely cosmetic but it makes the data easier to read.
  4. Text fields in Data Entry Forms can now be prefilled with an initial text value.
  5. Implemented the *BLOODWORK prefill choice to automacically load all of today's bloodwork into the specified text field in a Data Entry Form.
  6. The map link on an animal's chart will now use the found lat/lon first and will then try using the street address.
Bug fixes
  1. Egg Tracker would crash if trying to edit an Egg record directly.
  2. Egg dialog would allow the user to Cancel and not save the egg AFTER a new animal was created for the hatched chick. This should not be allowed.
  3. Editing an existing Release record would display a "Band already in use" message.
  4. Advanced Search would crash if UseStateField = false;
  5. Google Maps stopped working due to incompatible IE brower version.
Cosmetic changes
  1. Can now set the font used for display in the lists on the main screen.
  2. Address Book List dialog did not always display the proper state field caption in the heading.
  3. IBR,PHSS - reformatted how the daily sheets print using the new IE-based html viewer. Note: Removed the portrait/landscape selector as it no longer works before previewing the doc.
Maintenance/infrastructure changes
  1. The State Field Caption setting is now loaded at startup.
  2. The browser emulation mode can be set from the ini file.

Version 3.14.28 Feb 11, 2018
Major changes

  1. Added the Swim Eval form for sea turtles and fish.
  2. Can now schedule alerts when an treatment plan for an animal or enclosure changes.
  3. The application can now-auto-update ifself when running in Remote Access mode.
  4. Alot more improvements to the Client Manager.
  5. Can now use the RaptorMed Email server to send alerts and emails. This should make the email feature more easier to configure and use.
Minor changes
  1. The main animal list is now sorted by admission date, then animal id by default.
  2. KBSTRRC - can now handled stranding id format.
  3. KBSTRRC - Added the feeding logs for STB and STSB.
  4. Added the Notes field to Transfer record. This is now displayed in the USFWS Possession reports and can be used to report transfers of body parts in deceased animals.
  5. Updated content and appearance of the USFWS Possession reports. The "Due date" field is now filled out.
  6. WWC - Fixed some confusing parts of the Reminder Viewer.
    The Edit button always edits the reminder now
    Added an explanatory note
    Added the Created on date column
    Changed wording of the Delete Reminders combo box
  7. KBSTRRC - Can now handle flipper tag on the Release form.
  8. WBS - Added the Taxon Report.
  9. WBS - Added the USFWS Raptor Propagation Report.
  10. WBS - Can now edit Egg records directly in the Egg Tracker.
  11. Medication doses are now auto-updated when an animal's weight is changed with the Group -> Set Animal Info command.
  12. WBS - Can now add multiple eggs at once.
  13. Added "Water level" as an option on individual and enclosure treatments.
Bug fixes
  1. Removed the Edit Patient Info and Edit Treatment plan commands from the right-click menus on the main screen. This was done because these commands were not complete and this greatly simplifies the the code.
  2. The Program Usage report incorrectly displayed rehab permit numbers instead of education permit numbers.
  3. SERC - The Cage Cleaning report was blank unless Zoo functions were enabled.
  4. PAWS - The dosages did not alway sort properly if there were multiple sub-levels of species groups.
  5. WBS - The date of birth/hatch date field was not auto-filled when creating a new animal from a hatched egg.
  6. WWC - App crashed when trying to view an animal's chart with status RVP.
  7. Import function skipped county fields and could not handle addresses with apostrophes.
Cosmetic changes
  1. The NC Education report did not display blank program/location cells properly.
  2. Avian and aquatic-specific tabs now only show up for appropriate species in the Historical Data Viewer.
  3. Empty date cells in an animal's Treatment Plan printout did not display properly.
  4. WWC - blank lines on cage sheet are now taller so there is more room to write.
  5. The Address Book lookup dialog is now more understandable. Added arrow icons to indicate the column sort order.
Maintenance/infrastructure changes
  1. Widened Animal Id field.
  2. Disabled old "classic view" and began the process of removing old code.

Version 3.14.27 Jan 24, 2018
Bug fixes

  1. TWC - Could not print the "Meds stopping today" list without also printing the "Meds list".
  2. The X-axis on Line chart data graphic designs did not always display properly.
  3. WBS - The MO state rehab report can now optionally include out-of-state patients.

Version 3.14.26 Jan 19, 2018
Major changes

  1. IBR - Added the Vet List daily sheet
  2. Total rework of the Client Manager.
  3. TWC - The system can now auto-update dosages for medications when an animal's weight is changed.
Minor changes
  1. Added 5 blank lines to the USFWS possession report for write-ins.
  2. The Species Dispostion Report is now non-modal and the date fields are prefilled with the start and end of the current year.
  3. WWC - Added the EAE column to the Species Disposition Report.

Version 3.14.25 Jan 13, 2018
Major changes

  1. Rewrote the Species Disposition report to allow the data to be viewed, exported and printed.
Minor changes
  1. Can now add a tool tip hint to edit fields in the custom forms or PE form. Note: it does not work well if only one hint is defined on a form so define more than one.
  2. Reworked the "Patients in hospital" report. It now has separate list of individuals and species counts, the data can be exported and the report can be printed.
Cosmetic changes
  1. Made the expiration date grid wider in the Inventory form.
Maintenance/infrastructure changes
  1. Created GenericDatedQueryDialog class.

Version 3.14.24 Jan 9, 2018
Minor changes

  1. The Graphical Reports can now display text values on the X axis.
  2. Reports can be edited in the Graphical Viewer list by selecting with the SHIFT key pressed.
  3. Rehab Trends report - the graph image and raw data can now be copied to the clipboard.
Bug fixes
  1. The OK/Cancel buttons were not always in the correct place on the Animal Info form. This bug was created in version 3.14.23.
Maintenance/infrastructure changes
  1. UseClassicView now defaults to FALSE and can no longer be reset in the .ini file.
  2. The font for the PROGNOSIS indicator was not always set properly.

Version 3.14.23 Jan 6, 2018
Major changes

  1. Graphical reports interface completely reworked to be more user friendly.
    The main menu label changed to "Graphical reports".
    Remote access fully supported except for using sub-folders to organize reports.
    Supports pie charts now instead of just x-y charts.
    The default color scheme is simpler and less flashy.
    Variables can be embedded graph template files so that the user can provide input for various things like dates, short blocks of text, species, species_group, status and colors
Minor changes
  1. MWRC - Can now specify and display patient prognosis.
  2. New license keys can now be downloaded from raptormed.com.
  3. IBR - Enabled the Reason for Euthanasia field.
  4. Monthly Admissions Report reworked
    The species and/or species group can be specified to filter list.
    Monthly Admissions Report - can now export tab-delimited data to the clipboard.
    The report now goes back 10 years.
  5. All changes in the Graph Wizard are immediately seen. No need to press the redraw button anymore.
  6. NCMNS - Added the "New enrichment" checkbox to the Enrichment form.
  7. NCMNS - The Enrichment Interaction Levels and the Training Session Rating lists choices are now configurable.
  8. IBR - the age and sex are now displayed on the Release form.
  9. The Increment Ages command now skips all admission for the current year.
  10. TWC - Food in cage is now checked by default on the Treatment sheet.
  11. Food in cage now defaults to SID.
  12. Section F on the USFWS rehab report is now automatically based on a configuration file.
  13. NCMNS - The person making the last update for a record entry is recorded and optionally displayed.
  14. NCAQ, NCMNS - The "Alert" field on enclosures will now print on the Vet List daily sheets for enclosures with pending issues.
  15. NCMNS - Enclosures with Pending issues are reported on the Active Patient report.
  16. Added a new "Pending issue" alert block that can be displayed at the top of the enclosure log.
  17. IBR - Becky's Export report now has a check box to limit to only animals with vet entries.
Bug fixes
  1. Data Graphic Designs can now display pie charts.
  2. PT Form displayed improper joint labels when first opened and it save incorrect angle values if the fields were left blank.
  3. Long text blocks in lab records and surgery reports, etc, did not line break and wrap properly.
Cosmetic changes
  1. Fixed issues with the appearance/truncation of the Group Cage Sheet, Orphan Group Card and Enclosure/room Animal List printouts.
  2. Reduced spacing between filter controls on main screen.
  3. The Monthly Admissions Report now uses a css and the new, improved printing control. It also uses hyperlinks now instead of buttons.
  4. Resident Animal Summary did not display blank location cells properly.
  5. On Generic forms and Exam forms, the heading for groups of check boxes is not positioned at the top of the group.
Maintenance/infrastructure changes
  1. Simplified License Key manager - removed "OPTIONS" part as it was not used.
  2. Changed "Generate License key" to only copy the key (not the SQL statement) to the clipboard.
  3. The Admissions Questions link is now auto-enabled if at least one questions is configured.
  4. No longer setting the IE emulation mode for iexplore.exe in the registry.

Version 3.14.22 Dec 17, 2017
Minor changes

  1. Renamed the "Untreated" reports ot "No entry".
  2. Added the "Not fed today" report.
  3. TWC - the diet sheets are now split for diurnals and nocturnals.
  4. The Supply Re-order list now calculates the number of each item needed to reach the desired count, a sub-total for each item and a grand-total for the entire order.
  5. The "Owner" fields on invoices are now filled with the data from presented by/owner fields for COA animals and by the latest Transfer record for all other status codes as these animals are typically either just sold or to be sold.
  6. The Program Log report now totals the number of people for all programs listed in the report.
  7. The number of animals in a GROUP can now be printed on the cage card.
  8. The Enclosure Summary now prints differently for PR vs Reh. The number of animals in a group and the last weight date are printed.
  9. NCAQ - Added the Cold Stun Report.
Bug fixes
  1. Make sure all animal links are actual valid animal id's.
  2. Enclosure treatment/feeding plans would become corrupted if too long of text was entered.
  3. Splits would fail if the animal's FINDER INFO had an apostrophe.
  4. The Necropsy Report would fail if a species common name had an apostrophe.
  5. The Venomous Banner on the cage card did not work.
  6. Use new HTML viewer to hopefully fix truncation errors when printing the indivudual cage card, cage sheet, daily care log and the treatment plan sheets.
Cosmetic changes
  1. Leftovers=0 didn't have a preceding comma when printed in an animal's record.
  2. Reformatted the Enrichment Calendar.
  3. Fixed formatting issues with Treatment Plan printout.

Version 3.14.21 Dec 4, 2017
>Cosmetic changes

  1. The Rehab Trends window is now Win10 compatible.
  2. The Treatment dialog and Enclosure treatment dialog now use the same font size that is used to display text on the main screen.

Version 3.14.20 Dec 3, 2017
Minor changes

  1. The user can now export the Weight chart and raw data to the clipboard.
  2. NCAQ - The initial disposition can be chosen when an animal is added.
Bug fixes
  1. App could crash if long, non-animal id text was between square brackets. The program would interpret this as an animal id and attempt to make a clickable link from it.

Version 3.14.19 Nov 30, 2017
Major changes

  1. NCAQ - User access to specific animal or enclosures record entry types can be limited to read-only.
Bug fixes
  1. The right-click commands did not work properly in the Genealogy Viewer.
  2. The animal's info area did not update immediately after the "Link to previous patient" command.
  3. MWRC - Display Leftovers = 0 in medical record entries.
  4. Fixed long delays when using Remote Access and a file resource is not available. This was a problem with BanditAgeTranslation.xml which is an optional file.
  5. NCAQ - The Sea Turtle census report would not always report the last transfer.
  6. Potential crash when viewing an animal's chart with a sample record that had long text.
  7. TWC - the appropriate frequency for a treatment plan was not being calculated correctly if the treatment plan did not inlcude the new "Enrichment" category.
Cosmetic changes
  1. CRC - the shortened patient id format was not used in the Geneaology Viewer.
Maintenance/infrastructure changes
  1. Fixed ReadTransferRecord(animal_id) to return the LAST transfer record. This may affect several reports.

Version 3.14.18 Nov 25, 2017
Bug fixes

  1. In the enclosure treatment, all sections after the Food section would not print out properly.

Version 3.14.17 Nov 21, 2017
Minor changes

  1. The PCV used to auto-correct total white counts is now configurable.
  2. The max hemoparasite score in CBC form is now configurable.
Bug fixes
  1. The CA DFW report now only includes native species.
  2. The program log entry form did not auto-fill with default data if attempting to do a group program log entry.

Version 3.14.16 Nov 19, 2017
Bug fixes

  1. Not all fields in the Bulk Water Quality dialog were editable.
  2. The USFWS Program Usage reports were broken and always returned 0 for the number of programs. I think this bug was introduced in 3.13.15.
Cosmetic changes
  1. The Bulk Water Quality dialog is now resizable and field sizes are now compatible with Win 10.
Maintenance/infrastructure changes
  1. Reworked the way EC and WQ parameter names are loaded and stored.

Version 3.14.15 Nov 18, 2017
Major changes

  1. WBS - Egg Tracker statistics are now auto-calculated.
  2. NCAQ - Enrichment for individuals or entire enclosures can now be planned and scheduled on a calendar. This includes reminders of category "Enrichment".
  3. Added the Donation Manager which allows multiple donations per animal.
Minor changes
  1. The Eggs command option was not always enabled/disabled properly based on species and sex.
  2. All Egg Tracker links for mates and offspring are now clickable.
  3. NCAQ - Added "food weight" field to Enrichment and Training forms.
  4. Added the Clear Enclosure Treatment Plan function for use in cases where an enclosure treatment is corrupted and can no longer be edited.
  5. Added the Address Book DONOR type.
  6. Enabled Invoice function for animals of all dispositions. Minor changes to invoice layout.
  7. Reworked the Visit Summary report and made it available for all clients.
Bug fixes
  1. Images of certain aspect ratios (either very wide or very tall) were squished inappropriately on certain displays. This bug may actually have been fixed in the previous version.
Cosmetic changes
  1. More fixes for Win 10 font width compatibility.
  2. More fixes so that large edit fields use the color scheme for the background color.
  3. The Donation Report now uses a template and HTML stylesheets.

Version 3.14.14 Nov 8, 2017
Minor changes

  1. TWC - the order of animals in the enclosure list on the main screen and on the enclosure summary can now be configured. It used to just order by animal id.
  2. TWC - "Diet card" is now translated to the appropriate meal designator/description when printed on the Treatment Plan, on the daily sheets and when recorded in the chart.
  3. Updated the Inventory Manager. A count of units can be specified for each expiration date.
  4. NCMNS - Added the Inventory Expiration report.
  5. The Aux Marker type and color lists can now be customized to only have choices that are in use.
  6. Non-BBL ages for birds can be used and they will be translated to BBL ages when exporting Bandit data.
  7. The date range can now be selected on the PCV and CBC graphs.
  8. The Individual Daily Feeding option can now be enabled separately for rehab and/or resident animals.
  9. The Weight Trends graph will now display the animal's name if present.
  10. Added the Choose Mate command
  11. The Genealogy Viewer now allows the father and mother to changed or cleared.
  12. Increased size of Address Book Notes field.
  13. The Address Book is now non-modal so the user can continue to work in other windows while the Address Book is open.
Bug fixes
  1. Fecal records were no longer displayed. I think this bug was introduced in 3.14.13 or 3.14.12.
Cosmetic changes
  1. Reorganized layout of Address Book "More info" tab.

Version 3.14.13 Oct 27, 2017
Major changes

  1. Added the Genealogy Tracker that allows father, mother, sibling, offspring relationships to be tracked and viewed.
  2. Added the ability to record eggs and link to parents and offspring.
  3. The Physical Exam form can now contain a field that allows the next exam to be scheduled in the future. This creates a reminder that can then be viewed in the new Exam Schedule report.
Minor changes
  1. The Chemical Titration calculator now forces the user to specify a volume rather than auto-filling the volume field with the system max volume.
  2. The Untreated Enclosure reports now ignore inactive enclosures.
  3. Added Last 60 days, 1 year, 3 year, and 5 years to Last Weight report.
  4. NCMNS - Enabled all record entry options for invertebrates.
  5. The user can now filter by Species Group on the Weight Trends graph.
  6. NCAQ, NCMNS - Collection Info was moved a separate tab when adding or editing an animal.
  7. NCAQ - Added the "Show necropsy reports" report
  8. WW, NHMLAC - The "Show anesthesia records" and "Show refused food" reports now show the animal disposition and the "Entry" column was renamed to "Details".
  9. Added the ability to delete all reminders that are older than 1, 3, 6 and 12 months.
  10. NHMLAC - Added the new Program Usage Report that separates programs by species groups.
  11. The year to display or all years can now be selected in the Program Log.
  12. A default location can now be specified when entering programs. This is useful for organizations that do most or all programs in-house.
  13. The Species Editor now allows the incubation/gestation period and the clutch/litter size to be recorded.
  14. The Upcoming Stuff report was updated to allow the date to be selected. It has nicer formatting and uses the new wxWebView control for better printing and viewing.
Bug fixes
  1. The Alert Editor menu command was not disabled properly for users that did not have maintenance privileges.
  2. The user could enter a feeding plan that was too long and it would prevent the chart from being opened again. The program now checks and enforced a maximum lenght of 255 characters.
  3. Edit fields and edit grids in the physical exam form and all custom forms were not tall enough to fit the system font comfortably. This was especially bad on Windows 10.
Cosmetic changes
  1. More work fixing issues on Windows 10 regarding font sizes - id field width, height of species editor, position of graph titles and the height of graphs in the Historical Data Viewer.
  2. The Document Repository form was too narrow and did not size itself based on font size.
  3. List control in About box was not tall enough on Windows 10.
  4. Reorganized the layout of the Species Editor.
Maintenance/infrastructure changes
  1. Added the ability to create dated Reminders from with data entry forms

Version 3.14.12 Oct 7, 2017
Minor changes

  1. NCAQ - Printing the daily sheets uses the new Print Window and the user no longer has to press the SHIFT key.
  2. TWC - The food choice defaults to "Diet card" for individual and group treatment plans.
Bug fixes
  1. TWC,PAWS - A partially filled in line would sometimes be added to the indoor and outdoor feeding areas of the daily sheets. There was also an erroneous extra column added at the right-hand side.
Cosmetic changes
  1. Table borders when printing reminders on the daily sheets were not drawn properly if the user was using the new HTML Print widget.
  2. Added the ability to specify the average font width and height to allow the display to be customized. This is sometimes needed on Win10 as the font/scaling is sometimes not correct. Can now specify AverageFontWidth=X and AverageFontHeight=Y in the [DISPLAY] section of RaptorMed.ini.

Version 3.14.11 Sep 26, 2017
Bug fixes

  1. PAWS - A bogus entry would be displayed in the Cost Estimator if the estimate is based on recorded procedures but the animal does not have any recorded procedures.
  2. TWC,IBR - Body condition scores were not re-displayed in the choice list when an existing record entry was edited.
  3. The initials of the last entry made were not loaded when the app is restarted.
Cosmetic changes
  1. In the CBC dialog, the wrong units label was displayed for the total count when the units setting = %.

Version 3.14.10 Sep 23, 2017
Bug fixes

  1. Link to previous patient would fail it the animal had an Aux marker but did NOT have a metal band.
  2. NCAQ - Intermittent error when attempting to split an animal into more than one new group.
  3. Link to previous patient would not properly append a note to the new admission animal. This bug was present in 3.14.6 but is fixed in 3.14.9. Not exactly sure when it was fixed.
  4. No longer need to press the control key when zooming in the Google maps.
Cosmetic changes
  1. "Last disinfected" was printed in the wrong place in the Enclosure log for dry enclosures when NOT using the new new Enclosure Maintenance function.

Version 3.14.8/9 Sep 17, 2017
Bug fixes

  1. WW - The new Current Inventory report crashed.
  2. NCAQ - The enclosure log would crash if certain enclosure log entries had a long notation in the notes field. The app was not checking the entry length and this would also cause a crash in the enclosure log maintenance edit screens. This also allowed entries to be made that would be truncated when saved.
  3. IBR - The Link To Previous command would erroneously link to another animal based on a blank aux marker. Also, the command did not automatically refresh the display to reflect the linkage.
  4. May have fixed issue where some of the column widths in the main animal list were set to zero pixels.

Version 3.14.7 Sep 9, 2017
Major changes

  1. Enclosure log now uses the new look and feel interface.
Minor changes
  1. WW - Added the "Current Inventory" report which is similar to the CA Fish&Game report but it includes all species and sorts by mammal/avian/reptile and includes admissions and deaths for the previous year.
  2. IBR - The default frequency for PO fluids on the treatment sheet is now SID.
  3. The Search window in the animal and enclosure logs is now non-modal so the user can click and scroll within the window while the Search window is open.
Bug fixes
  1. Fixed more issues that would cause truncation if a medication form was longer than 32 characters. The form length limit is now 63 characters.
  2. The enclosure log should NOT attempt to modify animals or linked enclosures when UPDATING an existing record.
  3. All record type checkboxes were not displayed properly in the View Options dialog.
  4. When adding a new item in the Enclosure Maintenance Log, the first check box clicked on would double-click (check then uncheck).
  5. User defined entry types were not labelled properly. This bug was introduced either in this version or the previous version.
  6. TWC - Actual dates were not printed on the Treatment Plan for the Weighing and Cleaning when the "dates" frequency was selected.
  7. PAWS - Non-avian species were erroneously included on the Illegal cause of injury report.
Cosmetic changes
  1. IBR - changed the way problems are printed on the med list in order to save space.
Maintenance/infrastructure changes
  1. The HTMLViewerDialog can not operate in print-only mode.
  2. NCAQ - Holding down the SHIFT key when printing daily sheets will utilize the new HTMLViewerDialog. This is for test purpose only.

Version 3.14.6 Aug 29, 2017
Minor changes

  1. The Inventory lists the Total (count x cost) for each item on the main list and on the current inventory printout.
  2. Added the "Display weather" command to display the current weather using a user-chosen web page.
Bug fixes
  1. If the user entered a new license key incorrectly, then it was impossible to enter a new correct one to fix the license.
  2. Attachments could not be viewed in the animal's record when using Remote Access. The thumbnails would view but the actual image/attachment file could not.
  3. The app would crash if tyring to do a Group Entry on an enclosure with a large number of animals in it. It crashed at somewhere around 30-40. The number has been greatly increased.
  4. TWC - the Reassessment daily sheet was missing any reminders without animal id's.
  5. Enclosure maintenance records would be recorded multiple times in cases where an enclosure was linked to another enclosure.
  6. Vaccine form would crash if the specified vaccine form was greater than 31 characters.
Maintenance/infrastructure changes
  1. Began work converting the Enclosure Log to the new look and feel.

Version 3.14.5 Aug 20, 2017
Minor changes

  1. The type, frequency and additional notes can now be specified for drinking water on the Treatment Sheet.
  2. TWC - Added the "Medications stopping today" daily sheet.
Bug fixes
  1. The How Aged choice list was not filled in properly on the GROUP Release form when using Bandit version 4.0.
  2. Auto-alerts were not triggered when status changes or new weight entries were entered with the Group->Set Animal Properties command. Note: status change alerts are still not triggered with the Group Transfer and Group Release commands. This is by design as that could lead to a flood of alert messages.
Cosmetic changes
  1. TWC - Just blank space is now printed for the "Other" option for weighing and enclosure cleaning on the Treatment Sheet.

Version 3.14.4 Aug 9, 2017
Minor changes

  1. TWC - Reorganized the Treatment Plan sheet. Can now specify weighing and enclosure cleaning on the following frequencies: EOD-ODD, EOD-EVEN and OTHER.
Bug fixes
  1. Treatment sheet would crash if if "Clean enclosure" option was enabled.
  2. EOD weighing did not print out when user pressed "Record Treatment" when makinga new record entry.

Version 3.14.3 Aug 7, 2017
Minor changes

  1. Added a checkbox to the Reminder Viewer to allow reminders for past (dead/transferred/etc) animals to be displayed. By default they are not shown unless you are viewing reminders for a specific animal.
  2. IBR - Changed OWNC report: 1) A max of 21 days will be reported. 2) Animals in rehab will be skipped until finalized unless they go beyond the 21 day limit. 3) Animals will only be included if there final date is within the specified range OR they reach 21 days in rehab within the specified range.
  3. TWC - Treatment Plan sheet now defaults to "Normal setup" for Enclosure mods if nothing has been specified.
Cosmetic changes
  1. TWC - Treatment sheet had CLEAN EVERY printed twice instead of CLEAN and WEIGH EVERY.
Maintenance/infrastructure changes
  1. The database port is now configurable in the ini file.

Version 3.14.2 Aug 2, 2017
Minor changes

  1. SHRRC - added the Indiana rehab and salvage reports.
  2. Can use the [USERNAME] macro in email templates to insert the full name of the currently logged on user.
  3. TWC - Once daily meds for NOCTURNAL patients, now print on a separate med list.
  4. IBR - The "Other" category in "JD's bird count" report now includes all non-waterfowl species.
  5. NCMNS - Can now auto-approve multiple record entries in the "Needs review" form.
  6. NCMNS - The Recent Special Entries report now allows the user to select a specific entry type.
Bug fixes
  1. QID and 5XDaily feedings could not be specified in the Daily feedings in the individual or enclosure feeding plans.
  2. Animal chart headings did not display properly when the location and animal names were both long.
  3. The Location/enclosure editor form only allowed 5 characters to be entered for the display and feeding order. This was not enough when a decimal point was also needed.
  4. NCAQ - May have fixed problem where Reminder printout runs off the right side of page. NOTE: Test at NCAQ RI failed as the problem still exists.
  5. NCMNS - New look and feel interface did not handle external attachments properly.
  6. The How Aged choice list was not filled in properly on the Release form when using Bandit version 4.0.
  7. NCAQ - Too many reminders were being printed on the Vet List as there are now many auto-generated reminders and the vet list shows all reminders (past, present, live or dead) for all reminders for the current animal or the location. Removed print out of reminders altogehter.

Version 3.14.1 July 22, 2017
Minor changes

  1. Removed the SID/BID/TID drop list from the Syringe feeding option on the treatment sheet as it was not being used.
  2. PAWS - the Cost Estimator can now base costs on the Procedures that have been recorded instead of the automatic calculation.
  3. Cost Estimator - no longer allows the user to edit/add entries as they weren't saved an it was confusing. Also, the total is auto-calculated so the "Calculate" button was removed.
  4. IBR - Animals are automatically included on OWCN report whenever the "Oiled" problem is added.
Bug fixes
  1. Blank VITALs records were created if no entry was made in a PE form that contained special "VITALS" fields. Should only create a record if the user enters something.
  2. IBR - The Aux Marker field was not properly pre-filled on the Band Report form.
Cosmetic changes
  1. TWC - the patient id is printed on the indoor/outdoor diets sheets for enclosures with only one animal.
  2. Widened the display of Procedure records.
  3. Widened the Band Report "How found" field.
  4. Added a "Don't forget to press Apply" message on the Color Scheme selection form.
  5. The highlights on the Treatment sheet now use the Color Scheme.

Version 3.14.0 July 16, 2017
Minor changes

  1. Added the Staff Training report.
  2. Can now print the Sample Viewer list.
  3. The Reminder/Alert viewer now displays the animal id or location name associated with each alert.
  4. IBR - OWCN report 1) no longer requires the OWCN exam form fields for "Visible" and "Percent coverage" to be included on the report. 2) It also will treat currently invalid enclosure names as a dry enclosure unless the enclosure name contains the word "pool". 3) Only animals with the "Oiled" problem AND the "OWCN icnluded=yes/true" attribute will be on the report.
  5. IBR - Added the "OWCN included" checkbox to the Group Add form and a checkbox on the physical exam form for when single animals are added.
  6. User now has the option to clear or not clear the existing band information when doing a group release using the simplified release form.
  7. System mainteance alerts are automatically generated when various things like the formulary is changed.
Bug fixes
  1. NCAQ - The current band field is no longer cleared whenever releasing an single animal with the simplified release form as that field may contain valuable idenetification data. This is now true whether the user sets the disposition to R before or after adding the release record.
  2. Appearance of the Favorites List did not change when the color scheme was changed.
  3. Template editor would not close when the OK button was pressed if no changes had been made.
Cosmetic changes
  1. The Miscellaneous reports are now in alphabetical order.
Maintenance/infrastructure changes
  1. Checkboxes on data entry forms can not use the "special" field to save attribute records.
  2. The "UseClassicView" setting in the ini file now overrides the choice in the SETTINGS table and can be set to blank, true or false.

Version 3.13.26 July 10, 2017
Major changes

  1. The Export function now works with the new look and feel.
  2. The new look and feel interface is now complete and ready for general use.
Minor changes
  1. BPRC - The Historical Animal Count graph now displays the max value for each year.
  2. Added support for non-USA banding which don't have a set band number format and do not use the How Aged and How Sexed fields.
Bug fixes
  1. IBR - Fixed problems with JD's Bird Count report.
  2. NCAQ - the band number field was not printed on the Active Patient list.
  3. Donation report did not always use the proper currency symbol in the totals.
  4. Could not import an animal XML file if the common name had an apostrophe in it such as "Cooper's hawk".
  5. Most links in the new look and feel were broken if the app was installed in a path that had a space in it.
Cosmetic changes
  1. Re-formatted some colunns in the Donation report.
Maintenance/infrastructure changes

Version 3.13.25 July 2, 2017
Major changes

  1. User preferences now follow the login not the machine.
Minor changes
  1. IBR - keel scores are now just 1 to 5 without 0.5 increments.
  2. Group release now prompts user whether to use banding or not.
  3. IBR - UNresolved problems are printed on the medication daily sheet.
  4. Added "Found condition" column to Band Report tool.
  5. IBR - Updated JD's Bird Count report to split out admissions by age.
  6. NHMLAC - The Program record Onsite setting can be set to a default value.
Bug fixes
  1. XML Import command skipped the where found and collection details data.
  2. Last Weights report would crash if a curator was specified.
  3. Biometrics were not displayed properly using the new look and feel interface.
  4. Could not graph TS values greater than 10.0.
  5. The list used to append an enclosure log entry to another enclosure did not limit itself properly by department when an actual department is selected on the main screen.
Cosmetic changes
Maintenance/infrastructure changes
  1. Removed the setting that allowed the heading background color in some printouts to be set from the ini file.

Version 3.13.24 June 19, 2017
Major changes

  1. Added the ability to graph census counts for GROUP animals.
Minor changes
  1. Added the ability to split of any number of individuals from a group.
Bug fixes
  1. Fixed search problems in the new look and feel interface.
Cosmetic changes
  1. Changed to standard colors for the various plots in the Historical Data Viewer.
Maintenance/infrastructure changes
  1. The Send Formatted Email function can now use the new CSMTP method.
  2. NCAQ - Email Active Patient List always uses the CLIPBOARD method.

Version 3.13.23 June 17, 2017
Major changes

Minor changes
  1. NCAQ - Species are no longer printed on daily feeding sheets.
  2. NCAQ - Feeding sheets no longer exclude enclosures with rehab animals.
  3. SHRRC - Daily sheets now allow the caretaker/curator to be selected.
  4. A progress bar is displayed when in Remote Access mode when the global resources are loaded at startup.
Bug fixes
  1. App would crash if trying to split a group into more than about 35 individual animals.
  2. The X and Check gif files were not auto-updated.
Cosmetic changes
  1. New look and feel - supports new tags in medical record inluding a Case Summary popup.
  2. New look and feel - the case summary can now be 2k characters instead of 511.
  3. New look and feel - Print invoice menu option is now only available under certain circumstances.
  4. Plots in the multiple animal weight trends graph would have their title text truncated at the right if they were too long.
Maintenance/infrastructure changes
  1. The following .ini file settings were move to the SETTINGS table: UseClassicView (can still be overidden in the ini file), MissingReleaseLocationStartYear, and the treatment sheet options for BRWI.

Version 3.13.22 June 11, 2017
Major changes

Minor changes
  1. IBR - Removed the Skill level option from the Treatment Sheet.
  2. The status of DNA automatically gets the final date set to the admission date.
  3. Can now sort by columns in the Vaccine History window.
  4. The Inventory rename function now works.
  5. Environmenal conditions and water quality data can now be viewed and record directly from an animal's chart. This is only available if using the new look and feel.
  6. The MAP link on the new look and feel medical charts now works.
Bug fixes
  1. With the new look and feel, app would crash if the description field in a surgery, endoscopy, enrichment or advanced imagery record was too long.
  2. Syncing with Remote Access server did not always retrieve all files and it would crash when getting file with long filenames.
  3. App would crash when loading some CBC's in the historical viewer.
  4. "g" was displayed for the units on the BCS axis in the weight viewer.
  5. The ODFW report did not including carryovers that were not still pending and it did not exclude status=DNA properly.
Cosmetic changes
  1. Many cosmetic fixes involving the new look and feel.
Maintenance/infrastructure changes

Version 3.13.21 June 7, 2017
Major changes

  1. New Look & Feel no longer inserts carriage returns in order to auto-wrap long text.
Minor changes
  1. CRC - RBC reminders are no longer printed on the REHAB daily sheets.
Bug fixes
  1. WW - App would crash if trying to send a Special Species Admitted email.
Cosmetic changes
  1. New look and feel now drives the appearance of the main screen.
  2. Historical patient count -> Historical ANIMAL count
  3. The colors for the Protein plots in the Blood Chemistry viewer are determined differently than previously.
Maintenance/infrastructure changes

Version 3.13.20 June 4, 2017
Major changes

  1. Added access control to Remote Access function. Need RaptorMedRemoteAccess server version 1.1.
Minor changes
  1. The Transfer Reason field is now only mandatory in the USA.
  2. Added Remote Access user privilege.
  3. If remote access fails to connect, the user is prompted to configure connection and then the application exits.
  4. TWC - Added the Reassessments List Daily sheet.
  5. Dosages are now sorted alphabetically by drug name.
  6. IBR_LA animals on supplements in the "BR" rooms/enclosures will print on the Med list, not the Supplement list.
  7. WW - added AM/PM columns to med list printout.
Bug fixes
  1. Changed to the cause of admission for an existing animal did not always trigger alerts appropriately.
  2. Date of birth field was not always initialized properly and this could lead to an invalid age calculation.
  3. Records exported as XML that that had a < or > in the Chemistry notes field could not be re-imported.
  4. The Route and Frequency fields in the Dosage Editor are no read-only and cannot be directly edited. The user must use the corresponding popup choosers instead.
  5. NCAQ, NCMNS, NHMLAC - The location was not printed on the Feeding sheets for individual animals.
  6. IBR - the Supplement list would not print unless both the Med list AND the Supplement lists were selected.
Cosmetic changes
  1. Address book City list was not always wide enough.
  2. Made Attribute dialog wider.
  3. PAWS, TWC - the Med List is sorted alphabetically by location.
  4. Ages less than one year are display in months in the main animal's chart.
  5. Widened the tree controls in the Medication Editor.
Maintenance/infrastructure changes

Version 3.13.19 May 27, 2017
Major changes

  1. Added the Update Medication Dose command. This will update all meds based on the latest weight.
Minor changes
  1. PAWS - double-clicking on an enclosure opens the Record Group Entry form instead of the Enclosure Log.
  2. Days since admission is now displayed for PR animals and it is displayed in either days or years depending on the total time.
  3. Enabled dates on x-axis for the following historical viewer data graphs: Food intake, PCV, Blood lead, Group weights, and blood chemistry.
  4. Added the ability to do a group release with BBL bands and aux markers.
  5. IBR - added the "Supplements only" daily sheet and these animals are no longer printed on the "Med list".
Bug fixes
  1. Treatments and periodic fluids setup for specific dates did not print out properly when the Treatment Plan was auto-inserted into a chart.
  2. The animal status would be come corrupted if the Update Census command set the current count to zero and one of the non-standard reasons such as "Transferred in" was used.
  3. The food intake graph would run off the right side if the two plots did not both have a data point on the most recent date.
  4. TWC - Ontario year-end report did not calculate totals correctly.
  5. TWC - Enclosure modifications did not print out with treatment plan.
Cosmetic changes
  1. The Address Book lookup form was not Win10 compatible.
  2. Images in thumbnail viewer were not aligned at the top of the screen.
  3. Widened the controls in the problem dialog.
  4. Alert window scrolls to most recent alert after refilling.
  5. IBR - don't print the heading on the Med list.
  6. IBR - BID and TID meds are highlighted/bolded on the Med Sheet.
Maintenance/infrastructure changes

Version 3.13.18 May 16, 2017
Major changes

  1. Changed the logic that determines when an alert is sent. Previously the logic was not consitent and each parameter for an alert was treated differently. Now, an alert will be sent only if ALL specified parameters are a match. Blank parameters are skipped.
Minor changes
  1. Can now configure whether to save auto-save the login name or not after a successful login.
  2. PAWS - The option to append enclosure lab results to animal charts is now configurable.
  3. Added the ability to send Alerts when record entries are made with a certain entry type.
  4. Alerts for Reason for Admission can now specify the species and/or species group.
Bug fixes
  1. Color picker control did not default to the current color.
Cosmetic changes
  1. Win 10 - hightened the Current Problem list.
  2. Fixed some formatting issues in Resident Animal Summary. Some require the new look and feel which is not be available yet.
Maintenance/infrastructure changes
  1. Major progress on new look and feel using wxWebView control
  2. The required registry entries are made in order to set the IE mode.

Version 3.13.17 May 6, 2017
Major changes

  1. NCMNS - redesigned water quality data entry form.
Minor changes
  1. Added right-click "Clear" command to Aux Marker edit control.
  2. NCAQ - The band field is no longer cleared or modified in any way when an animal is released using the Simplified release form.
  3. Added the ENCLOSURE untreated today and yesterday reports.
Bug fixes
  1. The graph for NH3/UIA water quality data was blank and the units were not displayed properly.
  2. NH3/UIA could not be entered in the Bulk Water quality entry tool.
Cosmetic changes
  1. Added tooltip to lat/lon degree fields explaining that the field can accept an integer or a number with a decimal point
Maintenance/infrastructure changes

Version 3.13.16 April 30, 2017
Major changes

  1. Enclosures can now be linked so that all entries, water quality records, attachments and maintenance log entries will automatically be added to each linked enclosure.
  2. The CBC form was updated. 1) It now allows you to enter numbers for cells of an "Other" category. 2) The system can be configured to enter cell values in 10^cells/uL in addition to % and cells/uL. 3) Azurs, Other cells and PCV are now graphable in the CBC chart. 4) Existing CBC's can now be edited in their original cell units. Before, they could only be edited in % and this lead to rounding errors.
Minor changes
  1. Samples with multiple tests did not show up in "Pending results" list one of the tests had a result but others didn't.
  2. Patient attributes are now output when a chart is exported in html format.
  3. The address book now displays lat/lon. This will make it easier to fix missing Bandit locations.
  4. Errors that occur when exporting Bandit data are now displayed in a scrollable list in order to make it easier to correct them.
Bug fixes
  1. IBR - the band number would not print on the med list.
Cosmetic changes
  1. Abbreviation link in wrong place on Eye Exam form.
  2. The Enclosure/location editor is now a tabbed dialog.
  3. Maximized screen size was not saved and restored properly.
  4. Show hour glass when Query Tool is running.
  5. Fields in Send Support Request for too small on Win 10.
  6. Buttons on Calendar picker too small on Win 10.
  7. Heading in list on Enclosure Maintenance Add entry from too small on Win 10.
  8. The CBC graph now can use either the date or days since today for the X-axis.
  9. The Favorites list now displays the animal's name and id.
Maintenance/infrastructure changes
  1. Remote Access can now utilize the Query Tool to load saved queries.
  2. Fields in the generic data entry forms can now be linked to patient attributes. The attributes will be created and/or updated as needed when these form fields are used.

Version 3.13.15 April 18, 2017
Major changes

  1. Attachments can now be imported and exported when using the XML data transfer format.
  2. Can now use Remote Access mechanism to allow the app to connect remotely without access to the shared folder or the use of a VPN.
  3. Add the Vitals form to record TPR, etc.
  4. NCAQ - New sea turtle census year-end report.
Minor changes
  1. NCMNS - enabled the Bulk Water Quality entry form.
  2. Added support for "Banked" samples.
  3. When exporting an animal's chart, the user can now choose whether to export movie files or not.
  4. The Program Usage report now displays the number of people as well as the number of programs.
  5. IBR - The GROUP treatment sheets now only display bird band numbers instead of species, counts, etc. Also, juveniles are printed on the GROUP sheet instead of the ORPHAN sheet.
  6. IBR - Temperature in data entry forms is now linked to a VITALS record that is auto-created when the form is saved.
  7. Added sub-species column.
  8. Added the "Save old band" command under the Paperwork menu.
  9. Old band numbers are now auto-saved if a new release record with a different band number is created.
  10. IBR - Finished Becky's Export report to include intake temperature.
  11. NCAQ - Added pectoral girth and snout-vent length to eel biometrics.
  12. NCAQ - Added the option to print treatment/feeding plans for empty enclosures.
Bug fixes
  1. A sample could be created directly from the main animal page. In this case it was lost because it was not attached to a specific medical record entry.
  2. Alerts based on SPECIES did not work and alerts based on SPECIES GROUP had to be an exact match. This has been fixed and now an alert for "avian" will match "avian:raptor", for example.
  3. Could not clear the curator setting for an enclosure and it would always auto-select the first choice when the Enclosure Editor dialog was opened.
Cosmetic changes
  1. Water Quality and Env Conditions dialogs now have tooltips to display the ranges over each edit field.
  2. Better error message when trying to print a cage card for an animal that does not have a specified location.
  3. Enclosure alert text is displayed in a highlighted banner at the top of the enclosure log.
Maintenance/infrastructure changes

Version 3.13.14 April 2, 2017
Major changes

  1. IBR - Added Becky's data export tool.
Minor changes
  1. PAWS - only maintenance users can edit donation data.
  2. The Aux Marker edit fields are no longer editable. The user must use the Aux Marker form to enter a value.
  3. IBR - The Aux Marker band number is now displayed on all treatment sheets.
  4. Link to Previous Patient now checks the Aux Marker as well as the normal band/tag.
  5. The Bandit Manager can be configured to intepret Bandit locations as either the center of a box or the SE corner or the SW corner.
  6. The Advanced Search Tool can now do a full text search of all record entries.
  7. ASP - Finished ODFW report.
Bug fixes
  1. Drop list controls did not always work properly on the PE form or in the generic data entry forms.
Cosmetic changes
  1. Reorganized the Network Connection Preference tab.
Maintenance/infrastructure changes
  1. Made PATIENT.patient_id and SPECIES.abbrev unique columns.
  2. Made big start on Remote Access so that the app can run externally without file sharing or a VPN.

Version 3.13.12 Mar 24, 2017
Major changes

Minor changes
Bug fixes
  1. FONT - interim patch to use Bandit locations as a center-points in a grid rather than a corner.
Cosmetic changes
Maintenance/infrastructure changes
  1. Made PATIENT.patient_id and SPECIES.abbrev unique columns.

Version 3.13.11 Mar 21, 2017
Major changes

  1. Added the ability to create custom alerts for many different types of events including admissions, status changes, water chemistry and env conditions out of range and animal weights out of range. The previous mechanism for sending various alerts was completely replaced with this new customizable functionality. In addition, the Alert popup box was removed as it was experimental and its functionality is mostly handled by this new feature.
Minor changes
  1. TWC - Ontario year-end report no longer limits admissions to just Ontario.
  2. Added new "Member" address book entry type.
  3. NCAQ, NCMNS - The microchip/PIT tag is now printed on the Active Patient list.
  4. Added the Name field on the New Animal form.
  5. Can now search for items in the Inventory Manager.
  6. Samples can now be added to a new/unsaved record entry.
  7. NCAQ - The last Medical Update entry is now also printed on the Vet/Active Patient list.
  8. The Dosage Calculator can now auto-calculate the doses for powders whose strength are given in mg/g.
  9. The Dosage Calculator can now auto-calculate the doses for a range of weights for meds that come in many tablet/capsule sizes. In these cases, the dose is calculated in mg and the user can then easily translate the appropriate combination of tablets/capsules.
  10. The auto-calculated weight changes were not always displayed properly (i.e. when the weight change was zero or when the weight field was blank).
Bug fixes
  1. Print Treatment Plan now displays all meds regardless of frequency (such as EOD, MWF, etc).
  2. The Group Operations window could crash in circumstance where the system was not configured to have the Entry Type list enabled.
  3. App would crash if Chemistry.interpretation text was too long.
  4. App would crash after sending a single message in the Contact Transporters function.
  5. Could not enter water temperature in Environmental Conditions
  6. Enclosure Treatment would crash if the Daily Water Change option was not enabled.
  7. WW - Search for Anesthesia records only looked at current residents. This was changed to look at all animals. The Name choice list was removed as that would now be very long and not very useful.
  8. The Patient Release Event field would allow a long to overflow in other fields.
  9. NCAQ - Turtle census was broken and would not allow for species groups such as 'reptile:turtle:freshwater' or animals in rehab.
  10. Location Curator list did not allow for a blank entry.
  11. Send Support Request did not include the supplemental files.
  12. Updated Releases Google Map to be compatible with latest Google Map API.
  13. Updated Band Reports Google Map to be compatible with latest Google Map API. Also, fixed bug in that multiple reports on the same animal were not drawn properly and the total distance was not calculated properly.
  14. NCMNS - App would crash when trying to edit/view an enclosure feeding/husbandry/treatment plan.
Cosmetic changes
  1. Protein Electrophoresis dialog - Albumin was spelled wrong and the lab/source list was not wide enough.
  2. Sample test results are now displayed each on a separate line for easier reading.
  3. If the Shared folder is not available, the app only displays one popup error box instead of a whole series.
  4. "Median" spelled incorrectly on Group Weight Range dialog.
  5. Weight printed in wrong column in enclosure summary.
  6. Handler Training Log - all controls did not fit properly when the animal's name was very long.
  7. Widened the Reminder/Alert list on the main screen.
Maintenance/infrastructure changes
  1. Completely re-organized the way resources are loaded at application startup.
  2. The app doesn't display the "Bad version" popup if the auto-update feature is enabled.
  3. Update License Key removes any trailing CRLF characters in case they were included if the key was copy and pasted from somewhere else.
  4. Send Support Request now uses the new sendmail function and the option to send the request via an email client has been removed.

Version 3.13.10 Feb 27, 2017
Major changes

  1. The Inventory Manager now supports multipe separate inventories for different sections or departments.
Minor changes
  1. The cost for each inventory item can now be stored and tracked.
  2. The reorder number and cost are printed on the re-order report.
  3. PAWS - The patient ALERT field is printed on the daily Vet/Rounds and Rehabber sheets.
  4. TWC - Enabled the Cross Streets field in Finder Info.
  5. Added the Inventory - "Print current inventory" report.
  6. Inventory - widened the Inventory Description field.
Bug fixes
  1. Could not manage usernames if the username had special characters like a period.
  2. Save As from the image view did not prefill the filename properly if the animal was named.
  3. Update Finder Info failed if the animal's name had an apostrophe.
Cosmetic changes
  1. The buttons on the Change Password form were in the wrong place.
  2. Added tool tips for all the fields on the Treatment Form.
  3. Widened the Cross Streets field
Maintenance/infrastructure changes

Version 3.13.9 Feb 19, 2017
Major changes

  1. The weight change is auto-calculated when a new weight is entered in either the Medical Record Entry form or the Physical Exam form. The delta can be auto-inserted into the record.
Minor changes
  1. Added Free chlorine, iodine and Mg to the Water Quality panel.
  2. NCMNS - Used a new water quality form that auto-calculates NH3 from temp, pH, salinity and TAN.
  3. In water quality, dissolved oxygen can be entered with a % or ppm suffix and the value will be converted to the desired units.
  4. Water quality graphs now display the dates instead of days since today.
  5. Update Census - Changed "Disp" column to "Reason"
  6. Update Census - can now provide a reason for when the census count increases.
Bug fixes
  1. NCAQ-PKS - The incorrect form was used to edit an existing water quaility record.
  2. Water Quality NH3 units was not set properly - it was set to the value used by serum chemistry.
  3. The Backup Wizard sometimes failed because it didn't wait long enough in Step 3 for the server to restart.
  4. NHMLAC - On the Refused Food report, you could not jump directly to an entry. You could only open the animal's chart at the most recent entry.
  5. TWC - Enabled Reason For Euthanasia field.
Cosmetic changes
  1. The water quality graphs now indicate the parameter for graphs that don't have any data to display.
  2. The commands to go to specific special entries now always refer to just "Special entries", not "visits" or "vet entries".
  3. Fixed water quality graphs to look better on Windows 10.
  4. Widened the address and email fields in the Address Book.
  5. Widened several fields associated with vaccines.
Maintenance/infrastructure changes
  1. Widened PATIENT.injury_cause field.

Version 3.13.8 Feb 13, 2017
Major changes

Minor changes
  1. TWC - Added the CWS Admissions year-end report.
  2. Can now edit the choices for the Lead test source and the results units.
Bug fixes
  1. The Enclosure Log window could not be RE-opened if it was previously opened and then close by pressing the OK button. Similar situation when opening the Enclosure Log from the right-click menu.
  2. When user were edit/added or deleted, the enclosures that they were a curator for were not kept in sync with the changes. In addition, the curator list on the main window was also not kept up-to-date.
  3. Double-clicking on a entry for an enslosure in the Alert window on the main screen would not open the enclosure log and would often cause the program to crash.
  4. Reminder Viewer would erroneously display enclosure reminders multiple times.
Cosmetic changes
  1. Widened the User Manager list and the Alert/reminder categories field in Preferences.
  2. In Reminder Viewer, changed "Patient id" to "Animal id".
  3. Added some explanatory messages to the Dosage Calculator.
  4. Widened some fields in the PT and Band Report dialogs.
Maintenance/infrastructure changes
  1. Org_logo file can now be .gif or .png

Version 3.13.7 Feb 9, 2017
Major changes

Minor changes
  1. The number of decimal places to display when auto-calculating drug dosages can now be configured.
  2. NCMNS - the length of text in the Notes fields for each medication in the individual treatment plan was limited to only 60 characters.
  3. Confidential entries are now visible internally to all users. Not sure Maintenance users. They are still not shown on the web page.
Bug fixes
  1. USFWS rehab report did not correctly handle animals that were admitted directly into the Education permit. They were being counted as wild-caught rehab admissions.
  2. Curators were limited to only 15 characters in the Enclosure Editor.
  3. Medication Editor would crash if trying to edit an existing medication with a long name.
Cosmetic changes
  1. Some of the lists in the Medication Editor were too narrow.
Maintenance/infrastructure changes
  1. Changes to the ORG_ID in the Settings Editor take effect immediately and do not require a restart.

Version 3.13.6 Feb 5, 2017
Major changes

  1. The Enclosure Log window is now non-modal so it is not always on the top and the user can now work in other windows when it is open.
Minor changes
  1. Can now jump directly to an entry in the Enclosure Log from the Special Event Viewer.
  2. Enclosure maintenance log entries are now also added as a new entry in the enclosure's regular text entry log.
  3. Results from the Query Tool can now be printed as well as graphed.
  4. The Enclosure Maintenence Report now works with the old cleaning records and the new Enclosure Maintenance Log.
  5. The user is prompted before changing the Server Root Folder in the Settings Dialog.
  6. Added the NC Wildlife Collection, the FW Fish Collection, the Wilflife Captivity, the Reptile/Amph Possession reports and updated the NC Endangered Species report. Removed the unused Reptile Possession and Amphibian Possession reports.
  7. Full transfer details are now printed on the Sea Turtle Census report.
  8. Added length and three girth measurements to the Mammal biometric form.
  9. The Enclosure Summary now displays the microchip/PT tag as well as the species with the proper name (abbrev,common name, scientific name).
  10. Added support for Brackish water enclsosures. Just check both the Fresh AND Salt water checkboxes in Enclosure Info
  11. Entries can be marked as CONFIDENTIAL. They can only be viewed by users with MAINTENANCE privileges and are are never displayed on the web page.
Bug fixes
  1. Fixed problem with long age values causing an overflow of data.
  2. Fixed crashes that could occur when reading a patient record with invalid or missing data in critical columns.?s
Cosmetic changes
  1. Changed "Cause of injury" to "Reason for admission". Only displayed for non-residents.
  2. Delete button on Fecal form was in the wrong place.
  3. Added an instuctional note on Fecal form about how to add/remove entries from the Findings list.
Maintenance/infrastructure changes

Version 3.13.5 Jan 31, 2017
Major changes

  1. Can now display actual dates instead of days since today on all historical data graphs.
  2. User Manager now allows a user to specify a Full Name and a Supervisor.
  3. NCMNS - "Entries that need review" now only shows entries made by a user that the current user is a supervisor for.
  4. Animals can now be moved from one group to another without actually splitting them into a new group and then moving the new group.
Minor changes
  1. NCAQ - the Vet list is now split into two lists - one for rehab and one for resident animals.
  2. NCAQ - the Active patient flag is no longer cleared when an animal dies or is euthanized. Therefore, they will still show up on the Vet Lists.
  3. PAWS - updated WA DFW daily ledger report to reflect new columns.
  4. Added the [USERNAME] macro to be used in record entries. It expands to the current user's full name.
Bug fixes
  1. USFWS rehab report - Section B was not generated correctly if the user choose to use species common names.
  2. USFWS rehab report - Section D was not correct. It did not take into account animals that were held over but were finalized before the report was run.
  3. Record insert templates were not always made available properly depending on user role.
Cosmetic changes
  1. Weight chart did not leave enough room on the left for some wider weight values (i.e. 130.5 kg).
  2. Widened some fields on the Transfer form and the Year-end report form.
  3. NCMNS - The notes fields for each medication are now wider and multi-line.
Maintenance/infrastructure changes
  1. The curator lists are now filled from the Full name in the Users table, not from the curator field in the Enclosure table.

Version 3.13.4 Jan 20, 2017
Major changes

  1. WW - Added the "Search for anesthesia records" query.
  2. Added the animal Quarantine flag and the ability to automatically create reminders to alert when the quarentine period is over.
  3. Added the Enclosure Maintenance Log for much more advanced logging of enclosure maintenance activities.
Minor changes
  1. An entry is made in an animal's chart when a HANDLER training log record is made.
  2. NCAQ - Added "Transferred to" info to the Sea Turtle Census report.
  3. Added a "Show dosages" link to Enclosure Treatment Sheet.
  4. The default date range used in the Historical Viewer graphs can now be configured.
Bug fixes
  1. A training log entry could be made even if an animal and handler were not selected.
  2. Decimal weights in kg's were not displayed properly in edit fields.
  3. NCAQ - The Endangered Species Report did not take group numbers into account.
  4. The Backup Database Wizard did not open the MySQL data folders. Now it works but only on Win 7 (not XP). Untested on Win 10.
  5. Going to a special entry in the past, would fail if the animal record was not currently displaying all the entries. Now it reloads all the data before attempting to go the entry.
  6. Merges should use the admission date of the originating animal, not today's date.
  7. Resident animal summary didn't always fit on page without being truncated.
  8. NCMNS - The "Entries that need review" report was accidentally removed from the Reports menu.
  9. No longer allows parentheses characters in a medication form as the breaks the Vaccine history viewer.
  10. Entries that need review are no longer displayed in the Special Entry Viewer.
  11. When cleaning\watering entries were made for an enclosure from the right-click menu, the time of day was 00:00.
Cosmetic changes
  1. Widened the weight entry field on the Medical Record Entry form.
  2. The Last Weights report will now use the species common name or scientific name depending on system settings.
  3. More changes of "Patient" to "Animal".
  4. The weight graphs did not display weight with the proper units and decimal places.
  5. Reorganized Enclosure Info dialog. Replaced check boxes with option tree control.
  6. For enclosures - changed "Under treatment" -> "Under treatment/quarantine".
  7. Widened the various medication "Forms" fields to allow for vaccines to be specified with an expiration date and lot#.
Maintenance/infrastructure changes
  1. The LookForTextInEntryReportDialog now has a species list to search by in addition to the name and the number of days.
  2. Added the ability to have combo list boxes in generic data entry forms.

Version 3.13.3 Jan 3, 2017
Major changes

  1. The Handler Training Log animal skill levels can now be configured. Previously, they were preset to a list of choices.
  2. NCAQ - The id that is assigned to animals split from an existing group will now maintain the original id but will have a three-digit suffix appended as in ccyy-mmmmm-nnn.
Minor changes
  1. The Phyisical Therapy "Limb" choices can now be configured using "Edit list choices"
  2. Widened the Animal.morph field.
  3. NCMNS - Print Daily Sheets - Print preview is checked by default.
  4. NCMNS - Enabled the Titration calculator.
  5. Added the "Add to favorites list" command to animals in the ENCLOSURE list on the main screen.
Bug fixes
  1. The Physical Therapy form would not store a "Limb" value longer than 16 characters.
  2. The Reports -> Miscellaneous -> Weight Trends report would crash if there were too many plots to graph.
  3. The Reports -> Miscellaneous -> Waint for consult report would crash at times.
Cosmetic changes
  1. On Historical Data Viewer, changed name of tab from "Buffer" to "Buffy".
  2. The species group is displayed in the Treatment Plan caption.
  3. The animal name is now displayed on the "Upcoming Stuff" calendar display.
  4. The Historical Viewer X-axis was too crowded for animals with a long history.
  5. Capture/Emergency meds were not always displayed properly.
Maintenance/infrastructure changes

Version 3.13.2 Dec 28, 2016
Major changes

  1. WW - Added the Enclosure Log sheet printout.
Minor changes
  1. NCAQ - Finished update SEAP report.
  2. The Settings Editor is now searchable.
  3. The weight chart in the Historical Data Viewer now uses the appropriate weight unit (g or kg) depending on the actual weight value.
  4. WW - Enabled Multiple Cage Entry command.
Bug fixes
  1. The Site viewer would mistakenly look for a single site image file in multi-level site installations.
Cosmetic changes
  1. Enclosure Animal List printout - changed wording to "Enclosure/room animal list"
Maintenance/infrastructure changes

Version 3.13.1 Dec 24, 2016
Major changes

  1. Continued working on Windows 10 support.
Minor changes
  1. TWC - Finished Treatment sheet.
  2. Added the View Change Log command that views the change log html file on www.raptormed.com
  3. Insert Animal List now includes [] brackets around id numbers.
  4. TWC - Enabled RVS message
  5. WW - Began work on daily sheets.
Bug fixes
  1. NCAQ - SECP report did not properly exclude non-wild caught animals.
  2. Had to widen window around Bandit locations in order to find a match. There are still significant floating point rounding errors that this will hopefully fix.
  3. The Location lists were always sorted alphabetically regardless of the specified sort order.
  4. RVS message was not displayed when necessary.
  5. App would crash if too many animal info checkboxes were checked.
  6. App would crash if trying to save an enclosure treatment plan for an enclosure that was not marked as either fresh or salt water.
Cosmetic changes
  1. NCAQ - SECP Report -> SEAP Report
  2. Widened the Choice list in the Problem Dialog.
  3. Widened the phone number fields in the Animal info forms.
  4. Site Viewer Legend is redrawn Don't show feed or display order in popup
  5. Widened Surgery - Procedure list.
  6. Changed default Graph Wizard colors.
Maintenance/infrastructure changes

Version 3.13.0 Dec 18, 2016
Major changes

  1. Can now define and specify Emergency drugs.
  2. Began making display compatible with Windows 10.
  3. The Medication Editor will now auto-calculate doses for pills and capsules. The weight values for the calculator can be entered as g, kg, lb, or oz.
  4. Added support for Bandit Status codes: 701, 440, 740, 441, 741.
  5. Eliminted the need for BanditLocations.xml. This file can now auto-generated from address book data. The older method that uses BanditLocations.xml still works.
  6. Added the Group Vaccinate command.
  7. Problems can now be selected in the original list form or in a new collapsible hierarchical tree format. All problems that are in this format: "Fracture - humerus, left" will automatically work in the new tree display. The user can toggle between the two formats.
Minor changes
  1. Added "Record water quality" and "Add env conditions" commands to right-click menu for an enclosure.
  2. Added Animal id to the Census report that shows the band/PIT tag, etc.
  3. In the Dosage Editor, the Units field is set to "ml" automatically if the dose is auto-calculated.
  4. Attributes can be saved for species.
  5. Can now print species attributes on cage cards.
  6. "Not fed today/yesterday" reports now use the Curator choice on the main screen.
  7. On the Release form, the "How Aged" and "How Sexed" lists no longer allow manual entry. You must choose from the list.
  8. The Resident Animal Summary now displays the species common name, not the abbreviation.
  9. Can now store and graph group MEDIAN weights.
  10. Enabled sorting on column clicks in the Sample viewer and the Active Patient list.
  11. Group Enrichment now allows the Record Entry type to be specified.
Bug fixes
  1. HMS Interim report was not checking the Captive Bred flag.
  2. HMS Annual report was not checking for any criteria for captive bred animals.
  3. The patient band number was not saved if the Release record was added from the Patient Info dialog after changing the disposition to R.
  4. The alert timer interval was not saved correctly if the field was left blank.
  5. The [animal id] links that could be embedded in a chart either manually or by splits and merges did not always work properly.
  6. Band Report Analyzer - numeric columns were not sorted properly.
  7. CRC - Active Patient viewer - could not double-click on an animal to open the chart.
Cosmetic changes
  1. "Show capture doses" -> "Show emergency/capture doses"
  2. Species group list was not wide enough to fit the data.
  3. "Not fed today" and "Not fed yesterday" reports now display the species common name.
  4. No Leftovers report now uses the species common name.
  5. Reorganized the layout of the species editor.
  6. Widened the Degree field in all lat/lon entry fields so it is easier to enter a decimal degree value.
  7. Group operation menu choices are now in alphabetical order.
Maintenance/infrastructure changes
  1. The GenericReportDialog now displays the hourglass when the query is running.
  2. The prefix for "Toxin" problems can now be configured. The list of Toxin problems is used in the USFWS annual rehab report and it used to be harcoded.
  3. The actual description for the Oiled problem can be be configured. It used to be hardcoded.
  4. Alerts can now be automatically generated when a DataEntryForm is saved.

Version 3.12.22 Dec 5, 2016
Major changes

  1. Merges and splits now create links to the affected old and new animal records.
Minor changes
  1. TWC - Added the Ontario FW4004 report.
  2. Link To Preivous patient now stores the animal id's as clickable links.
  3. NCMNS - Many of the NCAQ reports have been enabled.
Bug fixes
  1. WVRRC,CFRC,BPRC,SERC,FONT,WBS - printing treatment sheet would crash if the Group treatment frequency (SID,BID, etc) for an enclosure was not set for anyreason.
Cosmetic changes
Maintenance/infrastructure changes
  1. Can now use [] brackets to create hot-links to animal records.

Version 3.12.21 Nov 30, 2016
Major changes

  1. TWC - Can specify enclosure modifications in an individual treatment plan
Minor changes
  1. WW - Added the CA DFW special species admission alert and email template.
  2. The Animal Transfer Agreement now looks back 7 days instead of 1 day.
  3. Added Pectoral and Abdominal girth for lizard/crocodilian biometics. Changed Girth to Max girth.
  4. NCAQ_PKS - uses the same water quality entry form as RI.
  5. Reminder Viewer - added option to view reminders in last 7 or 30 days.
Bug fixes
  1. The MO state rehab report did not exclude non-native species.
  2. The USFWS education/possesion report did not exclude non-native species.
  3. Biometric data entry was broken for crocodilians.
Cosmetic changes
  1. The Species of Interest Admission reminder prompt now uses the correct species name (not just the abbreviation).
  2. Removed the option to DELETE animals during merges.

Version 3.12.20 Nov 24, 2016
Major changes

  1. Diets.xml can specify diets base on the SPECIES and SPECIES GROUP
  2. TWC - Added Daily Care Sheets (species group-specific).
  3. Added the ability to have a grid of edit controls in a user-defined form.
  4. NCMNS - Each medication on the treatment sheet can have an individual note attached to it. These notes are printed on the treatment plan sheet.
  5. UpdateCensus command no longer considers individual animals. It only displays and updates GROUP animals.
Minor changes
  1. NCMNS - enabled Collection Details.
  2. Chemistry - Added Interpretation and Lipase
  3. CBC - Added RBC count field
  4. Fecal - increased the size of the Interpretation/comments fields
  5. Added "Bath" as a medication route.
Bug fixes
  1. MC and FS were not available in the Sex lists.
  2. App would crash if too many checkboxes in Animal Info were checked.
  3. Potential crash if too much text is entered in a medication DOSE field. The system now limits the entry length.
  4. Location changes to NA or no location would result in a "Location changed" note in the record.
  5. CPK was not exported/imported via XML properly.
  6. Active Patient report was broken when using "Unresolved problems" as the key.
  7. Graph Wizard - changing the title for pie charts had no effect. This bug was introduced recently when the Graph Wizard was revamped.
Cosmetic changes
  1. Check boxes in Animal Info are now in alphabetic order.
  2. The Active Patient report now uses the correct species name instead of alway using the abbreviation.

Version 3.12.19 Nov 19, 2016
Major changes

Minor changes
  1. Added Water Temp to Environmental Conditions.
Bug fixes
  1. App would crash when trying to open the Enclosure Log. This bug was introduced in Version 3.12.18.
Cosmetic changes

Version 3.12.18 Nov 18, 2016
Major changes

  1. When images are added, the image file date can be set to the either the original file date or the date of the record entry that the image was attached to.
  2. Goto Species Info Page now goes to the Wikipedia search results if a specific page was not specified.
Minor changes
  1. Treatment sheets for WVRRC, CFRC, BPRC, SERC, FONT will now print "no treatment plan" on the SID sheet for rehab animals instead of popping up an error box.
  2. PAWS reports YTD report - Includes rollover from previous years. Removed domestics and created separate domestics report YTD report - Includes rollover from previous years. Year-end report - Includes rollover from previous years Removed domestics and created separate domestics report Percentages are no longer calculated. Success rate report - removed domestics DFW report - Escaped animals are included in releases DFW ledger - added Cause of Injury Monthly report - removed domestics
  3. RecentSpecialEntry report - can now sort by clicking on column headers.
  4. CRC - Resident diurnal and nocturnal feeding sheets now print the enclosure ALERT text.
  5. Added MO state rehab report.
  6. Added MC and FS to choices in Sex list.
  7. WW - Added the CA state F&G quarterly report.
  8. NHMLAC - Added the Refused Food report.
  9. Added Alert field to Animal Info. This displays as a highlighted banner at the top of the main record.
  10. PAWS - Advanced Search Tool now has checkboxes for Native, Non-native and Domestic.
  11. Added the CaptiveBred flag. Captive breds are now skipped on the USFWS and MO state rehab reports.
Bug fixes
  1. Bandit export file did not export the How Aged and How Sexed fields properly. This was only a problem it Aux Markers were NOT enabled and it was introduced as a bug sometime around Version 3.11.3.
  2. Group -> Enrichment crashed.
  3. Vaccine History did not display correctly if the vaccine name had a space in it.
Cosmetic changes
  1. CRC - The enclosure ALERT text is always formatted as bold and centered so the html tags are no longer needed in the actual alert text entry field.
  2. Patient Info - "Morph" -> "Morph/breed"
  3. The Species column in the Advanced Search Dialog did not match the current choice for species display (abbrev, common name, or scientific name)

Version 3.12.17 Nov 5, 2016
Major changes

  1. NCMNS - now using the ISIS number for primary animal id.
Minor changes
  1. Users with 'Delete' privileges can now delete a record entry. Previously this required 'Maintenance' privileges.
  2. NCAQ - The amount actually eaten will automatically be calculated from the amount offered and the leftovers. The calculation is automatically prepended to the record entry.
  3. Food offered and Leftovers Can now enter values in any unit. The values are always saved as grams and 'g' is displayed. Amount fed -> Amount offered.
Bug fixes
  1. Don't auto-insert location change entries after a Animal Info change if the animal is no longer alive.
  2. Program crashed when saving a cytology record. This bug was introduced in Version 3.12.11.
  3. Species selector would crash if the scientific or common name was longer than 32 characters.
  4. NCMNS - ISIS number were duplicated when added new animals if there were gaps currently used sequence of numbers
Cosmetic changes
  1. "Add new patient" -> "Add new animal"
  2. Group Add - "Number of patients" -> "Number of animals"
  3. Animals were not order by their id on the Exercise daily sheet or with the "Insert animal list" command in a group entry.

Version 3.12.16 Nov 1, 2016
Major changes

  1. Added Data Graphic Design interface for preformatted graphs based on a series of predetermined queries.
Minor changes
  1. Wound Reports - added a Notes field
  2. Id/name search is not case INsensitive.
  3. NCAQ - on the Vet List, the date is also printed with the Last Vet Entry.
  4. NCAQ - Enclosures with pending issues are now printed on the Print Vet List AND Email Vet List reports.
  5. The Final Date is now displayed in the Animal list on the main screen.
Bug fixes
  1. Clicking on Wounds in Medical Record Entry would crash if the WoundReports.xml file was missing.
  2. Wounds reports can now be edited before and after they are saved.
  3. Graph Wizard - the area under the curve shading incorrectly went to the origin (0,0).
  4. Bandit locations were not calculated correctly. It was interpreting Bandit location locations as the SW corner of the location box. It should be the SE corner.
  5. Floating point round errors caused errors when the determining Bandit locations. I had to widen the window by 0.0002 degrees the west and south.
Cosmetic changes
  1. NCMNS - Don't display the Curator list on the main window.
Maintenance/infrastructure changes
  1. Began work at allow the Graph Wizard to display multiple data sets on the same graph.

Version 3.12.15 Oct 22, 2016
Major changes

  1. Added the Upcoming Stuff report that displays a calendar with everything for Active Patients and all reminders of categories of interest.
  2. NCMNS - Added the ability to print a husbandry plan for an enclosure.
  3. IBR - Added the Record Treatments For All command.
Minor changes
  1. Reminder/Alert list - can now right-click and remove an entry.
  2. Treatment Plan printout now looks ahead 90 days and prints all meds, fluids and miscellaneous treatments.
  3. CBC cell counts can now be entered as % or cells/uL
  4. Enclosure Medication Editor - The Dosage unit (i.e. ml) is selected when a dose is automatically calculated.
  5. Dose Dilution calculator displays the dosage (mg/ml) and pre-calculates the dose (mg).
Bug fixes
  1. Reminder/Alert viewer on main screen displayed reminders without a category. It should only be limited to specific categories that the user has subscribed to.
  2. Don't allow a Transfer record to be created without choosing a valid transfer Reason.
  3. Animal list column widths were not saved and restored properly.
  4. Could not enter a time without a semicolon in the Group Operations functions.
Cosmetic changes
  1. Reminder/Alert list height was incorrect.
  2. IBR - On Med list - "Band" -> "Id/Band"
  3. Read By field in CBC form was not highlighted as mandatory.
  4. "Refresh list" -> "Reload" on the main screen.
  5. Enclosure Medication Editor - added some descriptive comments to field labels.
Maintenance/infrastructure changes

Version 3.12.14 Oct 13, 2016
Major changes

Minor changes
  1. Can now use the file browser to add attachments to record entries. Accessed via a right-click menu.
Bug fixes
  1. Location list did not correctly select the current value.
Cosmetic changes
Maintenance/infrastructure changes

Version 3.12.13 Oct 10, 2016
Major changes

  1. Merges can delete or inactivate the original animal records. This is a selectable preference.
Minor changes
  1. Can now right click on Species column header in the Animal list on the main screen to choose between display of the common name, scientific name or the species abbreviation. This is only an option if ALL species are being displayed.
  2. Enclosure treatment plans can now have special instructions.
Bug fixes
  1. Alert window - could not open Enclosure log when clicking on an enclosure alert.
Cosmetic changes
  1. Weight (g) displayed in medical record entry form.
  2. Patient -> Animal in all right-click menus in the main window.
  3. Re-organzied the Set Date Interval dialog as it was confusing.
  4. Alert window is no longer brought to the top with each refresh and it no longer stays on top of the main window.
Maintenance/infrastructure changes

Version 3.12.12 Oct 7, 2016
Major changes

  1. Medical record text templates can now be specified based on user role
Minor changes
Bug fixes
  1. The Notes field on the Treatment sheet could not properly handle < and > characters.
  2. The Notes field on the Treatment sheet did not properly relect CRLF characters.
  3. The Physical Exam form crashed.
Cosmetic changes
Maintenance/infrastructure changes

Version 3.12.11 Oct 5, 2016
Major changes

  1. Added User Roles - husbandry and/or medical
  2. Husbandry role has simplified interface without the medical options in the Patient and Enclosure record entry screens.
  3. Added the EnclosurePicker Tool for selecting an enclosure from a long list.
  4. The data entry forms can now be configured for use with either the Husbandry and/or the Medical role
  5. Added the ability to calculate drug dilutions based on a set dose and a min/max volume.
  6. Added meds that can be scheduled PRN - the SID dosage is used in these cases.
  7. Added E3D dosing
  8. NCMNS - Added the ability to print a treatment plan for an individual.
Minor changes
  1. IBR - medication list is sorted by location/enclosure.
  2. All EDIT fields in a data entry form can now be configured to be Mandatory.
  3. Cytology - renamed Location to Type and added a Location field.
  4. Weights can be entered with k, kg, oz, or lb.
  5. IBR - can now specify the number of lines in each entry on the medication list.
Bug fixes
  1. Special Entry report - unable to open entries in the Enclosure list.
  2. NCMNS - Import from XML did not automatically assign an ISIS number
  3. NCMNS - Update census did not assign ISIS number to new individuals
  4. The printing windows for cage cards was parented by the main window.
  5. NCMNS - A group ISIS number was not assigned when animals were merged into a group.
Cosmetic changes
  1. The Enclosure drop lists will now auto-select as the user types.
  2. Enclosure Log - Treatment Plan -> Feedind & Husbandry
  3. Food in cage -> Food
Maintenance/infrastructure changes
  1. The Enclosure list on the main screen can now be sorted by any column (usually display_order or name).

Version 3.12.10 Sep 24, 2016
Major changes

  1. Added the Supplement medication category.
  2. Added meds that can be EOD, MWF, SUN, MON, TUE, WED, THU, FRI, SAT
Minor changes
  1. Can use a band type of Leg band-alum or Leg band-metal
  2. WWC - Fixed the E/T Program Use Report. It now allows programs to be specified as Mixed with percentages of Child and Adult in the crowd.
  3. Volunteer and Staff Training can now be configured in Edit List Choices.
  4. Can now print individual record entries.
  5. Feather check - changed "Fill all to OK" to "Fill all with last selected color"
Bug fixes
Cosmetic changes
Maintenance/infrastructure changes

Version 3.12.9 Sep 16, 2016
Major changes

Minor changes
Bug fixes
  1. IBR - the Medlist was concatenating all previous printed treatments.
Cosmetic changes
Maintenance/infrastructure changes

Version 3.12.8 Sep 9, 2016
Major changes

  1. Users privileges at the RaptorMed level can now be managed on systems where user user management is not allowed.
  2. Add the ability to setup Capture/Restraint drug doses.
Minor changes
  1. Remove Location as option in Edit List Choices.
  2. Edit List Choices command moved to Maintenance menu.
  3. Added Arborist/Tree climber as Address Book type
Bug fixes
  1. Program crashed when running the Species Disposition Report.
  2. Updating user privileges would fail if the user was not properly setup to begin with.
  3. Sort by Status in the Animal list on the main screen was broken.
Cosmetic changes
  1. The Types are now alphabetical in the Address Book.
Maintenance/infrastructure changes

Version 3.12.7 Aug 31, 2016
Major changes

Minor changes
  1. SWFH - added vaccine history to Visit Summary.
  2. IBR - Added JD's Bird Count report.
Bug fixes
  1. Lat/lon values where not being read in the proper precision from the database.
Cosmetic changes
Maintenance/infrastructure changes

Version 3.12.6 Aug 21, 2016
Major changes

  1. Contraindications can be specifed for medications based on species age, or sex.
  2. SWFH - Added the Visit Summary report.
Minor changes
  1. The Enclosure log now supports links to external attachment files.
Bug fixes
  1. App would crash if trying to enter an exam for a species group that did not have an exam template.
Cosmetic changes
Maintenance/infrastructure changes

Version 3.12.5 Aug 9, 2016
Major changes

  1. Added support for images/attachments that are stored external to the database.
Minor changes
  1. BRWI - The Release form is presented without being prompted when an animal's status is changed to R.
  2. Added the Patient Call Log.
Bug fixes
  1. The edit fields in the Generic Forms like the Physical Exam form were not tall enough to comfortably fit text.
  2. Image Search tool did not work if the species was displayed as either the common or scientific name.
  3. The Lookup Species Info Page and Goto Location functions were broken after the name column was moved in the Animal list.
Cosmetic changes
  1. The Procedure record headings are now bolded and the choice list/tree control is wider.
  2. Controls not positioned properly in the Enclosure Editor when the map viewer control was large.
Maintenance/infrastructure changes
  1. Can now specify a height for each Data Entry form.
  2. Started to add support for Genealogy.

Version 3.12.4 July 16, 2016
Major changes

Minor changes
  1. Can now store Species CITES status.
  2. Added the Listed Species Report.
  3. Can now add animals to the Favorites list from the Advanced Search and Image Search dialogs.
Bug fixes
  1. The Program Scheduler did not display the proper species name (i.e. common, scientific, or abbreviation).
  2. A recent change to the GoogleMap API broke the release map function. This has been fixed.
  3. Multiple Cage Entry function failed for individual animals. This bug was introduced in Version 3.11.10.
  4. Group Photo Adds did not allow keywords to be assigned to the image.
Cosmetic changes
  1. CRC - Favorites list showed the long patient id format. Now it shows the short format.
  2. Widened the Group Entry edit field.
  3. Adjusted colors in feather check.
  4. Exam was not in alphabetical order in the Medical Record Entry form.
  5. New logo in login screen and About box.
  6. The Empty or Occupied status is overlayed over Dirty symbols on the Site Map.
  7. The legend is drawn with no change of overlap between the text and symbols on the Site Map.
  8. Venomous is displayed in a banner on the animals main page when appropriate.
Maintenance/infrastructure changes
  1. ReleasesTemplate files were moved to global resources folder

Version 3.12.3 July 7, 2016
Major changes

Minor changes
  1. Group Add Program Log now allows the user to set a date other than today.
  2. Group Enrichment/Training now allows the user to specify the Entry type.
  3. The SOAP option is disabled if SOAP "SOAP format" is set to zero.
Bug fixes
  1. When adding a Group Photo or Fecal, the Entry type choice was not saved properly.
  2. Unable to update the application of Auto Update is turned off and the current Version is not one of the allowed Versions. Now the application will attempt to auto-update itself.
  3. New wound Reports improperly remembered the settings from the last report that was edited or created.
  4. The wound report images were saved with the selection markers in place - these should not be visible.
Cosmetic changes
  1. The animal name is now displayed in the title bar in the Treatment window.
  2. The species is displayed in the Sample Viewer.
  3. The Favorite viewer now displays the species as either the abbreviation, common name or scientific name.
  4. Dose Calculation and Eye Exam were not in alphabetical order in the Medical Entry form.
Maintenance/infrastructure changes
  1. Began implementing new patient chart viewer using the wxWebView control.

Version 3.12.2 July 2, 2016
Major changes

  1. Can now setup customized popup alerts that can be based on any criteria. Each user can have their own alerts.
Minor changes
  1. NHMLAC - Now prompted to print or save treatments sheets.
  2. Reminders on Vet List now display the animal name.
  3. Entries on the Vet List now display the location department.
  4. The Enclosure list on the main screen can be hidden from view.
Bug fixes
  1. WWC - Error adding a new patient if the Organization name in the Presented By field was longer than the length of the Patient Name field (31 characters).
  2. Release form - if getting an entry from the address book, the address was not copied into the release location field.
  3. Bulk water quality tool should not include non-aquatic enclosures.
  4. Wound report tool would crash if user clicked on a blank area after selecting an actual wound location.
Cosmetic changes
  1. "Patients not fed or treated" -> "Animals not fed or treated".
  2. Favorites List - removed Rename/remove list right click menu options since they don't work yet.
  3. Spill Log - The location or the body of water is now displayed.
  4. Edit List Choices - Consult was not in alphabetical order.
  5. Wound report - "Wound" -> "Severity"
Maintenance/infrastructure changes

Version 3.12.1 Jun 23, 2016
Major changes

  1. Added the ability to add record entries that need review before becoming permanent.
  2. Added the ability to review and approve records.
  3. NCMNS - ISIS id's are now automatically generated when a new animal is added.
  4. Can now configure ALL species lists to use either the abbreviation, the common name or the scientific name.
  5. Added the Enclosure Department field. Can filter enclosures by Department field.
Minor changes
  1. Added IV fluids to Treatment Plan. Previously, there was IO/IV, no IO means just IO fluids.
  2. CBC can now store Azurophil counts.
  3. Multiple animal weight trends viewer can now view all data points, not just back to 365 days prior.
  4. Species chooser now displays the scientific name and species group.
  5. The value of individual animals can be set to override the default species value and this is correctly calculated in the Collection Value Report.
  6. Can now add user-customizable Transfer Reasons.
  7. The options for CBC, PT, etc in the Medical Entry form are now listed alphabetically with the exception of Record Treatment. This is at the top since it is used often.
  8. Many of the Medical Entry options that were disabled for Invertebrates are now available.
  9. Added new feathers status values: Stripped, Soiled, and Fault bar.
  10. The Admission Time is now editable.
  11. An image can be designated as an ID photo to be displayed a the top of the animal's chart. It is displayed at 150x150 pixels.
  12. NCAQ - OFFSITE enclosures are no longer displayed on the feeding list.
  13. Can now use the species selection dialog to choose a species on the main window.
  14. WWC - Added the E/T Program Usage report.
Bug fixes
  1. User management functions would crash if more than one database name was specified in RaptorMed.ini
  2. PAWS - FinalizePatient did not clear the Active Patient or Program Animal check boxes.
  3. The wrong species group would be set if a new animal is added using the default species selection without actually changing the selection in the species list.
  4. New feature to search by id OR name did not work if the name starts with a digit.
  5. XML Export of animal record would crash if certain entries had a null weight or bcs.
Cosmetic changes
  1. The Generic and Physical exam forms now use the average height of the system font to determine the height of edit fields.
  2. Fecals no longer print "POS for" in Results field.
  3. Waiting for Consult report no longer uses black background and can display the species with the common name are scientific name.
  4. Moved Name column to the left in the Animal list on the main screen.
  5. Collection Value report now displays using the proper species name (abbrev,common, or scientific) and the dollar amounts are no right-justified.
  6. The Admitted By and Admission Time fields were removed from the Patient Info field since they are already on the Miscellaneous tab in the Collection Info form.
  7. IBR - On the Treatment sheet dialog, changed "Meds" to "Meds and procedures"
  8. Rearranged order of treatments on Enclosure Treatment plan. They are alphabetical with "Others" at the bottom
  9. Display OFFSITE banner at the top of the Enclosure Log window.
  10. Display hourglass cursor during record export.
  11. Moved the Enclosure filter controls to a new panel between the Animal and Enclosure lists on the main screen.
Maintenance/infrastructure changes
  1. Added the [TIMESTAMP] macro when creating record entries.
  2. The Generic and Physical exam forms can now specify the width of an edit field using the "columns" attribute.
  3. Added index on Patient.Name
  4. Choices for Status list are now read from the database.

Version 3.12.0 May 31, 2016
Major changes

  1. Can now add a description and keywords to images. The images can now be searched by keyword.
Minor changes
Bug fixes
  1. NCAQ - The lat vet entries did not show up on the Vet list printouts.
  2. NHMLAC - The Recent Special Entry report showed all entries. This bug was created in last update.
Cosmetic changes
Maintenance/infrastructure changes
  1. The app now checks for allowed Versions at startup. This prevents incompatible Versions from running accidentally.

Version 3.11.17 May 19, 2016
Major changes

  1. Added the Program Scheduler. This allows education aniamls to be reserved for programs without worrying about schedule conflits.
  2. IBR - Can now print a Rounds lst.
Minor changes
  1. Added the Wound Record tab to the historical viewer
  2. Added the Venonmous checkbox to the Species Dialog.
  3. Can print "Venomous" on cage cards.
  4. Auto insert of location changes can be enabled for any customer.
  5. Enclosures can now be marked as Dirty.
Bug fixes
  1. Enclosure record entries were not always saved properly.
Cosmetic changes
  1. PAWS - Skill level list is now labelled on the Treatment sheet.
  2. Widened the Export Address Book choice list.
  3. The Group Weight Summary text printed for groups of animals was not always sorted by the patient id.
Maintenance/infrastructure changes

Version 3.11.16 May 12, 2016
Major changes

  1. Added the Wound Report form.
Minor changes
Bug fixes
  1. NCAQ-RI the auto-calculations in the Water Quality form only worked with Celsius temperatures. Now it works with both C and F.
  2. Import/Export in XML format did not correctly handle the different record entry types.
  3. WWC - the Name field in the Group Add form was ignored/overwritten by the Organization name field.
Cosmetic changes
Maintenance/infrastructure changes

Version 3.11.15 May 7, 2016
Major changes

Minor changes
Bug fixes
  1. The cause of injury for orphans added with a group add was not saved properly if a different value than the default value was chosen on the third tab in the New Patient form.
Cosmetic changes
Maintenance/infrastructure changes

Version 3.11.14 May 4, 2016
Major changes

Minor changes
  1. The Age=Local patient flags that are set for new nestling raptor admissions are now only enabled for CRC.
Bug fixes
  1. Up.png and down.png files were not auto-updated.
Cosmetic changes
Maintenance/infrastructure changes

Version 3.11.13 May 2, 2016
Major changes

  1. Can now choose from a list of species group-specific diets in the treatment sheet.
Minor changes
  1. NHMLAC - Added Sun Log review report
  2. Can now set the default State for new admissions.
Bug fixes
Cosmetic changes
  1. NHMLAC - Snake Log "Curator" label changed to "Name"
Maintenance/infrastructure changes

Version 3.11.12 Apr 28, 2016
Major changes

  1. Added the EnclosureEditor
Minor changes
  1. Aux marker is now display in Band Report report.
  2. Can now save training dates for STAFF members.
Bug fixes
  1. Bandit locations could only be 7 characters long.
  2. GetToday() was incorrect if the application had been open overnight.
  3. IBR - band sighting records where all loaded with today's date for the record entry - should be the date of the actual sighting.
Cosmetic changes
Maintenance/infrastructure changes

Version 3.11.11 Apr 23, 2016
Major changes

Minor changes
Bug fixes
  1. The found date was not display properly in the Finder/Collection info form. It was always displayed as today's date. This was introduced in 3.11.3.
Cosmetic changes
Maintenance/infrastructure changes

Version 3.11.10 Apr 19, 2016
Major changes

  1. Added the ability to define user-defined record entry types.
  2. The patient chart and enclosure log can be filtered by entry type.
Minor changes
  1. WWC - enable Patient Summary function
  2. BRWI - don't print locations on the treatment sheets if there is no treatment specified.
Bug fixes
Cosmetic changes
Maintenance/infrastructure changes
  1. Record entry special/type field is now a bit mask, rather than character values like '1','2', etc.

Version 3.11.9 Apr 11, 2016
Major changes

  1. Added support for Bandit 4.0 Releases - new How Age and How Sex codes Band reports - new How Obtained codes
Minor changes
  1. Can mark a species as a rabies vector
  2. Can be alerted when a rabies vector species is admitted.
  3. NHMLAC - Daily sheets can now be printed OR saved to a file.
  4. Added to Collection Value Report.
Bug fixes
  1. If an animal's id was change, this change was not reflected across all affected tables.
  2. The Release Form would crash when saving if the AuxMarker field was not enabled.
Cosmetic changes
Maintenance/infrastructure changes
  1. Multiple databases can be configured in the RaptorMed.ini file and they can use the @ symbol to specify a host.

Version 3.11.8 Apr 6, 2016
Major changes

  1. Added the ability to add multiple water quality records at once.
  2. Added Favorites List
Minor changes
  1. Id field in filter panel can now search for id or name.
  2. NCAQ - Alert to record biometrics when HMS species are added.
  3. Willowbrook - Presenter Org Name is copied to patient name when new patient is added.
Bug fixes
  1. The PCV used to auto-correct CBC's was not saved properly.
  2. Chloroquine levels were not loaded properly.
Cosmetic changes
  1. Improved formatting of generic data entry form output, fixed problem with incorrect indetation, check box choices are now separated with commas instead of spaces.
Maintenance/infrastructure changes
  1. Can now set the line width in characters for static text fields in the GenericFormDialog.

Version 3.11.7 Mar 27, 2016
Major changes

Minor changes
Bug fixes
Cosmetic changes
  1. Enlarged the history edit field on the Miscellanous tab on New Patient form.
Maintenance/infrastructure changes

Version 3.11.6 Mar 27, 2016
Major changes

  1. IBR - Added the CA DFW Rehab report.
  2. IBR - Can now filter animals by the spill.
  3. NCAQ_RI - Custom water quality form that auto-calculates NH3, NO2, NO3
Minor changes
  1. IBR - AuxMarker colors are defaulted to White on Blue for BRPE's
  2. The Refresh button now refills the curator list.
Bug fixes
  1. Spill amount/type not saved correctly.
  2. Don't allow main window to be positioned with negative coordinates.
  3. AuxMarker was not saved properly in Release Form.
  4. Was not clearing animal's spill pointer if a spill was deleted.
  5. Was not updating animal's spill finder information when a spill was edited.
  6. Spill county/country were not saved properly.
  7. ua.jpg was not auto-downloaded.
Cosmetic changes
  1. New Patient Form - "Miscellaneous" spelled wrong
  2. Group entry - "Actual treatment" -> "treatment or record entry"
Maintenance/infrastructure changes

Version 3.11.5 Mar 22, 2016
Note: skipped

Version 3.11.4 Major changes

  1. Added support for Urinalysis data
  2. Cage cards are now created from an editable template file.
  3. SpecialEntry function can be turned on or off independently of anything else.
  4. Group Entries can now use the Special Entry function.
Minor changes
  1. Added support for Bandit locations with a 1-minute precision.
  2. DO NOT BAND banner displayed on Release Form if the Do Not Band checkbox is checked.
  3. Indents were not displayed properly when entering data with the Physical Exam form or the new generic forms.
  4. NCAQ "Lookup by group" command changed to "Lookup by legacy id" and is now available to other customers.
  5. Widened the Username field in the Email Preferences tab.
  6. Added popup alert when license is about to expire.
  7. In the Group Add function, the Oiled problem would sometimes be added incorrectly.
Bug fixes
  1. The Group Program Log spreadsheet did not have functioning checkboxes in the first column when run from the main menu.
  2. If a weight was not entered, a "Weight out of range" message would sometimes be displayed.
  3. NHMLAC - unresolved problems were not displayed if too old.
  4. NHMLAC - clear Active patient checkbox when an animal is finalized.
  5. The IL Endangered species form did not handler disposal and transfers.
  6. Weight Out of Range messages should NOT be sent if a old medical record entry is being edited. Only when new entries are created.
  7. AmountFed is now displayed in patient chart.
Cosmetic changes
  1. Smaller font size in PE form.
Maintenance/infrastructure changes
  1. Added the GenericDataEntryForm interface.
  2. Forms can now have multi-line text controls

Version 3.11.3 Feb 20, 2016
Major changes

  1. Major reoganization of the New Patient screen using tabs. Purely cosmetic but it is a big interface change.
  2. Weight "out of range" messages can be automatically emailed or texted to a specified person.
  3. Can now utilize text templates in Group Entry.
  4. Group entry can now be done on a select set of animals in a specified location.
  5. Finished XML import/export of animal charts. All records except the attachments are now handled properly.
  6. IBR - Added the Import Band Sightings command.
  7. IBR - Finished Daily sheet printouts.
Minor changes
  1. The AmountFed record and graph can now be separately enabled.
  2. USFWS admission alerts are now only displayed in the USA.
  3. A popup alert appears when the entered weight is outside the ideal weight range. It will now prompt the user to see if the entry is accurate or not.
  4. The percent window around the ideal weight range can now be configured.
  5. PAWS - changed WA DFW Daily ledger and main report to only look at releases that happen within the report year. It will ignore status changes that happen after Dec 31.
  6. PHSS - the SID and BID/TID treatments can now be printed separately.
  7. Aux markers are supported on the Band Report form.
  8. PHSS - can now choose portrait or landscape when printing daily sheets.
  9. PHSS - treatment sheets are now printed as Groups or Singles. The sheets are mostly the same, they are just labeled slightly differently. Previously all groups, whether they were SID, BID, or TID were printed under the SID section, now they are printed in the "Group" section.
  10. NHMLAC - The CBC AutoCorrect function can be disabled if needed.
  11. NHMLAC - The PCV label can be set to alternate text such as "Hct"
Bug fixes
  1. SWFH - When the treatment plan was auto-printed to the medical record, upcoming scheduled meds were not printed.
  2. When no treatment plan is specified, "No treatment plan specified" is now printed instead of nothing.
  3. The Neonate and RWF check boxes in Group Set Properties were very hard to click.
  4. The updater would fail if a login password was not saved in the RaptorMed.ini file. This is a valid user preference. In this case, the following config file setting will be used:
Cosmetic changes
  1. The USFWS rehab report now uses a stylesheet so it looks a bit nicer and uses a smaller font in the tables.
  2. SWFH - Daily sheet printout option "Inpatient" -> "In-patient"
  3. Group entry form now uses the user-configurable background color.
  4. Band Report Finder Info field is taller.
Maintenance/infrastructure changes
  1. Edit Finder Info now uses the new NewPatientTabbed interface.
  2. All escaped strings have length = (lengthx2)+
  3. Could have caused a buffer overflow if the orignal string was a single character that needed to be escaped.
  4. HTML stylesheets can be inserted into selected reports now

Version 3.11.2 Jan 2, 2016
Major changes

  1. Added support for auxillary markers/bands.
  2. Added the ability to do periodic fluid treatments on specific dates.
Minor changes
  1. NC SECP report now only includes salt water species.
  2. Band Lookup now does partial matches and also searches the Aux Marker.
  3. LastWeightsReport ignores PR animals in aquatic enclosures.
  4. NCAQ - Active Patient Report will show the number of animals in an enclosure with an active patient.
  5. Temperatures can be entered in either C or F by appending a C or F, respectively in the edit field
  6. Can now auto-fill treatment date fields based on a count and interval number of days. Accessed by right-clicking in a date field.
Bug fixes
  1. NCAQ - Annual census report did not total mammals properly.
  2. Dosage editor now checks for a blank frequency or date.
  3. Acitve Patient Query did not include PR animals with the Active Patient checkbox checked.
Cosmetic changes
  1. Species editor now has the scientific name listed in a new column.
Maintenance/infrastructure changes

Version 3.11.1 Dec 25, 2015
Major changes

  1. Reworked the Enclosure medication editor Dosage drug names and forms are now selected from a list automatically generated from the available treatment options The dosage (ml/L) is now auto-calculated from the form concentration (mg/ml) and the desired dosage (mg/L) The drugs and dosages are now listed alphabetically. Dosages are now calculated to FOUR decimal places to eliminate errors when used with large tank volumes. Removed the Add Dosage For Medication button since not terribly useful anymore.
Minor changes
  1. Can now store the program type and the ages of audience in the program log.
  2. PA/SCEC - Added the PA state amphibian/reptile program report.
Bug fixes
  1. Enclosure medication editor - could not edit to two different dosages for the same medication.
  2. Reminder viewer would crash when choose ALL for time if a patient reminder had a null in the Type or Day fields. These reminders are now treated as a normal reminder with a date.
  3. Titration calculator did not work if a drug had more than one form/concentration.
  4. Pressing Cancel in the Enclosure Medication Editor did not erase any changes made.
Cosmetic changes
Maintenance/infrastructure changes
  1. Increased size of nocturnal species list.

Version 3.11.0 Dec 14, 2015
Major changes

  1. SWFH - New "New patient" form.
  2. Created the Invoice function as modification of the Procedure Tracker.
  3. Can now generate and print an invoice.
  4. Added volunteer training interface.
  5. Added vaccine function Can specify in treatment plan Can record in chart Can review vaccine history.
Minor changes
  1. ProcedureTracker/Invoice function displays a total.
  2. FECAL Added Comments field Widened Results field
  3. Added NPO to individual treatment sheet.
  4. Can now edit States in Edit List Choices
  5. The Value for a patient attribute is no longer mandatory.
  6. If specified, a PCV record can be auto-created when a CBC record is created by itself. The PCV used to correct the WBC count will be used.
Bug fixes
  1. Unable to remove an attachment whose original file was READ-ONLY.
  2. App would crash if trying to edit an existing patient attribute.
  3. Deleting an animal did not delete the Attributes.
  4. No Leftovers report would sometimes crash.
  5. The Collection Method was truncated to 15 characters.
  6. If sex is unspecified, the PatientInfo dialog would default to Male. It should be Unknown.
  7. Graphs would not always draw correctly if the patient was COA without a final date.
  8. PCV/TS graph would graph values < 0.
  9. The Treatment PLAN printout would sometimes have incorrect carriage returns.
  10. Reminder viewer would crash when choose ALL for time if a patient reminder had a null in the Type or Day fields. These reminders are now ignored.
Cosmetic changes
Maintenance/infrastructure changes
  1. Animal deletions are recorded in the maintenance log.

Version 3.10.26 Nov 4, 2015
Major changes

Minor changes
  1. The Group Split/Merge commands no longer require "Maintenance" privileges.
  2. Increased the width of Comments field in the Enrichment/Training records.
  3. User is now prompted to enter a new license key if the current one is expired when the application starts.
Bug fixes
  1. PAWS - app would crash if the text in a cytology report or CBC was too long.
Cosmetic changes
Maintenance/infrastructure changes

Version 3.10.25 Oct 31, 2015
Major changes

Minor changes
  1. Admission questions with only one suggested answer are now presented as an edit field, not a drop list.
Bug fixes
  1. Right-click menu on non-jpeg images was missing some commands.
  2. HTML exports without attachments still had links to attachment files.
  3. Fixed multiple issues involved in deleting an image attachment that were of a type other than a jpeg.
  4. Could not do a group photo add for non-jpeg images.
  5. Could not add an image to an address book entry that was not a jpeg.
  6. Main window would open offscreen if the x,y coords were too big for the display.
Cosmetic changes
  1. PNG file attachments entered in the past will now appear with a "broken/missing file" thumbnail. But they can be viewed normally when viewed at full size.
Maintenance/infrastructure changes

Version 3.10.24 OCt 24, 2015
Major changes

Minor changes
  1. SERC - reorganized the Training form.
  2. Added 'Flight type' field to training form.
  3. The Comments field in the Training form can be auto-initialzed with some text from a configurable template.
  4. SERC - New education bird feeding sheet format.
  5. PAWS - Admission questions are no longer printed on admission receipt.
Bug fixes
Cosmetic changes
Maintenance/infrastructure changes

Version 3.10.23 OCt 21, 2015
Major changes

Minor changes
  1. Special species and illegal injury alerts are now daily auto-repeating reminders.
  2. PAWS - regular reminders and ALERTS are printed separately.
  3. NCAQ - Added microchip/PT tag column to one of the census reports.
  4. SERC - Can choose the time of day when printing treatment sheets.
Bug fixes
  1. NCAQ - The Group Add function was not disabled for users that don't have "Add patient" privileges.
  2. Non-jpg images were not displayed in the Historical image viewer.
  3. Split Group - the new record entries had an incorrect time of day.
  4. LastPatientId not updated after a group split operation.
Cosmetic changes
  1. The NR-CHEMOTHERAPEUTIC message was very wide and did not display properly.
  2. NCAQ - Blank cells for the collection site in SECP report where not displayed properly.
Maintenance/infrastructure changes

Version 3.10.22 OCt 12, 2015
Major changes

Minor changes
  1. PAWS - the Disposition Email Sender too will now use the found email OR the presenter email.
Bug fixes
  1. Adding documents to the repository was broken.
  2. EPH records were not included in cost estimator.
Cosmetic changes
Maintenance/infrastructure changes

Version 3.10.21 OCt 6, 2015
Major changes

  1. Added ability to store protein electrophoresis records.
Minor changes
  1. Image viewer now views at the actual size of 3/4 of screen if too tall.
  2. Added "Carpal bumpers" as a treatment option.
  3. WVRRC, CFRC, SERC - Enabled the use of the "Offsite" location flag.
Bug fixes
  1. PNG images were not display properly.
  2. Could not "Save As" with non-jpeg images.
  3. CRC - COA animals did not show up on rehab daily sheets.
Cosmetic changes
  1. SERC - "Force feeding" -> "Assisted feeding"
Maintenance/infrastructure changes

Version 3.10.20 Sep 30, 2015
Major changes

Minor changes
  1. No longer check for "root" user in UserManager because some installations have superuser with with a different login.
Bug fixes
Cosmetic changes
  1. Made inventory manager window taller
Maintenance/infrastructure changes
  1. Changed name of update program to RaptorMedUpd8r.exe as this seems to get around problems with the UAC stopping it from running.

Version 3.10.19 Sep 26, 2015
Major changes

Minor changes
  1. WVRRC - All animals must be in a specified location in order to print the treatments sheets.
  2. Added support for intranasal (IN) route of administration.
Bug fixes
Cosmetic changes
Maintenance/infrastructure changes

Version 3.10.18 Sep 24, 2015
Major changes

  1. Can now import and natively view png, bmp and gif images in addition to jpg files.
Minor changes
  1. Inventory expiration date field now allows more than one date to be entered, edited and validated. The user is alerted when an entry is expired.
  2. New USFWS NR Letter template is supported and it is now in the global resources folder.
  3. Env conditions AND water quality can both be recorded and viewed for aquatic and terrestial habitats. This was need for enclosures that are part dry and wet.
  4. Added the Update License command.
Bug fixes
  1. Forgotten ini file settings bug is fixed...hopefully.
  2. Bug fix - NR letter and other templates was using the Age In not the CURRENT age.
Cosmetic changes
Maintenance/infrastructure changes
  1. All record output has been consolidate into the SubRecordOutputter class.
  2. Replaced config file code with wxFileConfig class.
  3. More work on XML export function

Version 3.10.17 Sep 3, 2015
Major changes

  1. Split group now has options to split out a single animal, a single group or to divide evenly into multiple groups.
  2. The "On display" checkbox was removed and replaced with the "Program animal" checkbox.
  3. Enrichment types can now be chosen from a user-configurable hierarchical list.
  4. Enrichment is now separate from Training. There are separate things to click on for each in the Record Entry window.Group operations are now available for both.
  5. The Document Repository can now have nested folders. The file's name is now used directly and the user is no longer prompted for a file description.
Minor changes
  1. UIA/NH3 is now autocalculated from Temp, pH, Salinity and TAN.
  2. The animal name is printed in the Enclosure Maintenance/cleaning report for locations with only one animal.
  3. Can now store expiration dates in the Inventory Manager.
Bug fixes
  1. The Group Program Log function did not work when called from the main menu.
Cosmetic changes
  1. NCAQ - removed hardcoded "vessel names" from HMS annual report.
  2. The species dialog was too tall when taxonomy fields were used.
  3. Y increment value on blood chemistry graphs now is multiples of 5 instead of 10
Maintenance/infrastructure changes
  1. NCAQ-RI - Added UIA calculation function. Not used yet
  2. The login screen now allows the database to be chosen.
  3. Documents in the repository no longer have a matching entry in the Settings table - this was redundant.

Version 3.10.16 Jul 28, 2015
Major changes

  1. Added the "Merge into group" command.
  2. Record export can now optionally export all images and attachments. The main record and attachments will be exported into a separate folder named after the animal's id.
  3. NCAQ - Added "Rehab List" to daily treatment sheets.
  4. Added the ability to graph group weight ranges.
Minor changes
  1. PAWS - added the "illegal injury" report.
  2. Added Web page field to address book.
Bug fixes
  1. ShowCensus did not show the last census record if there was more than one in a day.
  2. A group animal was not finalized if UpdateCensus reduced count to zero.
  3. Group animals now display Gr in "Special" column
  4. Crash if a drug in a treatment plan had a long name, form, or amount.
  5. Don't allows GROUP animals to be merged into another group.
Cosmetic changes
  1. Made it easier to click on points in the CBC and PCV graphs (loosened up the tolerances so you don't have to click exactly on a point).
  2. "Patients" -> "Animals" in the main display footer for the count.

Version 3.10.15 Jul 13, 2015
Major changes

  1. Added Group Fecal command
  2. Added Group Weight Range command
  3. Can now search Enclosure medical records
  4. Drug dosages in mg/kg are now automatically calculated from the planned dosage and the drug form. The drug name and form are no longer editable. User must choose from list.
Minor changes
  1. NCAQ - Added Lookup by Group command.
  2. NHMLAC - Only show resolved problems in the last 12 months.
  3. Added the Attributes link to the main patient page.
  4. "Vet entry" and "Important event" available whenever Zoo functions are enabled.
  5. Recent special entry report now avaialble whenever Zoo functions are enabled.
  6. Medications in the Medication Editor are now sorted alphabetically.
  7. Medication Editor - meds and dosages can only be added when a drug category or species group, respectively are selected. Dosage species groups can no longer be deleted. New entries are always added at the top of the list so they are easy to spot. These changes make the editor much more logical and easier to use.
Bug fixes
  1. Broke the Update Census command in the last update!
Cosmetic changes
  1. The Recent special entry viewer is resizable.
  2. The latest census count is displayed for GROUP animals on the Patient screen.
  3. Tweaked the average character width used when setting the width of edit fields.
  4. Bug fix - Surplus list had "Any" option for Sex. Changed to Unknown.
Maintenance/infrastructure changes
  1. Generic Query Dialog is now auto-centered on parent.

Version 3.10.14 Jun 21, 2015
Major changes

  1. Added ability to record the fecal type (flotation, etc).
  2. Show and Update census commands now support GROUP animals.
  3. Group Add now supports GROUP animals.
  4. Added the Group Split command
Minor changes
  1. Band sizes on Release Form can now be picked from a list.
  2. Alerts for illegal cause of injury and special species are now only posted for Rehab admissions.
  3. Will now see special species and illegal cause of injury alerts after group adds.
  4. Added the Band Lookup command
  5. NHMLAC - In Snake Log, can now choose the number of months to look back.
  6. Don't show Age list in exam form for patients with a specific date of birth.
  7. NHMLAC - Reminders for today are inserted with "Record Treatment". This works for individual treatments AND enclosure treatments.
  8. Can specify the record entry type (vet, important event, etc) when doing a Group Photo Add.
  9. NCAQ - Modified the Annual census report to support GROUP animals.
  10. NCAQ - Treatment sheets and census reports now support GROUP animals.
Bug fixes
  1. The Cancel/X button in the Sample and Lab test dialogs did not work.
  2. NHMLAC - Snake Log would sometimes display garbage for a log entry.
  3. Delete Patient command did not work when run from the Enclosure list.
Cosmetic changes
  1. The width of various fields is based on the screen font character width - date fields, selection tree in record entry forms.
  2. The Enclosure Maintenance report and Snake logs are now resizeable.
  3. Enclosure name is displayed more prominently on Enclosure Summary report. Name is changed to Enclosure Summary Report.
  4. Widened edit field in Patient Attribute dialog.
Maintenance/infrastructure changes
  1. Initial status on admission is now configurable.
  2. The age, cause of injury and initial problem can now be configured for NEONATE group adds.

Version 3.10.13 Jun 1, 2015
Major changes

  1. Added the Surplus/Wishlist manager
  2. BPRC - added new resident bird diet sheets
Minor changes
  1. BPRC - switch patient id format to yy-nnnn.
  2. BPRC - Added the TX transfer request form
Bug fixes
  1. TX year-end report was not using the correct year.
  2. Increment Ages function was broken after the DOB field was added.
  3. NHMLAC - BROWSE diet abbreviation did not auto-expand
  4. Crash in Patient Update if species abbreviation was 15 characters long.
  5. Individuals would not display in patient list if species abbreviation was 15 characters long.
Cosmetic changes
  1. Widended the Abbrev field in the Species editor.
  2. Changed 'Foot soak' to 'Foot care' on the treatment plan.
Maintenance/infrastructure changes

Version 3.10.12 May 9, 2015
Major changes

  1. NHMLAC - Added the PM treatment sheet printout.
Minor changes
  1. Enclosure Maint Report now displays the "by" field for each maintenance column type.
  2. The Sex can now be selected when doing a Group Add.
  3. BRWI - Can optionally append a FULL notation to the entries in the location list in the Patient Info dialog.
Bug fixes
  1. Don't allow a medication to be created with a duplicate name.
  2. GetSpeciesNative() was looking at the SPECIES.nord column.
Cosmetic changes
  1. Don't display invalid date value in the Enclosure Maint Report.
  2. CBC dialog shows units for PCV and WBC count.
  3. "grams" is no longer printed after the Leftovers since the units for leftovers can vary.
Maintenance/infrastructure changes

Version 3.10.11 May 5, 2015
Major changes

Minor changes
  1. Can now configure whether the "Append to individual chart" checkbox in the Enclosure Log is checked by default.
  2. Can now configure whether to display resolved problems by default in the patient window. Can turn on or off in View Options.
  3. Added "Group of animals" patient checkbox.
  4. Login dialog also prompts for the Database setting when the ini file has been corrupted.
Bug fixes
Cosmetic changes
Maintenance/infrastructure changes
  1. TransferRequest template moved to Global Resources folder

Version 3.10.10 Apr 25, 2015
Major changes

Minor changes
  1. NHMLAC - Added BROWSE defined diet.
  2. Abbreviations and Defined diets are now used when an enclosure entry is made.
Bug fixes
  1. Made sure the Snake Log report doens't overflow and crash.
  2. Abbreviation manager did not always work if abbreviations were at the end of line, etc.
  3. BPRC - Did not check for missing location when printing treatment sheets.
Cosmetic changes
Maintenance/infrastructure changes

Version 3.10.9 - Apr 17, 2015
Major changes

  1. Added Texas Education Permit report.
Minor changes
  1. Group Adds were limited to 99 animals. Now it allows any number but will prompt to confirm if greater than 10.
Bug fixes
  1. Deleting a location did not delete all associated data in other tables like record entries, photos, water quality, etc.
  2. Deleting an enclosure record_entry did not delete the associated water quality of env conditions records.
  3. NHMLAC - Snake Log crashed if an entry was too long.
Cosmetic changes
  1. Centered the "Drag and drop" text better in the address book image import area.
  2. User is double-prompted before deleting an enclosure.
Maintenance/infrastructure changes

Version 3.10.8 - Apr 11, 2015
Major changes

  1. Added support for BPRC patient id format.
Minor changes
  1. The Patient list on the main screen is now filtered by the choice of Curator.
Bug fixes
  1. The Age would sometimes be displayed as a random number in the patient list.
Cosmetic changes
Maintenance/infrastructure changes

Version 3.10.7 - Apr 5, 2015
Major changes

  1. Added Weekly and Monthy recurring reminders. Reorganized the Add Reminder dialog. Can no longer edit multiple reminders at once.
  2. Added Group Add Photo function.
Minor changes
  1. The 90 day rehab report now works like the 180 day report.
  2. Added Curator filter to Last Weights Report.
  3. Address Book photo import function no longer forces the image to be a certain size.
Bug fixes
  1. Adding a new patient can hang the program if the last used patient id is out of sync with the actual patients.
  2. User could enter an invalid date of birth.
  3. App could crash when choosing a new curator to filter by on the main screen.
  4. The species was not displayed in the spreadsheet for Group Program log entries.
Cosmetic changes
  1. The 180 day rehab report email is formatted better.
Maintenance/infrastructure changes
  1. Rewrote and consolidated functionality for adding image attachments.

Version 3.10.6 - Mar 27, 2015
Major changes

Minor changes
  1. NHMLAC - Snake Log can now be filtered by animal name.
  2. NHMLAC - Snake Log will highlight animals that have been fed but not pooped.
  3. The Enclosure list will remember the expanded state of each item when Refreshed.
Bug fixes
  1. Group Add crashed - bug introduced in 3.10.5
Cosmetic changes
Maintenance/infrastructure changes

Version 3.10.5 - Mar 22, 2015
Major changes

  1. Added the ability to add a single jpg to each address book entry
  2. Can now store a date of birth and the age will be calculated automatically from the date. In Patient Info. - Update resident animal summary
  3. Can now use extended ASCII characters in record entries. This should support western non-English languages.
  4. Added the Client Manager
  5. Patient owner information can now be linked to an address book entry.
  6. NHMLAC - added the Snake Log function
  7. Added the Group Add Problem command.
Minor changes
  1. SWFH - Added the "Temporary patient" flag
  2. SWFH - Lab Request form is sent direclty to printer.
  3. PAWS - meds on the med list can be printed to separate sections for the Supervisor and for specific locations.
  4. Can measure snout to vent length for lizards and amphibians.
  5. Sample viewer displays patient name
  6. SWFH - All inpatients are printed together on the treatment sheets.
  7. Will auto-grab the upper left corner of an image with cropping in the image import window. This happens if user clicks within 10 pixels of the upper left corner.
  8. The old-style Group Entry functions are available again even if the Enclosure Entry interface is in use.
  9. Added QID for a choice in the medication editor.
  10. PAWS - Updated Vet Procedures report.
  11. PAWS - Added Proceduure time to Procedures log.
  12. Added the Record, delete and edit group entry functions to the Group Operations submenu when you right-click on a location.
  13. Willowbrook - added the IL ET Permit report Paperwork command.
Bug fixes
  1. Rx form was not generated correctly if a med was missing an until date.
  2. Increment Ages function and cold-intolerant animals report did not include COA animals.
  3. Search text is highlighted without inserting carriage returns.
  4. Enclosure Entry - append to individual animal charts did not work in cases where the use did not have the Species and Species group selections (i.e. WILLOWBROOK)
  5. Medication editor did not display the choices for route and frequency properly when editing meds and dosages.
  6. Check boxes in Group Operations dialog would sometimes double- click.
Cosmetic changes
  1. Removed Age from cold-intolerant animals report.
  2. The Search button is selected by default in the Search Dialog.
Maintenance/infrastructure changes
  1. The image import tool will now force the image width to a specified value. Added notation about cropping.

Version 3.10.4 - Mar 4, 2015
Major changes

Minor changes
  1. Added the "Open shared folder" command.
  2. The Backup Database command now simply opens the main Shared folder rather than each subfolder.
  3. Samples and tests use the date of the record entry by default, not today's date.
Bug fixes
  1. Don't allow illegal characters in the drug name for individual and enclosure treatments.
  2. Multiple Cage Entry command now only available for CRC
Cosmetic changes
  1. Changed wording about having to restart application when making maintenance changes to medications, etc.
Maintenance/infrastructure changes

Version 3.10.3 - Feb 28, 2015
Major changes

  1. Added the ability to record and chart water quality carbonate hardness, NH4, Fe, SiO2, CO2, and O2.
  2. NHMLAC - Water quality and env conditions records are auto-appended to the patient charts.
Minor changes
  1. Enclosure treatments for aquatic enclosures now include Sun, Mist, clean enclosure, etc.
  2. Added Other and Daily Other fields to the Enclosure treatment plan.
Bug fixes
    1, PHSS - TID treatments were printed in the BID section.
Cosmetic changes
Maintenance/infrastructure changes

Version 3.10.2 - Feb 21, 2015
Major changes

  1. Added the ability to track procedures and cost.
  2. PAWS - Added the Vet Procedures report.
Minor changes
  1. RaptorMed map now uses a DOUBLE click to save coordinates instead of a single click.
  2. "Recent special entries" report now shows entries for animals and enclosures.
  3. SWFH - removed "Papwerwork" funcions that were US-specific
Bug fixes
  1. NHMLAC - Changing veggie mix definition would require a restart before taking effect.
  2. NCAQ - Pasting text into the medical record entry form that has non-ASCII characters would result in a blank entry being inserted.
  3. Enclosure entries where not formatted to the proper width when auto-copied to the charts of the animals in the enclosure.
  4. Blood chemisry graph would hang if there were only a few samples separated by 1 day.
  5. SWFH - "Visits" was listed twice in Action Bar.
  6. COA - Days in Rehab calculation was incorrect.
Cosmetic changes
Maintenance/infrastructure changes

Version 3.10.1 - Feb 11, 2015
Major changes

  1. Redid the way the shared folder is mapped on systems that need to attach manually. Only one drive letter is mapped now and the config dialog appears when needed if not configured yet.
Minor changes
  1. The Group Program Log function can optionally split the number of people between each animal in the program.
  2. TuWC - resident animal meds will print on the Rehab med list.
  3. TuWC - can now specify the new entries will auto-fill with the RaptorMed login in the initials field.
  4. TuWC - uses letter codes for body condition scores.
Bug fixes
  1. Patient attributes were not ordered correctly by name, then date.
  2. The "Show visits" command was not available for when COA was enabled.
  3. LastWeightsReport did not include COA patients as an option.
  4. PAWS,TuWC - LastWeightsReport did not display the BCS letter codes
  5. The auto-inserted treatment plan text was not width-adjusted so it could make the main record area too wide.
Cosmetic changes
Maintenance/infrastructure changes

Version 3.10.0 - Feb 8, 2015
Major changes

  1. Can now specify multiple levels for state and federal species of concern. * PAWS - year end report fixed to only output threatened or endangered species * NCAQ - Endangered report now only output endangered species.
  2. Added new Low Temp field to the Env Conditions form.
  3. Added Group Enrichment/Training command.
  4. Added Group Program Log command.
  5. PBSS - Custom treatment sheets
  6. Can now add any number of custom attributes to a patient.
Minor changes
  1. BRRC - added found province/state to Patient Summary Report.
  2. PAWS - Added the Success Rate Report.
  3. Removed options in medical record entry form that were not applicable to invertebrates like CBC, PT, etc.
  4. Husbandry notes are displayed on the patient screen when Zoo functions are enabled.
  5. Added the Name column to the group operations spreadsheet.
  6. The Taxonomy category values can now be edited in the List Choices Editor.
  7. For COA animals, the Presenter Info is now used for the Owner rather than the Found info.
  8. PAWS - Added the Listed Species report and it uses the new Patient Attributes to store when the admissions were reported to USFWS and WA.
Bug fixes
  1. NHMLAC - Resident flag was not automatically set when a new animal was added.
  2. PAWS - Domestics were included in the Daily Ledger year-end report.
  3. Could not graph numerical data (weights, etc) for COA animals.
  4. USFWS Education permit printed the wrong permit number.
  5. BRRC - garbage characters sometimes exported in Patient Summary report
  6. NCAQ - The SECP report was hardcoded to 2014
  7. Enclosure medication editor was not enabled whenever the Enclosure log was enabled.
  8. Location list columns were not resized correctly when the main window was resized.
Cosmetic changes
  1. Lead graph Y-axis increment value was not always correct for various values of Y-Max.
  2. Enrichment -> Enrichment/Training
  3. Exported patient record uses a stylesheet so it looks a little better than before.
Maintenance/infrastructure changes
  1. Widened Species Group field

Version 3.9.9 - Jan 24, 2015
Major changes

Minor changes
  1. NHMLAC - added back DOA and D24
  2. Program Usage report now sorts by name and does NOT include Display animals.
  3. Can optionally turn off the auto-prefill in the time field when making record entries. This forces the user to enter a time.
  4. Added "clipboard" option for sending emails.
Bug fixes
  1. Release form did not display correctly ( the image was in the wrong place) when running in "Simplified" mode.
  2. Weight Trends Graph - Y increment value too small for large ranges (>= 10,000 grams)
  3. WVRRC and CFRC - Treatment sheet printout did not properly handle a mix of rehab, active COA and "in rehab" residents.
  4. Could not filter and view only special entries in the Enclosure log.
  5. Extra text displayed at bottom of Enclosure Log sometimes.
Cosmetic changes
Maintenance/infrastructure changes

Version 3.9.8 - Jan 22, 2015
Major changes

Minor changes
  1. In the Dosage Editor, NA will be specified for the first and last entry in an auto-genereated "closest match" weight range.
  2. BRRC - updated the Patient Summary Report.
Bug fixes
  1. The Dosage Editor dialog only displayed 20 entries for a "closest match" dosagel. Increased max to 50.
Cosmetic changes
Maintenance/infrastructure changes

Version 3.9.7 - Jan 19, 2015
Major changes

Minor changes
  1. NHMLAC - removed EOA,E24,DOA,D24 from the status list.
  2. In the species editor, the http:// prefix is automatically removed from the info page URL.
  3. The curator settings is saved whenever it changes in the main filter area. It is then used later when printing daily sheets.
  4. In the Dosage Editor, NA will be specified for the first and last entry in an auto-genereated "closest match" weight range.
  5. BRRC - updated the Patient Summary Report.
Bug fixes
  1. Medical record templates were save to the wrong place (not to the global resources folder).
  2. The Dosage Editor dialog only displayed 20 entries for a "closest match" dosagel. Increased max to 50.
Cosmetic changes
  1. NHMLAC - made check box tree wider in the Print Treatment Sheet dialog.
  2. The area text and legend text in the Multi-level site viewer were sometimes overlapped.
  3. Handler Training Log: "bird" -> "animal"
  4. Changed the Y-axis range on the Leftovers graph when the values are very small.
Maintenance/infrastructure changes
  1. Transporter map templates are now pulled from the Global Resources folder.

Version 3.9.6 - Jan 16, 2015
Major changes

Minor changes
  1. NHMLAC - initial status after addition is PR
Bug fixes
Cosmetic changes
Maintenance/infrastructure changes

Version 3.9.5 - Jan 15, 2015
Major changes

Minor changes
  1. CFRC and WVRRC - treatment sheets can now handle COA animals.
Bug fixes
  1. Cost Estimator displayed -1 for the days in rehab for a COA animal.
  2. Program Usage report did not include all animals that it should have.
  3. USFWS Rehab report - Part A did not include carryovers that were finalized. It only looked at birds still in rehab.
Cosmetic changes
  1. Widened the Cost Estimator dialog
Maintenance/infrastructure changes

Version 3.9.4 - Jan 13, 2015
Major changes

Minor changes
  1. The function to click to cut the lat/lon from the Google Map to the clipboard now works on Chrome.
  2. NCAQ - Active patient list only prints UNresolved problems.
  3. If a problem resolved date is set, the problem is automatically set to resolved.
  4. The route and frequency in the Dosage Editor can now be selected from a list instead of typing manually.
Bug fixes
  1. Section A of USFWS rehab report was including birds no only just from years prior to the report year.
Cosmetic changes
Maintenance/infrastructure changes
  1. Transport map template files are now in the global resources folder

Version 3.9.3 - Jan 11, 2015
Major changes

Minor changes
  1. NHMLAC - can now define abbreviation for VEGGIE_MIX special diet that is auto-expanded into the chart.
Bug fixes
  1. Can now optionally NOT output the 'from' field in the Active Patient list email messages as Outlook sometimes does not like this.
Cosmetic changes
Maintenance/infrastructure changes

Version 3.9.2 - Jan 7, 2015
Major changes

Minor changes
  1. TuWC - print meds for Active patients on Vet list and meds list.
  2. The "Save password" setting on the login screen is now remembered.
Bug fixes
Cosmetic changes
  1. "No weight informaton" -> "information" on daily sheets
Maintenance/infrastructure changes

Version 3.9.1 - Jan 6, 2015
Major changes

  1. Added NC Educational permit report.
  2. Update for new 2014
    USFWS rehab report.
  3. In Medication Editor Dosage drug names and forms are now selected from a list automatically generated from the available treatment options Also, when dosages are added, they are added to the TOP (not the bottom) of the dosage list for the selected species group. This makes them easier to notice.
Minor changes
  1. USFWS Education reports did not print the Transferred from information correctly.
  2. NHMLAC - Can now print the maintenance and invert care sheets.
  3. BRRC - addded the patient yearly summary report.
  4. Added "Release where found" link on the Release form.
Bug fixes
  1. Update Census command failed if a species common name had an apostrophe.
  2. Can now optionally NOT output the 'from' field in email messages as Outlook sometimes does not like this.
  3. Improper number of animal charts reported to be updated during an Enclosure log entry if the user chooses to only update a specific species or species group.
  4. Acquired from data not always displayed properly on the USFWS possession reports.
Cosmetic changes
  1. USFWS non-eagle education report had the wrong title.
  2. Don't prompt to save queries in the Query Tool as it was more confusing than it was worth.
Maintenance/infrastructure changes
  1. Removed the Treatment choices pane in Preferences since it is no longer needed.

Version 3.9.0 - Jan 1, 2015
Major changes

  1. Added the ability to lock a record to prevent future changes.
  2. Can now record and graph enclosure environmental conditions.
Minor changes
  1. Added "Put meds in food" checkbox on treatment plan in the feeding section.
  2. Text Templates - can now insert the FIRST WEIGHT and the FOUND LOCATION now includes the address and city.
  3. TuWC - reminders are added for all raptor admissions.
  4. Can now specify a different diet for each day of the week in the enclosure treatment plan.
  5. Enclosure treatment - added Mist, Check moisture and Sun as options.
  6. Enabled the Donation report for all clients. PAWS - renamed to simply "Donation report" and moved up in menu.
  7. Added NumberOfPeople to the Program log.
  8. TuWC - added "cross Street" field to patient record.
Bug fixes
  1. Only the first 4 enclosure treatments food selections were used. The last one was ignored
  2. The Greater than 180 day report did not resize correctly.
  3. If a special entry was made for an enclosure, the auto-entries for the animals in the enclosure were not marked as special.
Cosmetic changes
  1. Moved "Delete patient" and "Clear patient treatment" to a Maintenance sub-menu.
  2. TuWC - added Leftovers column to feeding sheets.
  3. The large edit fields in the cytology, endoscopy, enrichment and surgery forms now used the Preferences background color.
Maintenance/infrastructure changes
  1. Moved the Medical Record Insert template and Email template files to the global resources folder.

Version 3.8.9 - Dec 20, 2014
Major changes

  1. Can view only special entries if requested in the Enclosure log.
Minor changes
  1. Water chemistry values are displayed to 2 decimals (or 3 for Percent Abs).
Bug fixes
  1. Group Set Patient Info would crash if Expected Release Date was blank.
  2. Group Set Patient Info would not allow any fields to be edited.
  3. Ok/Cancel buttons on Location dialog not visible on some screens.
  4. Cage maintenance/cleaning was not save properly when done from a right-click in the cage list.
Cosmetic changes
Maintenance/infrastructure changes

Version 3.8.8 - Dec 15, 2014
Major changes

  1. Increased the speed that an Enclosure chart opens when there are many water quality records.
Minor changes
  1. Added the USFWS Education/Possession report.
Bug fixes
  1. Either the organization OR the contact name is used in the New Patient and Finder info dialogs when filling in the "Where found/collected" fields from the address book. The org name is used preferentially if it is specified.
  2. PAWS - "Mark as Sent" in the Disposition Letter function actually tries to send an email message when it should skip this.

Version 3.8.7 - Dec 14, 2014
Major changes

  1. Modified PAWS treatment sheets to handle TuWC.
  2. NHMLAC - Added the Recent Special Entry report.
  3. Added the Recent Special Entry report.
Minor changes
  1. The Age increment function can now handle ages like 2 or 2+.
  2. Enclosure Maint Report now allows the curator to be selected.
  3. Enabled food intake and leftovers graph for all zoo organizations.
Bug fixes
  1. NCAQ - SECP report did not exclude animals that were from internal propagation
  2. NCAQ - Interim HMS Report did not exclude animals that were from internal propagation or animals that had the Presenter Name filled in.
  3. AZ Educational Animal permit report did not properly fill the animal list.
  4. The default font size for printouts was not set properly.
Cosmetic changes
  1. Made Summary Popup window and Year End Report chooser tree wider - problems on Willowbrook screens.
  2. Historical data viewer now uses multiple rows of tabs so all tabs are visible.
  3. CRC - treatment sheets display the time of day in each section header.
Maintenance/infrastructure changes
  1. ListChooserDialog now sets width based on strings in list.

Version 3.8.6 - Dec 6, 2014
Major changes

  1. New options on treatment sheet for Calcium "what" field, Check/change water, Sun, Bath, and Clean enclosure.
Minor changes
  1. Enclosure entry "Insert patient list" command now includes the animals name if specified.
  2. Reorganized the Inventory Manager re-order list.
  3. Enclosure treatment plan: Added Daily water change and "Daily clean enclosure" Medications, scheduled water changes and water chemisties are now only available for aquatic systems.
Bug fixes
  1. Could not enter a patient name longer than 15 characters.
  2. The auto line feed feature in the record entry accidentally left an extra space after the line feed.
  3. NCAQ - curator not displayed properly on daily sheets if not specified.
  4. UseCommonNames settings was ignored when filling the species in the main location list.
  5. Special/Vet Enclosure record entries were not highlighted.
  6. Enclosure entries that were specified to be appended to animals also in another enclosure were not appended.
Cosmetic changes
  1. Removed some of the extra space at the top of each record entry.
Maintenance/infrastructure changes

Version 3.8.5 - Dec 2, 2014
Major changes

Minor changes
  1. Added more options on Release dialog for "How sexed" and "How aged"
  2. Bandit report will now export status code 500.
  3. Bandit report now allows the age codes for Local to be configured.
  4. Added field for Band number in Advanced Search
  5. NCAQ - Finished the SECP report.
  6. The height of the site map is configurable in the Location Editor dialog.
Bug fixes
Cosmetic changes
  1. Species group fields wider in the Species editor.
  2. Patient id is displayed in a larger font on the main patient screen.
Maintenance/infrastructure changes
  1. Added the "Zoo" flag to enable or disable various zoo-related functions.
  2. Widened the Patient.Name field.

Version 3.8.4 - Nov 23, 2014
Major changes

  1. Added the inventory manager
Minor changes
  1. NCAQ - The enclosure maintenance report now allows the user to filter by curator.
  2. UpdateCensus command allows the effective date and time to be specified.
  3. NCAQ - SECP report can now use an exclusion list to pare down what is reported. Also excludes invertebrates.
  4. NCAQ - Update Census will now autoset the finder information to a pre-specified address book entry. This is to facilitate animals that are born on-site.
Bug fixes
  1. EditListChoices - could not enter a problem beyond 20 characters in length.
  2. Individual treatment dates were not saved for meds in the ENCLOSURE treatment plan.
Cosmetic changes
  1. Medical and enclosure record entries display now uses
       a monospace font
  2. The medical entry form now auto wraps all line entries to 80 characters. This is for formatting purposes.
  3. EditListChoices - made the Add edit field wider.
  4. Cleaned and disinfected dates are displayed in Enclosure Log window and now those dates are also displayed for non-aquatic enclosures.
  5. Water quality - pH is displayed to 2 decimal places and percent Abs to 3 decimal places
  6. Changed "Under quarrentine" to "Under treatment"
  7. NCAQ - "City" -> "City/Body of water" in the Address Book entry editor.
  8. NCAQ - "Collected from" information is displayed better
  9. NCAQ - Finder Info - "Name" change to "Name of site"
Maintenance/infrastructure changes
  1. CreateRecordEntry() defaults AmountFed to -1.
  2. Widened Patient.found_name and presenter_name.

Version 3.8.3 - Nov 13, 2014
Major changes

  1. NCAQ - Added the SECP Report.
  2. Added the ability to graph chemistry panels.
  3. Added the ability to track patients that need status update letters sent and can now automatically send those letters.
Minor changes
  1. Sample test results are no longer truncated when dispalyed in patient main screen.
  2. TuWC - finished AZ year-end report.
  3. SWFH - Prescription printout now uses Organization logo
  4. SWFH - Added the Lab Request printout.
  5. NCAQ - All active patients are listed on vet list - not just those with status PR or Reh.
  6. NCAQ - Added the View Options dialog so user can view only veterinary medical entries if desired.
  7. Added Amylase to basic mammal chemistry panel.
  8. Added "Add" button to Reminder Viewer for individual patients and locations.
  9. When the treatment plan for an individual is changed, this can be optionally inserted as a new record entry.
  10. NCAQ - Added the Goto Vet Visit entry command.
Bug fixes
  1. Removed avian-only options from the Medical Record Entry form for non-avian species.
  2. Willowbrook - reminders for locations were not printed under the "Stuff for today" area on the daily sheets.
  3. NCAQ - check boxes hard to check on HMS Interim Report
  4. Willowbrook - past until date medications were printed and also displayed with the Record Treatment Plan command.
  5. Willowbrook - check boxes should NOT have been printed with the Record Treatment Plan command.
  6. SendActivePatientList function did not have the correct email addresses specified.
  7. SWFH - Removed the Historical Patient Count report since it didn't make sense for primarily COA animals.
Cosmetic changes
  1. User is prompted to restart the app if they change the font size in the preferences.
Maintenance/infrastructure changes
  1. GraphViewer can now graph with area under the curve filled in.
  2. Temp html and eml files are now delete when app starts.

Version 3.8.2 - Oct 28, 2014
Major changes

  1. Chemistry panel analytes can now be configured based on the species group.
  2. Can now mark enclosure record entries with special/vet checkbox.
  3. Enclosures/systems can be marked as having a "Pending issue".
  4. NCAQ - Added the Colletion Site Report/Google Map.
Minor changes
  1. TuWC - finished AZ permits
  2. Cytology form - the location can now be chosen from a list of choices and the diagnoses can also be picked from the problem list.
  3. NCAQ - print systems with "Pending issues" on vet list.
Bug fixes
  1. Auto-expand in the location list did not work.
  2. UofI - App crashed when trying to load a PCV record. I think it wasn't checking for NULL values.
  3. Bug fix - if you entered more than 16 characters for the initials in a record entry, this could cause unexpected bugs and crashes.
  4. In the cage list, the last column for admission date is no longer resizeable. This tends to help keep the first column from getting to narrow accidentally.
Cosmetic changes
Maintenance/infrastructure changes
  1. Year/Month picker now allows you to pick next year.

Version 3.8.1 - Oct 19, 2014
Major changes

Minor changes
  1. TuWC - can now generate the yearly AZ permit applications.
Bug fixes
  1. Removed an extra "microchip" text label after the Admitted by edit field on the Patient Info form.
  2. NCAQ - the patient summary was printed twice on the vet list if there was no record entry marked as a "vet visit".
  3. When enclosure record entries were auto-copied to the patient charts, carriage returns were not formatted correctly.
Cosmetic changes
Maintenance/infrastructure changes

Version 3.8.0 - Oct 18, 2014
Major changes

  1. NCAQ - Added the ability to track and graph total daily food intake.
Minor changes
  1. NCAQ - Removed the animal census numbers from the Curator Summary Report.
  2. NCAQ - Show census now displays the # of species and # of animals.
  3. NCAQ - Can now mark an entry as a "Vet" entry and this will display on the vet list printout.
  4. Rodenticide poisoning is now automatically reported on the USFWS year-end report.
  5. Added the Foster Parent patient check box.
  6. TuWC - added the Arizona year-end report.
Bug fixes
  1. Releasing a band return resulted in a "Band already in use" error.
  2. Checking the check boxes in the lists in the Group Operations dialogs was difficult.
  3. PAWS - the feeding time checkboxes were incorrect on the feeding sheets.
Cosmetic changes
  1. Changed "Leftovers" to "Food intake"
  2. PAWS - reworded the "Missing feeding plan" text on the daily feeding sheets.
Maintenance/infrastructure changes
  1. GraphViewer can now do bar graphs.

Version 3.7.9 - Oct 5, 2014
Major changes

  1. Can now specify which treatment options are available for each main species group.
  2. Significant improvement in the time it takes to fill the location list.
  3. NCAQ - added the ability to make Enclosure entries for more than one location at once.
Minor changes
  1. Snapshot popup now displays three years instead of two.
  2. NCAQ - Enclosure log entries can now be made for specific species groups.
  3. NCAQ - Added the Curator Summary Report.
  4. Scientific name displayed on the main patient form.
  5. NCAQ - Changed Active patient daily sheet to "Vet list". It now also prints out all reminders with category = "Vet"
  6. Increased the size of the Patient.collection_info field.
  7. Can now measure and record water chloroquine levels.
  8. Changed copper sulfate calculator to a more generic chemical titration calculator and added chloroquine to the list of drugs.
  9. NCAQ - HMS Intermin report now ignores animals not wild caught. This is indicated by the Transferred From Organization field.
  10. NCAQ - Print name AND patient id on daily sheets.
  11. NCAQ - Changed name of "Group Add" to "Acquisition Sheet"
  12. NCAQ - Replaced Add New Patient with Group Add.
  13. NCAQ - Added Species Editor to main Edit menu.
  14. NCAQ - Display HMS and endangered status on the main patient screen.
  15. Can now enter the date in the Group Operations dialog.
  16. Added the "Save to address book" command in the New Patient and Finder info dialogs.
  17. Added "Fisherman" as an address book entry type.
  18. NCAQ - Vet list daily sheet now shows the scientific name and the date of the last weight.
Bug fixes
  1. Sending emails with Outlook didn't work - the Send button was disabled.
  2. The medical record search dialog would allow the user to search for more occurences of the string than were found.
  3. Band/tag number that were longer than 16 characters were truncated.
  4. Added "Zoo/aviary/aquarium" to choice list in address book list.
  5. NCAQ - HMS Intermin report was only including animals with status = PR. Should include all.
  6. NCAQ - UpdateCensus command did not work if the new count is greater than the old cound and the disposition was left blank
Cosmetic changes
  1. Show busy cursor when No Leftovers report is running.
  2. Address book - changed "zoo/aviary" to "zoo/aviary/aquarium"
  3. "Presented by" -> "Presented by/transferred from" in the New Patient and Finder Info dialogs.
  4. Reorganized the Water Quality data entry dialog into two columns.
  5. Print Treatment Sheets - "Ok" button changed to "Done".
  6. NCAQ - Changed "Microchip" to "PIT Tag"
Maintenance/infrastructure changes

Version 3.7.8 - Sep 21, 2014
Major changes

Minor changes
  1. NCAQ - Added the Send Active Patient Email function.
Bug fixes
  1. Multiple band reports were not connected properly on the Google map.
Cosmetic changes
Maintenance/infrastructure changes
  1. Moved Band Report template files to global resources folder

Version 3.7.7 - Sep 20, 2014
Major changes

  1. SWFH - Added the Goto Visit function.
  2. SWFH - Added support for special chemistry panel.
Minor changes
  1. Cost Estimator can now be disabled or enabled.
  2. Added the No Leftovers Report
  3. SWFH - Custom daily treatment sheets.
  4. NCAQ - Enclosure log entries can now be made for specific species.
  5. Added crop swab/flush to treatment sheet.
Bug fixes
  1. PAWS - the WA state reports would crash if a patient had a long band number value.
  2. Bug fix - Band/tag would be displayed twice if no microchip value specified.
Cosmetic changes
  1. Removed Help buttons from Sample dialogs.
Maintenance/infrastructure changes
  1. Chemistry panel interface is now easily-expandable.

Version 3.7.6 - Sep 9, 2014
Minor changes

  1. Added the "Quarantine" checkbox for locations/enclosures Quarantine locations are highlighted on the Site Viewer.
  2. Added Euthanize as an option in the Update Census command.
Bug fixes
  1. The Ok buttons were not in the correct place on the Patient Info dialog for CRC.

Version 3.7.5 - Sep 6, 2014
Major changes

  1. SWFH - Added the Print Prescription command
  2. Added RBC indices to CBC form.
Minor changes
  1. Can now enter weights as a total - tare. The program will do the math automatically.
  2. Last Weights Report now displays the last BCS and initials of the person who made the entry.
  3. Added the Summary Popup screen.
  4. Added 'Microchip' field
Bug fixes
  1. Text templates would have extra blank lines added incorrectly
  2. Treatment Selection changes were not saved properly.
Cosmetic changes
  1. Made the Patient Table Viewer window smaller.
Maintenance/infrastructure changes
  1. CXMLParser now opens files in text translated mode, not binary
  2. The Patient Popup screen was re-implemented

Version 3.7.4 - Aug 26, 2014
Major changes

  1. Added ability to track Enrichment
Minor changes
  1. CFRC - added support for patient id format.
Cosmetic changes
  1. Some
Minor changes
    to the Handler Training printouts.

Version 3.7.3 - Aug 16, 2014
Major changes

  1. Added ability to track Advanced Imagery

Version 3.7.2 - Aug 11, 2014
Minor changes

  1. BRWI - No longer print the patient info like problems, weight hisory etc on the daily shift sheets.

Version 3.7.1 - Aug 9, 2014
Major changes

  1. Added the "Client-owned animal" report
  2. Added the "Synchronize bands" function
  3. SWFH - Began daily treatment sheets.
  4. BRWI - changed the way treatment sheets are printed. Residents are printed separately Patient id's are no longer printed in a long list (in order to save space). Blank or missing treatments where not flagged properly.
Minor changes
  1. Can now specify up to 10 individual dates for meds on the treatment plan.
Bug fixes
  1. Group Operations dialogs now have the proper number of rows in the data entry spreadsheet. It was previously set to an arbitrary limit.
  2. Was still trying to load AddressBook.png even though it is no longer needed.
  3. Program dialog still used the AddressBook.png file.
Cosmetic changes
Maintenance/infrastructure changes
  1. Removed AddressBook.png

Version 3.7.0 - July 28, 2014
Major changes

  1. Added new customer-owned animal (COA) status for animals that a periodic patients in a clinic setting.
Minor changes
  1. Country is now selected from a drop list instead of an edit field.
  2. Can optionally prompt the user to specify the age and sex when a medical record entry is made.
  3. Can now specify the country in the CityLookups.xml file. This will allow the country field to prefilled when a city is selected.
  4. The State field can be turned on or off in all address forms.
Bug fixes
  1. PAWS - Meds List shouldn't display individual treatment dates for meds.
  2. WWC - Bug fix - individual med dates in the past should NOT be printed.
  3. The address fields weren't automatically filled in when a city was selected from the list.
  4. Decreased the internal width of the patient.notes field to avoid potential overflow bug.
Cosmetic changes
  1. Replaced all address book lookup buttons with text links.
  2. PAWS - Reformatted the column widths a better so the frequency checkboxes have more room.
  3. All fields (district, city, state, county, country) were not always displayed on the main patient screen.
Maintenance/infrastructure changes
  1. Moved CityLookups.xml to global resources folder

Version 3.6.6 - July 21, 2014

  • PAWS - added the Group Print Admission Receipts function.
  • Bug fix - Visual Style SaveAs function in Graph Wizard did not save the file.

    Version 3.6.5 - July 15, 2014

  • Checkboxes on the PE form can now use a separate "label" attribute.

    Version 3.6.4 - July 13, 2014

  • PAWS - can now filter by native/non-native/domestic in the main list.
  • Can now have check boxes on the physical exam form.
  • Improved full text search in patient charts.
  • Reworked the Graph Wizard interface. No uses tabs and switched from ColorSchemes to Visual Styles
  • Bug fix - the axis number labels were not drawn in selected color in the Graph Wizard.

    Version 3.6.3 - June 25, 2014

  • Can now send emails via the user's email client instead of using sendmail.
  • The age and sex fields are now mandatory.
  • Reorganized address book editor using a tabbed interface.
  • Added the "Copy to clipboard" command in the address book.
  • PAWS - added the "Reason for Euth" column to Group -> Set properties.
  • "NO PROBLEMS RECORDED" displayed if no problems are specified.

    Version 3.6.2 - June 15, 2014

  • Increased max number of levels in site viewer
  • If a weight is set in a biometric record, the record it in the record entry as well so it will be graphed.
  • Can specify the time for Group Operations.
  • Modifications to support NCAQ Roanoke Island.
  • Cosmetic - "Feed in cage" -> "Food" on treatment sheet.
  • Only users with Maintenance privileges can view the AddressBook Date Of Birth field.
  • Phone numbers can be validated in the AddressBook if this feature is turned on.
  • Bug fix - AddressBook list was not sorted properly.
  • The year in all date fields is now checked for validity (4 digits).
  • All date fields on the Treatment sheet are now checked.
  • WWC - Can print the dates for meds that are given on specific dates. NOTE: the dates for scheduled procedures like PT, bandage change etc. are not printed yet.
  • WVRRC - rehab patients were not ordered properly by cage name.

    Version 3.6.1 - May 22, 2014

  • Added the "On display" checkbox
  • Can enter dates in mm-dd-ccyy format. Can use - or / for separator.
  • Added the Program Log function.
  • Don't display Total Length in Biometrics for turtles.
  • Resident Animal Summary - changed column headings to grey.
  • Added the Admissions Report.
  • Eagle Exhibition Report now auto-fills number of programs and days on display.
  • Release form checks it a band is already in use.
  • Group Set Properties Now resizeable. Columns are resizable Added the weight column Added the Select All command Bug fix - Age and AgeIn were not set equal when one is set and the other is left as UNK.
  • PAWS - location changes are automatically logged in the chart.
  • Added the Endangered Species Report.
  • Bug fix - Duplicate id numbers created when New Patient and Group add are done at the same time.
  • Bug fix - Group Add did not flag error when invalid number of animals to add.

    Version 3.6.0 - May 4, 2014

  • Added the MultiLevelSiteViewer
  • Eagle possession report includes the name and species common name.
  • Added the "Select X rows" command in the group operations dialog.
  • NCAQ - Sea Turtle Report
  • NCAQ - Reptile Report
  • NCAQ - Amphibian Report
  • NCAQ - Endangered species Report
  • Moved Species editor from Preferences to Maintenance menu.
  • Bug fix - Enclosure medication editor was only enabled for NCAQ.
  • Bug fix - Biometric records would sometimes display with garbage in fields that were not appropriate for the species group. (example: BAEA 17625).
  • Widened 'City' fields on New Patient, Finder Info dialogs and Address Book dialogs.
  • Can now edit the Problem list from the Physical Exam form.
  • Bug fix - the Enclosure description area was not immediately updated when Enclosure info was edited.
  • Bug fix - species group not set properly in the New Paient Dialog if the first species in the list is used without actually selecting it.
  • Bug fix - dosage editor did not work if there were multiple entries with the same drug name.
  • Bug fix - The dosage editor would allow entry invalid drug names (with spaces and double quotes)
  • Bug fix - the NCAQ habitat census report tallies where incorrect.

    Version 3.5.29 - April 22, 2014

  • Began work on MultiLevelSiteViewer - commented out for now.
  • Moved Goto list over in filter panel when Curator list is not displayed.
  • Site Viewer - single click now opens enclosure log. Contrl click displays the informational popup.
  • Auto-expand location list now defaults to TRUE
  • Copper sulfate command only available for NCAQ.

    Version 3.5.28 - April 19, 2014

  • Bug fix - don't display "Water" field in Enclosure window for non-aquatic enclosures.
  • Cosmetic change - Days in rehab -> Days
  • Bug fix - Group transfer did not set status to T if the final date was already set for some reason.
  • Increased number of rows in Group Operations grid to 250.
  • NCAQ - Finished the Animal Transfer Agreement
  • Reorganized the cage card menu choices into sub-menu.
  • Added the Print Cage Sheet command to the patient Action Bar.
  • Willowbrook - added the CBCM query as permanent report.
  • Added support for exact Bandit locations in addition to the standard 10 minute window. Failure to load a Bandit location file is no longer a fatal error.
  • Added "Insert animal list" command to Enclosure Log Entry dialog.
  • Group operations - made columns wider and it will use the specie common name if available.
  • Phone number format can now be optionally checked in the New Patient and Finder Info dialogs.
  • Switch donation field to a floating point field. This allowed the field to be formatted properly. This affects the PAWS donation report and the Admission receipt.
  • Control clicking in the Site Viewer opens the Enclosure log.
  • Willowbrook - made the CBCM report a built-in report and now it includes the problems.
  • NCAQ - census reports now separate out the numbers by sex.
  • Changes "Water quaility" to "Water chemistry".

    Version 3.5.27 - April 6, 2014

  • Bug fix - somehow, "Vet" was dropped from the list of choices for the address book entry type.
  • In Enclosure log - "Append to patient chart" is NOT checked by default.
  • In Enclousre log - don't create patient record entries if the enclosure record text area is blank.
  • "Group entry: X animals" is prepended to all enclosure entries.
  • Added the "Aggressive/dangerous" checkbox.
  • The cage list is now an expandable tree list. Can auto-expand as an option. Removed some unused columns and added the "Sex" column. Under construction and empty locations are no longer highlighted.
  • Bug fix - can't use the X button the cancel from the Edit Group Tx dialog.
  • NCAQ - Can now filter the main location list by curator/aquarist.
  • NCAQ - can print feeding sheets for specific curators.
  • NCAQ - Added the Show Enclosure Census right click command.
  • Reogranized the Reports menu. It was getting too long.
  • Can double click on an enclosure to display the enclosure log.
  • Enclosure food can be specifed for various days of the week.
  • Added the "Exhibit" checkbox for locations.
  • NCAQ - Added the Exhibit Habitat census report
  • Enclosure log can now be turned on and off from the settings table.
  • Generic reports can not use "SmartFirstColumn" feature for a more clean, cosmetic appearance.
  • Added the Update Census command.
  • Added the Copper sulfate command. 20. Water quality records now store the date AND time. 2
  • Added the HMS Interim/Empty report. Combined with the normal HMS Interim report and moved to Reports main menu. 2
  • Rearranged the cage card printer right click commands into a submenu. 2
  • Added the Aquarist census report and the single location census report. 2
  • Added the Eagle Exhibition report. 2
  • Added the Resident Patient flag check box to support the eagle exhibition report. 2
  • NCAQ - started the Animal Transfer Agreement - commented out 2
  • During a Group Add, any donaations are only applied to the first animal in the group. 2
  • WVRRC - created custom treatment sheets.

    Version 3.5.26 - March 26, 2014

  • Bug fix - program crashed in the Enclosure Treatment editor if the volume was very large (buffer overflow - Cape Fear Shoals).
  • Bug fix - buffer overflow in SQL buffer for query that fills the main list.
  • Bug fix - Get Species Info page was broken if using common names.
  • Gracefully handle when the treatemnt/dosage files are not accessible.
  • Group operations - the checkboxes are now unchecked by default and there is now a "Check all" link.
  • Bug fix - crashed in Group Operations on locations with a long name.

    Version 3.5.25 - March 22, 2014

  • Adjusted the vertical axis increment value on weight chart for larger animals.

    Version 3.5.24 - March 19, 2014

  • Bug fix - Address book should not require that the date of birth field be filled in.
  • Bug fix - The new Procedures report did not prompt for a date range.
  • Bug fix - animals would be displayed more than once if there were multiple entries for their species in the species table.
  • When a location is selected on the Site Viewer, a indicator icon is drawn.

    Version 3.5.23 - March 16, 2014

  • Bug fix - HMS Interim report could not print choices for the Gear Used if it was too long.
  • Bug fix - Create Collection Plan dialog had the wrong title.
  • Added the procedures report.
  • Bug fix - NCAQ daily sheets - Enclosure treatments were printed twice and the NR Chemotherapeutic messsage was printed when it shouldn't have been.
  • Bug fix - Export to Google Map crashed if there were some fields that were blank.
  • Bug fix - AppendToPatientRecord checkbox should be disabled if editing an enclosure record entry.
  • Implemented the "Edit enclosure properties" command.
  • Bug fix - if the location name was changed, the location of all animals in that location was not always updated.
  • Can now optionally use species common names in the patient and cage lists on the main screen.

    Version 3.5.22 - March 1, 2014

  • PAWS - Bands in the Temporary Band Manager are now sorted.
  • PAWS - When a patient is finalized, it's temporary band is automatically released back to the pool. This works for Set Patient Info, Finalize Patient, and Group -> Set Patient Info.
  • Bug fix - exported the wrong column heading for the band date in the Bandit export file.
  • Rearranged the Enclosure Dialog to show enclosure information at the top.
  • Changed "Cage cleaning" report to "Enclosure cleaning/manintenance"
  • Added ability to record tank flow rates and last carbon filter change, last algae treatment date and the last sterilization.
  • Biometrics are now stored based on the species group.
  • HMS report incorporates the biometric measurements.
  • Cosmetic fix - the new location filter list caused some visual problems.
  • Presenter organization is now printed on the admission receipt.
  • Added the "Add dosage for medication" button in the Enclosure Medication Editor.
  • Increased max buffer size for queries that can be run in the Query Tool.
  • Added the "Goto location" right-click command from the patient list.
  • Can optionally auto-set cause of injury to "Unknown" if not set.
  • Added the "Goto location" drop list.
  • Size of site viewer map is now configurable.
  • EditListChoices - editing an item does not refill the whole list. This makes editing much easier.
  • Added the SiteViewer to the Location dialog so that choosing coordinates is much easier.
  • SiteViewer - changed "patients" to "animals"

    Version 3.5.21 - Feb 16, 2014

  • Added collection surface water temp.
  • Bug fix - The dosage editor did not work for simple cases like at CRC where speccies groups are not used so I removed this as an option.
  • Decreased width of new Location list in the main screen filter.
  • Bug fix - medical record templates were not marked as dirty in the editor when the new "UsedForXYXEntries" attributes were automatically set by the editor. Therefore, the check box settings were not saved.
  • Widened species selector dialog.
  • Finished first cut of HMS annual report.
  • Finished Enclosure Medication Editor.
  • Disable the buttons on the Backup Wizard after they are pressed to prevent them from being pressed more than once.
  • Can now intialize Reminder Viewer to show reminders for a specific location.
  • Bug fix - Historical patient count Y axis was not drawn correctly for large collections.
  • Water quality - no specified range means to NOT display the chemical. A range of 0 0 means to display the chemical without a normal range band.
  • Fixed Monthly Report - cosmetic fixes.
  • NCAQ - Added Scientific Collection Notification report.

    Version 3.5.20 - Feb 9, 2014

  • Added collection info, method and depth to finder info.
  • Added the collection details dialog.
  • NCAQ - "Address" -> "Address/Location" and "City" -> "City/Body of water"
  • NCAQ - Status = 'PR' when new animals added.
  • Bug fix - the lat/lon was not filled in in the New Patient dialog when an address was chosen from the address book.
  • Added Location to the filter options on the main screen
  • Can now record enclosure treatments.
  • NCAQ - Finish habitat census reports.
  • Moved enclosure medication template files to the global Resources folder.
  • Added the HMS check box to the Species dialog.
  • Bug fix - Release Export crashed when the lat/lon for a patient was not specified.
  • Moved TreatmentChoices.xml, TreatmentSelections.xml and Dosages.xml to the global resources folder.
  • Group treatment - Insert Patient List command now includes the age and sex.
  • WA state report - the Daily Ledger is now produced in HTML and tab delimited text file formats.

    Version 3.5.19 - Jan 29, 2014

  • Can now store water change percentage for aquatic enclosures.
  • Changed right click menu command from "Marked cage as cleaned" to "Cleaning and watering"
  • Can now enter water change percentages in Cleaning and Watering.
  • Can now enter Cleaning and watering records in Enclosure log.
  • In the water quality editor, edit fields are not displayed for parameters that don't have a range set.
  • FinalizePatient now checks that the final date is not before the admission date.

    Version 3.5.18 - Jan 27, 2014

  • Bug fix - The save command forced user to enter a new name when saving an existing query.
  • Can now click on points in water quality charts to get the value.
  • PAWS - finished all year-end and monthly reports.

    Version 3.5.17 - Jan 24, 2014

  • PAWS - fixed WA state reports that were including domestic species.
  • Bug fix - USFWS year-end report was not excluding domestic species.
  • Bug fix - USFWS Transfers section now outputs "O" for other instead of "?" for non-standard transfer reasons.
  • PAWS - The Year-to-Date report now outputs a total for each row in the report.
  • Bug fix - don't allow a final date before the admission date.
  • Display the species common name in the patient table viewer.

    Version 3.5.16 - Jan 20, 2014

  • Increased width of species common name and scientific name.
  • Bug fix - The Species Disposition report was incorrect.
  • Bug fix - The Species Disposition report and the PAWS year-end stats report did not use the status at the end of the report period. It used the final status even if it occured after the report period.
  • Widened the patient release event field.

    Version 3.5.15 - Jan 14, 2014

  • Optimized the load of species, location and taxonomy combo boxes that were slow to load if the number of entries was large.
  • Bug fix - the Cancel button in the Edit Reminder dialog acted like the OK button.
  • Widened the edit field for the task description in the Add Reminder dialog. Did not widen the storage amount in the database.
  • Bug fix - the location list was not filled properly in the Weight Trends dialog.
  • Bug fix - dumping an XML node with a value would print extra tabs before the closing tag.
  • PAWS - implemented the temporary band mamager function for singles or groups.
  • Widened Category column in the Setting Editor.
  • Cosmetic change - "Where found" -> "Where found or collected"
  • USFWS report now uses the "Include non-native" checkbox. Also changed the table heading background colors.
  • Finished the Temporary Band Manager function.
  • Widened the reminder task description field.
  • PAWS - the Monthly report can now use "All" for the month.
  • Reminders for animals that are no longer active patients are NOT printed on the daily sheets anymore unless the category is ALERT.
  • Bug fix - USFWS year-end report. Part A was not sorted properly if using the species common names.
  • BUg fix - WA daily ledger report was not sorted.
  • Cosmetic fixes to the WA state report.
  • Native defaults to Yes when creating a new species record.
  • The WA state report utilizes the OutofState and NonNative check boxes.
  • Added the Species Disposition Report. 20. PAWS - Added the Year-end stats report. 2
  • NCAQ - Added the Census Report 2
  • Fixed a font problem in the PAWS\WA state year-end reports.

    Version 3.5.14 - Jan 4, 2014

  • Removed unused #define for DOCUMENTS folder.
  • Optimized BuildAttachmentFilePath()
  • Bug fix - column widths too wide in "Patients that need placement" report.
  • Added the EnclosureRecordEntry function.
  • RecordInsertTemplates can now be specified as for medical records and/or enclosure records.
  • Rewrote ImageViewer to handle enclosure pictures.
  • Added Who field to WaterQuality and now these records must be linked to an enclosure record.
  • In Species dialog - changed "Taxonomy" to "Scientific name".
  • Added full taxonomy support for species.
  • PAWS - added the temporary band manager.
  • Added the Value field to Species.
  • Bug fix - Part D of the USFWS year-end report should only include live bird transfers.
  • Removed finder name from the "Origin" column in the IL DNR year-end report.

    Version 3.5.13 - Dec 22, 2013

  • Finished with first

    Version of Medication editor.

  • Bug fix - the fifth date field was ignored for drugs that are given on specific dates.
  • Cosmetic change - fixed layout of Release dialog.

    Version 3.5.12 - Dec 16, 2013

  • Added the "Link to previous patient" command.
  • Expiration dates were not always displayed properly in the About box.
  • Now checks more completey for invalid license keys.
  • Willowbrook - Added the "record transfer details" checkbox to the Patient Info dialog.

    Version 3.5.10-11 - Nov 24, 2013

  • Bug fixes
      - Handler Training Error popup when the handeler or animal lists were empty Changed wording: checkoffs -> checkoff(s) Don't insert blank rows for blank categories
    1. Bug fix - the main window size was not saved properly when the user logged out while RaptorMed was still running.
    2. Release form - combined tracker type and details into one line.
    3. Wording change: "Band number" -> "Band/tag number"
    4. Group operations - Bug fix - if a group operation was cancelled, the lists on the main screen should not be refreshed. - Use a checkbox for selecting a row. - For group Releases, the simplified release form is used. The band/tag info must be entered separately. This fixed a problem where one band/tag was entered for multiple animals.
    5. Group Set Properities dialog - Now uses check boxes and drop lists instead of having the user enter an X or type a value. - Now has a Final Date field that must be filled in if a a status is chosen that requires a final date. - Set the location to blank for all final status. - Don't allow status to be set to T or R
    6. Turned off the obnoxious wxWidgets Assertion dialog boxes.
    7. Bug fix - patient filter based on "All" final dates did not work.
    8. Cosmetic fix - too much space/padding in Reminder Viewer printouts.
    9. Bug fix - could not insert carriage returns into values in the Settings editor and those values displayed as a blank line.
    10. The transfer Reason is also saved with the "Save as default" command.
    11. Reminder Viewer - All reminders are sorted by date. This includes reminders for patients, enclosures and general reminders which used to be sorted by date in three separate groups. - Can now filter/print based on Category
    12. PAWS - In the reminder list, patient species is listed instead of the name.
    13. When a patient status is set to released or transferred, the user is prompted to add a release or transfer record.
    14. The main window location is now saved in addition to the size.
    15. wxSetDateTime() now checks much more carefully for invalid dates. This affects the expiration date on the treatment sheet, among other things.
    16. Added the Name and Contact phone # fields to the bug report submission form.
    17. When a release record is first created, the band number is set equal to the band number currently in the patient's record.
    18. PAWS - can specify a specific date to print treatments sheets for. 20. Updated Transport finder map to be compatible with Google Maps API

    Version 3.0. 2

  • Don't prompt user to add a release or transfer record if one already exists.

    Version 3.5.9 - Oct 22, 2013

  • Cosmetic fix - the cost estimate printout table borders were not correct.
  • Rewrote insert/delete parts of medical record template editor.
  • Widened the wxFileChooserDialog.
  • Bug fix - the changes made to medical record templates were just saved locally and where not available on other machines.
  • Cosmetic fix - the date entry fields on the treatment sheet were not wide-enough on Win7.
  • WWC - The IL year-end report no longer requires a release record for the RTW status code.
  • Can now specify the print preview zoom factor in the preferences.
  • Orphan cage card will use print the label printer directly without a preview now if desired.
  • Removed Medication Editor - not fully tested yet.
  • Admission Receipt - made some cosmetic fixes and also now print the donation details.

    Version 3.5.8 - Oct 02, 2013

  • Bug fix - Treatment sheet crashed when various treatments were not enabled.
  • Bug fix - the first part of auto-generated emails may not have been displayed in recipient's email viewer. It seems that a blank line is needed before the message body.
  • Added "Send support email" function.
  • Fixed label printer function that was broken with wxWidgets 2.9.5 update.
  • Bug fix - Miscellaneous treatments including the Other field were not printed on the large individual cage sheet.
  • PAWS - the donation details are now printed for each donation.
  • Added check box in Preferences to select or unselect the cage cage printer.
  • Legend was not centered on Google Map on Windows 7.
  • Began work on Medication Editor.

    Version 3.5.7 - Sep 19, 2013

  • Bug fix - Push reminder was broken. This was a bug caused by switch to wxWidgets 2.9.5.
  • Switch BLIT mode for much better image quality.
  • Changed wording - live prey tests results no longer mention "mouse school".

    Version 3.5.6 - Sep 17, 2013

  • Bug fix - could not open/view non-jpeg attachments. This was a bug caused by switch to wxWidgets 2.9.5.
  • Bug fix - could not add documents to the document repository. This was a bug caused by switch to wxWidgets 2.9.5.

    Version 3.5.5 - Sep 16, 2013

  • Bug fix - The startup single instance mutex was causing the app to crash at startup on random computers at UofI. I removed the mutex so multipe instances of the app can now run.

    Version 3.5.4 - Sep 15, 2013

  • Bug fix - assertion thrown in Edit Group Treatment dialog if a skip day was not specified.

    Version 3.5.3 - Sep 15, 2013

  • Bug fix - The Close button in the Login dialog acted like the Ok button.
  • Display Read Only in title bar for read-only users.
  • Cosmetic fix - The cause of injury text in the patient window was bolded.
  • Bug fix - changed ear choice OU -> AU.
  • Bug fix - assertion thrown in Treatment dialog if a skip day was not specified.

    Version 3.5.2 - Sep 10, 2013

  • Bug fix - the Record Treatment command was broken for old treatment plans that did not have an "Ear" section.
  • Limit image display to 5 per row in patient's main record screen.
  • Bug fix - the treatment sheet was not initialized properly for all options in the "Miscellaneous" section. Bug introduced in

    Version 3.5.1.

  • User edit/delete/add functions are disabled for all users except root.

    Version 3.5.1 - Sep 8, 2013

  • Made the New Patient dialog smaller (less margin around controls) to fit on lower resolutions screens.
  • Bug fix - < and > could not be used in all lab test form fields.
  • Bug fix - the query file open dialog did not always open in the correct folder.
  • Added "Set all to Ok" command in feather check dialog.
  • Handler training log now uses light gray table headers.
  • Made surgery form smaller to fit on an 800x600 pixel screen.
  • Added FinalizePatient command.
  • Release form now does city lookup to fill in the county and state.
  • Added ear med section to treatment sheet.
  • Added the "Watch food intake carefully" check box to Food In Cage section on Treatment sheet.
  • Bug fix - when a pateint record was editted, the lists on the main screen were refilled even if the age/sex were not changed.
  • Bug fix - reminders for specific patients where not displayed in Reminder viewer if the patient was not PR or Reh.
  • The charts are much more sensitive when clicking on data points to get the actual value.
  • Added new SOAP format.
  • AddressBook now uses City Lookup feature.
  • Added the Medical Record Entry Template editor.
  • Shared file status is displayed in the About box.

    Version 3.5.0 - Aug 26, 2013

  • Updated to wxWidgets 2.9.5
  • Bug fix - extra semi-colon printed on the cage card.
  • BUg fix - PAWS - "All meds PO" not printed in proper place in meds list.
  • Bug fix - the print daily care log command was available for cages, not patients in the cage list.
  • Can now set the base font size used in the various printouts.
  • Bug fix - BRWI and UofI - daily sheet had formatting/html errors.
  • Bug fix - On Win7 - no longer prints too many copies when more than one copy of a printout is selected to be printed.
  • Bug fix - The "What" field for the "Other" drugs on the treatment sheet was limited to 32 characters. It would crash if you entered more.

    Version 3.4.20 - Aug 16, 2013

  • On the large individual cage card sheet, the number of blank rows can now be configured and the treatments are now printed below the problems at the bottom.
  • Bug fix - long medical record insert templates caused program to crash.
  • UofI - use grey shading and [ ] on treatment sheets.
  • The feathers on the feather check are now numbered.
  • Added the "If not eating" checkbox to the force feed option.
  • Moved the "Set server root folder" setting from the Misc Preferences tab to the Settings Editor dialog.
  • Bug fix - PAWS - SID scheduled meds showed up as QID on treatments sheets.
  • Bug fix - PAWS - unspecified feeding plans showed up as QID on treatment sheets.

    Version 3.4.19 - Jul 24, 2013

  • Bug fix - BRWI - if only one/not all patients in a location were marked as Feed Separately, then the ones that were not marked would be skipped on the treatment sheets.
  • Bug fix - CRC - Blank cells on resident animal treatments sheets were not printed properly.
  • Moved the Feed/Treat Separartely check box to the ALERTS section.
  • BRWI - Feed/treat separately check box is now interpreted differently. Any number of patients in a location have have this box checked and their indididual treatment will printout properly on the treatment sheets.
  • BRWI - Can now print a medication list.
  • PAWS - Fixed monthly report. Need to split out E24 status and Total DIC should not include DOA.
  • Can now "link" a medication to a create a fluid protocol on the treatment sheet.
  • In TreatmentChoices.xml - 'approvalRequired' now handled by onClick() tag.
  • Added the 'fluids' onClick() handler in TreatmentChoices.xml.
  • Changed wording from TP to TS. Also, previously, values for TS of zero were not displayed.
  • Bug fix - zero values were not graphed for CBC, Lead, PCV, and water quality.
  • Bug fix - could not record or graph zero values for water quality.
  • When creating lab/result records, the date is intitialized to the same date as the record entry it is being attached to.
  • Bug fix - Buffy coat values that were not specified (left blank) were not saved or graphed properly.

    Version 3.4.18 - Jul 7, 2013

  • Bug fix - the patient record display was not updated when an entry was changed. This bug was introduced in 3.4.17.
  • Multiple Cage Entry - made dialog smaller/more compact. Auto- generated entries now say "patients" instead of "animals".
  • Food in Cage - Refresh check box option now only available for PAWS.
  • Bug fix - in Group release, the id type and tracker type were not initialized to None.
  • BRWI - switch to square brackets on treatment sheet for check boxes instead of special square box character.
  • City lookup function now also works if a city is typed into the found/presenter city fields in both the New Patient and Finder Info dialogs.

    Version 3.4.17 - Jun 30, 2013

  • Physical exam form layout tweaked to make edit fields wider.
  • Cosmetic change - the Food in cage and Force feed option check boxes are now positioned further to the left.
  • BRWI - use grey column headings on daily sheet printouts.
  • Bug fix - the frequency = "dates" was misinterpreted as SID when converting old treatments to the new format. This affected the following drugs: fenben, ivermectin, carnidazole, ceftiofurLA, levamisole, toltrazuril, thiamine, Fe dextran injection, and B vit injection.
  • CRC - cosmetic error - the location and number of birds columns were not centered on the resident bird daily printouts.
  • Bug fix - could not enter time of day as 1100.
  • CRC - switch to [ ] for check boxes on treatment sheets as the box character would not print from some computers.
  • CRC - changed Ok to Close on the Print Treatment Sheet dialog
  • The Admitted By field in the New Patient dialog is no longer prefilled with the initials of the last person making an entry since that was more than likely not the desired behavior.
  • Bug fix - SID drugs to be given on certain dates where being displayed/printed at midday and PM, not just AM.
  • Bug fix - could not save a new record entry if the release event field had an apostrophe.
  • Record Treatment Plan command is now only available for Willowbrook.
  • Cosmetic fix - blank patient names/categories were not displayed properly for reminders on the daily sheets.
  • CRC - shading in the treatment sheet table headers can be turned on or off with this ini file setting: TxSheetTableHeadingBackgroundShading=1
  • New TransporterFinderTemplate files with new RaptorMedMap title.

    Version 3.4.16 - Jun 23, 2013

  • Use grey headings on CRC treatment sheets, the monthly report and the admission receipt.
  • Formula should print out with 'ml' after the volume on treatment sheets.

    Version 3.4.15 - Jun 17, 2013

  • Bug fix - when converting from the old treatment/formulary scheme, must use a case INsensitive search when matching up old and new treatments.
  • Bug fix - potential crash when displaying a flight evaluation with a long text description.
  • PAWS - Bug fix - Reason for euthanasia was not being saved or validated properly.
  • The Reason for Euthanasia is now displayed in the Patient Table Viewer.
  • PAWS - The Reason for Euthanasia is now display on the main patient screen.

    Version 3.4.14 - Jun 15, 2013

  • PAWS - the until dates are displayed on the meds list and vet/rounds list.
  • Reminder viewer now shows reminders for SCI and OL status values.
  • Can now configure the cage card width when using the cage card printer.

    Version 3.4.13 - Jun 9, 2013

  • The server IP address is now displayed in the About box.
  • Bug fix - could not enter a date as 9:30 - with a colon and one digit for the hour.
  • Fixed buffer overflow in main window species filter list that would sometimes leave ALL appended to the species in the list.
  • PAWS - can now save a patient summary that is displayed on the vet/rounds list.
  • Modified wxTextInputDialog to allow for a multi-line edit field.
  • Image import - now checks for invalid resizing parameters.
  • Bug fix - Image import failed when resizing to a specific number of pixels.
  • Check for non-problems is now case INsensitive.
  • Made Handler Training Log dialog a little wider.
  • Can now print individual cage card to a dedicated label printer.

    Version 3.4.12 - May 27, 2013

  • The intake question button is now only available for PAWS.
  • The reason for euthanasia entry field is now only enabled for E, E24 and EOA.
  • The reason for euthanasia entry field is now mandatory for PAWS.
  • For Status Return To Wild, the final date is set to the admission date unless the user overides it.
  • WWC - Added DIS status for eggs that are destroyed/displosed of.
  • Added Edit Patient Info command to right-click menu.
  • The patient id is now displayed in the caption of the Edit Patient Info dialog.
  • Reminder Viewer - window size and column widths are remembered.
  • Can now edit/push/delete multiple reminders at once.
  • Advanced search - species group now uses the 'like' operator so 'avian' will return 'avian:raptor', for example.
  • Can now configure which problems will be considered non-problems such as 'Orphaned' or 'NSF'.
  • Changed name from "Group operations -> Set properties" to "Set patient info".
  • Added "Print cage card" command to patient action bar.
  • The default transfer destination can now be set and automatically recalled when a new transfer is recorded.
  • Transfer county is no longer mandatory.
  • Added the "Copy to clipboard" command to the Dosage List window.
  • Added Daily Care Log printout
  • Added the Insert Patient List command when creating a group entry.
  • Name change - Record Group Treatment -> Record Group Entry. 20. Added FINDER PRESENT AT RELEASE checkbox. 2
  • Added $ notation near donation fields. 2
  • Added "Refresh" option for Food in cage in the treatment plan. 2
  • In Enclosure list on main screen - patients are now sorted by patient id. They were unsorted before. 2
  • Cage Summary report now shows the "Finder present" flag and the last weight. 2
  • Donation report and donation fields now can handle any currency type - no longer hard-coded to $. 2
  • First

    Version of Patient Data Table Viewer. 2

  • WWC - can now set the patient name field in the Group Add function.

    Version 3.4.11 - May 15, 2013

  • Bug fix - the initial patient window size sometimes is set to very small. This fix overrides that and resets the size to something more reasonable.
  • PAWS - addded a blank line between entries in the meds list.
  • PAWS - cause of injury is now displayed on the vet list.
  • PAWS - Feed/Treat separately orphans are now included on the rehab list.
  • PAWS - the orphan list no longer looks at the feed/treat separately check box.
  • PAWS - can choose paper orientation when printing sheets.
  • PAWS - removed treatment time checkboxes as they are no longer needed.
  • Bug fix - the final date for group releases and transfers was set to now instead of the actual release or transfer date.
  • Bug fix - could not record weight when doing a release that did not use a leg band.
  • CBC readBy field is wider and is now a list that allows you to choose a lab source OR enter intials.
  • PAWS - all daily printouts use the species abbreviation instead of the common name.
  • PAWS - system checks for missing locations before printing daily sheets.
  • PAWS - locations with missing feeding plans are printed on diet sheets.
  • Added "Formula" as an option on feeding/treatment plan. Can now configure formula choices in EditListChoices.
  • Donation fields are now on the New Patient form.
  • Donation type and details can now be saved.
  • PAWS - donation report breaks it down by cash, credit, or check.
  • Random questions can now be asked when a new patient is admitted.
  • Replaced old email template dialog with a new, generic interface that uses the EmailTemplate.xml file. Added the <> tag 20. The reminder text for special species admissions and illegal injury causes are now no longer configurable from the database. 2
  • PAWS - Bug fix - the treatment notes were displayed for the wrong patient sometimes. 2
  • The state and federal species of interest check boxes are now used to create alerts and reminders when special species are admitted. 2
  • Widended Reminder Task edit field. 2
  • Bug fix - if the reminder category was not one of the preconfigured values, then you could not edit that reminder without erasing the category. 2
  • PAWS - can now specify a 'Reason for Euthanasia'. 2
  • Bug fix - array overflow involving the Patient.AdmissionTime field.

    Version 3.4.10 - May 6, 2013

  • Group Settings dialog can now set Age and AgeIn
  • Bug fix - Group Settings - the calendar picker for the expected release date was not displayed appropriately and invalid date entries where not recognized.
  • Samples link is only present now for existing medical record entries.
  • Can now enter random medications in the treatment plan.
  • Enabled tabbing between controls in treatment plan dialog.
  • Bug fix - patients added with a non-active initial status would be given a default location and would be shown in the cage list.
  • PAWS - checkboxes for each medication are printed on the meds list. The times for the SID and middle TID treatment are not specified.
  • PAWS - added a general "Notes" section to the treatment plan
  • Widended the fluids entry fields on the treatment plan.
  • Switch to grey background when reminders are printed from Reminder Viewer.
  • WWC - Bug fix - category not displayed in reminder section on treatment sheets.
  • Bug fix - Patient history was not displayed properly on the main patient screen.
  • Release event information is now displayed on the main patient screen.
  • WWC - Bug fix - Resident animals were not included on the "Stuff for today" printout.
  • Added Buffy field to PCV record.

    Version 3.4.9 - May 1, 2013

  • Bug fix - PAWS - orphan treatment text was printed twice.
  • Bug fix - PAWS - on the diet sheets, "delivery" was printed even if the skill level was not specified.
  • Bug fix - PAWS - the skill level was not initialized properly when editing a group treatment.
  • Bug fix - application crashed when trying to apply a group treatment. Bug introduced in last update.
  • The location list in the Patient Info dialog was not wide enough.
  • Bug fix - PAWS - orphan locations were also printing in on the diet lists.

    Version 3.4.8 - Apr 27, 2013

  • For eye meds - the drug name/type is printed rather than "antibiotic" or "NSAID" if specified.
  • The "Clear patient treatment" command is now accessible from the patient list and the enclosure list.
  • WWC - When captured is now displayed on main patient screen.
  • Can set until dates for fluids.
  • Display entire surgery report in patient record.
  • Reminder category is now always displayed.
  • Reminder viewer Can now preview before printing Fixed formatting/html error Removed Help button
  • Date hint text always displayed in empty date fields on the treatment plan form.
  • Redid the Group Set Properties function. It now uses a grid control and many more parameters can be set at once.
  • Bug fix - the Reminder Viewer was not showing reminders for patients in a location when the location was specified.
  • Multiple Cage Entry Changed "birds" to "animals" Widened location column Dialog size in now automatic
  • Changed "bandage change" to "wound care/bandage change".
  • PAWS - Added 2 date fields for B-Complex injection.
  • Changed all references to "RAR" to "Release event"
  • Began work on expandable email message framework.
  • Cage cards now use gray instead of black for highlights.
  • Orphan cage card now displays the patient name and admission date.

    Version 3.4.7 - Apr 21, 2013

  • PAWS - Refined daily treatment sheets.
  • Reminder listing on printouts now shows the category.
  • PAWS - Treatment sheet printouts now use gray instead of black for highlights.

    Version 3.4.6 - Apr 17, 2013

  • PAWS - finished first

    Version of daily treatment sheets.

    Version 3.4.5 - Apr 16, 2013

  • WILLOWBROOK - rewrote rehab and resident treatemnt sheets. Only INDIVIDUAL animals with at least one unresolved problem will be displayed. If a treatment is not defined, then it will print "No treatment specified". If a treatment is specified but it only contains food, then the animal will be skipped. Animals in groups will also be skipped unless the FEED SEPARATELY check box is checked. Resident animals with the IN REHAB checkbox will be included in the Rehab list.

    Version 3.4.4 - Apr 14, 2013

  • Can now mark a patient as "active" and can filter main patient list by patient "active" status.
  • The Active Patient report can use one of two algorithms to fill the list - Unresolved problems or the "Acvtive patient" checkbox.
  • The list of illegal injury causes is now configurable in the database.
  • Bug fix - Problems were not displayed on the large cage sheet.
  • Until dates for meds are now displayed on the large cage sheet.
  • Added the "Record Treatment Plan" command in the medical record entry form to insert the treatment pla with frequency and until dates. Note: that it only records daily meds and not procedures or meds that are scheduled on certain dates.
  • The system now checks for that the patient id used in the New Patient window is still available. This will prevent conflicts if two patients are added at once.
  • Bug fix - the initials, time and weight in the Last Entry report were not all in the correct columns.
  • The Last Entry report can now display weights in kg.
  • The Release form can now accept weights in kg.
  • PAWS - began rewriting the daily treatment sheets.
  • Rewrote the release exporter function: Can now specify multiple species codes Can specify a species group Now uses template files to build the output file on the file. This allows the user to choose a name for the file.
  • The specie group filter will now display patients from the selected group AND all sub-groups.
  • Made the Group Treatment edit field bigger.
  • The common name is now used in the species list in the main filter control area.
  • PAWS - Added Hermaphrodite as an option for patient sex.
  • PAWS - Can specify the patient skill level required for a treatment.
  • PAWS - Can specify the treatments times for a treatment.
  • Removed location from all cage card/sheet printouts. 20. WILLOWBROOK - a blank category in the Add Reminder dialog is no logner an option. 2
  • Can set until dates for ophtho meds. 2
  • WILLOWBROOK - many changes and Bug fixes
      to the way treatment sheets are printed. One major change: individuals or groups without a valid treatment will be printed. These were ignored before. 2
    1. WILLOWBROOK - The cage cards/sheets display the patient name in the FROM fields. Otherwise the presenter_org is displayed. 2
    2. Changed function name from Group -> Orphans to Group -> Set properties. 2
    3. The How Aged and How Sex fields in the Release form are no longer mandatory. 2
    4. Clear Treatment Plan function now available to all users with update privileges. 2
    5. Widened the choice list in the Problem Dialog.

    Version 3.4.3 - Apr 3, 2013

  • Bug fix - the Edit list choices dialog was not enforcing the max length of each category properly.
  • Can now use and optional simplified SOAP form.
  • Fixed vertical alignment in some fields on the small cage card, the large cage sheet and the admission receipt.
  • The cause of injury is now included in the Remarks section of the Bandit output file.
  • Can now insert predefined comments into the patient status emails.
  • Made message edit field in email dialog much taller.
  • Changed default list color on main screen to "RaptorMed" green.

    Version 3.4.2 - Mar 30, 2013

  • PAWS - Donation report had a typo in totals credit field
  • Rewrote Monthly Report Removed stats table Display species common name Use list control instead of grid control
  • Bug fix - Number of days was incorrect on the Band report Google Map
  • Bug fix - the species group was not updated properly when changed in the preferences pane.
  • Added species group to the Advanced Search window.

    Version 3.4.1 - Mar 28, 2013

  • PAWS - Minor fixes to the YTD and monthly reports.
  • Made release form slightly shorter in height to better fit on the screen.
  • PAWS - First verison of donation report.

    Version 3.4.0 - Mar 27, 2013

  • PAWS - added monthy reports.
  • Weights can now be entered in kilograms.
  • Changed wording of message box when trying to close the query tool when the query has been edited.
  • Bug fix - site viewer could not display locations with long names properly.
  • Bug fix - Willowbrook monthly report had some calculation errors.
  • Bug fix - Bandit export should not export non-avian releases. It also ignores releases that have a blank band number field.
  • Bug fix - Could not move a patient to a location that had a name longer than 15 characters.
  • Bug fix - the initial location setting was overriding the location choice in the Group Add dialog.
  • Bug fix - the location list was not updated immediately after a new patient addition if the patient's location was automatically set.
  • CageCard - large cage sheet printout - the font size used in the Problems and Treatment sections can be set in the Settings table with the CageSheet_FontSize1 setting. Also, reduced the blank space at the top as the page was spilling over to a second page.

    Version 3.3.33 - Mar 20, 2013

  • On the Google Releases Map Can display the found location Can display releases for a specific species only
  • Made User Manager and species list windows larger.
  • WWC - Treatment sheet Conmbined nocturnal and diurnals Don't print out if not treatment specified Show name AND id Skip reminders for inactive patients Bug fix - name/id column in blank for patient reminders
  • WWC - Large individual cage sheet Print Tx and problems in larger font Display name as well as id
  • Rewrote the > 180 days report Can not sort by columns Can show patients within 1 month of 180 days. Can show only unreported patients Can generate a report email Patients can be marked as reported with a new checkbox in patient info
  • Added the Willowbrook monthly report.
  • The antibiotic and NSAID eye meds can now be chosen from a list
  • Bug fix - program would crash when Cage Summary command was run when the location name was long.
  • Bug fix - the final date was required for the OL and SCI status codes when these are not "finalized" codes.
  • Bug fix - the location could not be set and was automatically cleared for OL and SCI status codes.
  • WWC - Added the "when captured" field to the "New Patient" form and the Finder Info form.
  • WWC - Added the status list to the "New patient form"

    Version 3.3.32 - Mar 12, 2013

  • Changed patient status 'Sci' to 'SCI'.
  • Bug fix - AgeIn was not set properly when the Age was set in the Physical Exam form.
  • Bug fix - Reminders for a specific patient were not displayed in the Reminder Viewer.
  • Bug fix - the app would crash when you try to view the record for a specific patient from the Reminder viewer.
  • Re-organized the large patient cage sheet (moved header to the bottom, made feeding lines taller, etc.).
  • Can now print an Admission Receipt.

    Version 3.3.31 - Mar 10, 2013

  • Cage card printing - preview is now a configurable option that can be turned off.
  • Large individual cage sheet - recoded header to try to fix print anomaly seen at Willowbrook - not sure if it fixed anything because I cannot reproduce the problem.
  • The main window, treatment plan window and main patient window sizes are now saved and restored. The main window is not centered on the screen when opened.
  • Added the city lookup function that automatically fills in the zip, county and state when a city is selected.
  • The blue headings in the New Patient and Finder Info dialogs are now bold.
  • Finished WWC Daily Sheet printout which now has a section that shows which animals have procedures or treatments scheduled for today and also those that had medications that ended yesterday.
  • Widended Found History field.
  • Added an AddressBook lookup button for the Finder information in the New Patient and Finder Info dialogs.
  • The Delete Record Entry button is only enabled for users with Maintenance privileges.
  • Reminder Viewer completely re-written. It now displays the location, band/tag and species for patient reminders. You can open a patient record by shift double-clicking on the reminder. Reminders for inactive patients are not displayed unless the specific patient id is entered.
  • The person admitting a patient and the time of day of the admission can be recorded.
  • The initial location can be automatically set when a patient is newly added.
  • The injury cause can be set in the New Patient form.
  • When a problem is set to resolved, the resolved date is set to today if not already set.
  • The prompts in the problem dialog are now bolder and more descriptive.
  • Bug fix - the fluid calculator did not work for very small patients due to rounding errors.
  • Can now specify a category for reminders. The reminder categories can be configured in Edit List Choices.
  • Reminder Viewer - can now sort by clicking on column headers and can print the reminder list.
  • WWC - added 'Sci' status for Blanding's turtles. 20. The age/sex can now be set in the physical exam form.

    Version 3.3.30 - Feb 27, 2013

  • Bug fix - Searching for a very short/empty search in a patient record string would crash the program.
  • Darkened the pen used to display the feed order on the site viewer.
  • Status codes are alphabetized in the status list.
  • WWC - dropped the EOA status code.
  • Approval required attribute in TreatmentChoices.xml can use true or yes.
  • Chemistry source can now be configured in Edit List Choices.
  • Changed wording of "no treatment" message on the cage cards.
  • If one age is left as UNK, then it is set to the same value as the other age.
  • Widened the left sidebar in the Medical Entry Dialog
  • Changed "Treatment" to "Treatment plan" in patient record Action Bar.
  • Changed "Treatments" to "Record treatment" in sidebar in Medical Entry Dialog.
  • Changed "Band" to "Band/tag" in lists on main screen.
  • Weight is no longer required in Release Form.
  • Bug fix - the open file dialog prompt was incorrect when opening a sql file in the query tool.
  • WWC - added the printouts for large and small cage cards, orphan groups and the room patient list.
  • Added the Active Patient report
  • "Orphaned" problem is marked as resolved when added.
  • The font size used in the lists on the main screen can now be set in the Preferences.
  • The column widths in the lists on the main window are saved and restored. 20. Widened the "Type" checkbox control in the AddressBook editor. 2
  • The patient history edit field is now physically larger, it can be pre-populated with prompting text in the New Patient form and the history is now displayed on the patient's main page. 2
  • The patient's id, species and location are displayed in the Record Entry dialog title bar. 2
  • The weight and BCS can be set directly on the physical exam form.

    Version 3.3.29 - Feb 18, 2013

  • Bug fix - location.name was widened in 3.3.26 but the field wasn't widened in the patient and record_entry tables as well. Widened the edit fields in the various dialogs.
  • Added the public/private field to the release form.
  • Widended the location column in the Cage list on the main screen.
  • The treatment can now be optionally printed on the individual cage cards.
  • Added new status code for Willowbrook - REFERRED VIA PUBLIC
  • TransporterMap renamed to RaptorMedMap.html
  • Added options to print rehab and resident treatment plans to the Willowbrook daily printout sheet.
  • Added the "Clear treatment" command.
  • Added more columns to the >90 and >180 day queries.
  • Added the "Copy to clipboard" command to the generic query tool.
  • Widened the Permit field in the AddressBook and Transfer tables.
  • The Permit information is now printed when the > template tag is used in the NR letter.
  • Bug fix - auto-drug dosage calculation did not work for medications that had an underscore in their name.
  • Bug fix - "dates" would print out for treatments that were on a specific date.

    Version 3.3.28 - Feb 1, 2013

  • The USFWS service automatic reminders now use the patient's short id format.
  • Added the "Remove unused species" command.
  • When adding or changing a species, the system checks to see if the abbreviation is already in use.
  • Added extra status codes for PAWS
  • Can now handle the PAWS BCS abbreviations.
  • Can now display the dosages in the Treatment planner window.
  • Completely revamped the way medications are placed on the the treatment sheet. All meds are now configured in TreatmentChoices.xml and the medication 'form' is now stored in the patient's treatment plan.
  • Can specify that a medication needs prior approval before selecting it on the treatment sheet.
  • Bug fix: Waiting for consult had html bold tags around it when inserted into the patient's treatment.
  • Widened Patient.ageRelatedCharacteristics field.
  • Added Washington state year-end report.
  • Electrocution is no longer tagged as an illegal cause of injury since it is usually accidental.
  • Added species group column to the species preference pane.
  • Show hour glass when running the "delete unused species" command.
  • When the Native selection is changed in the species preference pane, all affected patients are also updated.
  • Bug fix - the reason for transfer was incorrect on the USFWS year-end report. I think this bug was introduced in 3.3.25.
  • Added ability to send patient update email to finder.
  • For read-only users, still allow access to items in the patient action bar that don't allow data to be modified.
  • Added state and federal species of concern fields to SPECIES table. 20. Finished WA state report. 2
  • The New Patient and Finder Info dialogs now accept found lat/lon in degrees, minutes and seconds and there is a globe button to pull the lat/lon directly from the RaptorMed Google Map. 2
  • Modified the Release form to allow the user to specify the type of id device (leg band, ear tag, etc) and to allow a tracking device to be recorded. 2
  • Modified missing release location to only include patients with a leg band (not an ear tag, etc...) since this report is only used for generating band data for Bandit. 2
  • Bug fix - When looking up an entry in the address book for a transfer, a hyphen would be prepened even if there was not an organization specified. 2
  • Reword "Feed separately" to be "Feed/treat separately" 2
  • Updated water quaility interface to include chlorine and fecal choliforms

    Version 3.3.27 - Dec 15, 2012

  • Willowbrook - add the the Daily Summary Sheet printout
  • Replaced the CIniFile class to hopefully fix the but where the ini file gets wiped clean.
  • The BAND RETURN flag is automatically set when a BAND REPORT record is added.
  • Prefilled fields on Surgery form can now be configured from Settings table.
  • The 'Other' problem field will be added if the user presses OK instead of the + button.
  • When adding a record entry, the user will be prompted if they press the Cancel button.
  • The percent-change weight alert will only be displayed if the weight decreases (not if it increases).
  • The light green eye exam color was changed to olive green to be more distinguishable from the bright green.
  • The attachment id is displayed when in Debug mode.
  • Added check box for Debug mode to Preferences pane.
  • The Generate license key command now deletes the previous key before adding a new one.

    Version 3.3.26 - Nov 20, 2012

  • Added "Staff will feed" and "Needs live prey test" to popup window and new "Special" column in patient list.
  • Bug fix - Program would crash when adding an Eye Exam with long text in the description fields.
  • Simplified Release form is now used for non-avian species.
  • Added the DO NOT RELEASE WHERE FOUND flag. Automatically set when an illegal injury cause is selected. Displayed in the Special column in the Patient list and in the Snapshot window.
  • The Time in years is now also displayed in the Band Report report.
  • Double-clicking on an entry in the Sample Viewer will open the patient's chart.
  • Snapshot viewer now always displays the last weight date.
  • The last weight is now displayed in a new column on the Last Entry report.
  • The band/identifier field can now be set when adding a group of new patients.
  • Removed Maximize button from main patient window.
  • Can now set a percentage to produce a warning when a new weight varies by more than the specified percentage from the previous weight.
  • PO no longer printed for Clindamycin on the treatment sheets as it is assumed if it is not SQ.
  • Bug fix - Program would crash when inserting treatment plan if the vitamin "what" fields was too long.
  • Bug fix - < and > characters could not be entered in medical record entry.
  • Widened Patient.age and ageIn columns.
  • Widened Location.name column.
  • Exam form is now built dynamically from a template file. There can be separate templates for each major species group.
  • Bug fix - entries made in the Settings editor where not escaped.
  • Added support for new Willowbrook status codes. This affected the Rehab Trends report, the monthly report, and the year-end reports. 20. Bug fix - the start year in the Trends report was hardcoded to 1975. 2
  • Bug fix - the Trends report excluded all NR birds, not just NROA birds which is the correct behavior. 2
  • Bug fix - the Monthly report was broken - the species list did not fill in properly. 2
  • Removed the old USFWS report format as an option from the Year-end reports. 2
  • Bug fix - BID exercise did not print out on sheets properly. 2
  • Added blank entries to the city, county and district lists to that the first entry is not accidentally chosen when the value is blank. 2
  • Added Offsite flag for locations. Offsite locations are not displayed in the main location list. 2
  • The lat/lon coords are cleared from the clipboard after each use so that the user doesn't accidentally use the same coords more than once. 2
  • Added the water quality interface. Locations can be marked as fresh or salt water. 2
  • All normal ranges on the various graphs are now configurable from the the SETTINGS table. 30. The X values and increment on all the charts in the historical viewer are now calculated to be more useful values. This affects the weight, PCV/TP, CBC, lead, and PT charts. 3
  • On treatment sheet - "Move out" changed to "Move to". Removed any mention of banding. 3
  • Auto-updates of the program and support files can be disabled individual by a setting in the SETTINGS table. Removed the single check box from the preferennces pane. Added the "Check for updates" command to the main menu. 3
  • Replaced html help files with new pdf User's Guide. 3
  • Better error checking when unable to save attachment files. The attachment entries are deleted and there are error messages logged and displayed. 3
  • Bug fix - the weight chart did not default to the last 1 year even though the time selector was set to 1 year.

    Version 3.3.25 - Sep 1, 2012

  • Increased buffer size in EscapeString() and CreateRecordEntryRecord() to 8196 bytes.
  • Started changes for Willowbrook.
  • For transfers, allow any random reason to be displayed even if not one of the currently valid entries.
  • Updated the valid entries for the Transfer reason.
  • Bug fix - USFWS report did not print the proper short codes for the transfer reason and it did not understand the new reason choices.
  • AddressBook Changed 'Organization' label to 'Organization/name' Changed 'Educator' label to 'Educator/Museum' Added new type for Sites/nature preserves
  • The Release location is now displayed in the app but not on the web page.
  • Added a lookup button to the Release form to pull releases site info from the address book.
  • Bug fix - the Query tool would display an improper error message if there was whitespace/blank lines at the end of the SQL statement.
  • Added the 'Patients > 90' and 'Patients > 180' days reports.
  • The found city is displayed instead of the found county if it is specified.
  • Increased buffer size in CreateRecordEntry().
  • Increased maximum number of patients to 131K from 32K.
  • Bug fix - The Historical Patient Count report would crash if there was invalid patient data (invalid admission date).
  • The Y-Increment value in the patient count chart now depends on the maximum value of patients.
  • Dropped SAMPLE.saved column as it was not used.
  • Changed colors in Site viewer.
  • Bug fix - abbreviations at the end of a sentence were not substituted.
  • For Eye exams and flight evals, the greyed "Unknown" choice can now be saved. 20. Can now search for entries in the Address Book Lookup dialog. 2
  • The sorting in the Address Book Lookup dialog is now case-insensitive. 2
  • CRC - The exercise sheet now shows the age and species for each bird. The columns arrangement was changes slightly and is more legible. 2
  • Can now delete multiple species entries at once. 2
  • The short patient Id is now displayed in the Treatment dialog caption. 2
  • In the main patient list, replaced the "N or D" column with indicators for the RWF, FS, NR, RA check boxes. 2
  • In the species list in preferences - removed taxonomy column and added columns for Native and Noctural/Diurnal. 2
  • When a species abbreviation or species group is changed in the species editor, all affected patients are also updated. 2
  • New layout for the Fecal exam form. 2
  • The city can now be chosen from a preconfigured list in the New Patient, Finder Info and Address Book forms. 30. The Who field in the Eye exam and Flight eval forms are initialized with the initials in the medical record entry form. 3
  • Shift left click on site map stores the coordinates. There is now a button on the Location editor to copy the coordinates into the form. 3
  • Now using GDI+ in the Site Viewer. Can optional show the feed order. Right-click to reload the site map. 3
  • Changed from "Combo lock" to "Lock" in Location dialog and on the daily treatment sheets. 3
  • Clindamycin can now be SQ or PO. 3
  • Changed name of Resident Bird Summary to Resident Animal Summary. 3
  • Added Last Entry Report. Added index on record_entry.location to support the report 3
  • Bug fix - program would crash if an eye exam had a very long text description.

    Version 3.3.24 - July 9, 2012

  • Bug fix - clicking on points in the Weight Trends Graph could cause the application to crash. It also would display incorrect weight information depending on where the mouse was clicked.
  • The slope color calculation in the Weight Trends Graph now gives more weight to the most recent points.
  • The "Enable Auto-updates" setting is now accessible to all users, not just those with maintenance-level privileges.

    Version 3.3.23 - June 24, 2012

  • Cosmetic bug fix - The caption of the "Change password" dialog was "User settings".
  • Cosmetic changes
      to Historical Patient Count graph.
    1. The "Display x months" setting is now only used for current patients (status Reh or PR). The entire record is shown for other status values.
    2. Patient snapshot color is now configurable in the preferences pane.
    3. Patient snapshot will show the last weight/keel score and date even if there are not enough points to graph.
    4. User can now click on points in the CBC/lead/Weight/PCV charts to get the date and value of the point.
    5. The cage weight trends graph now uses GDI+, has a gradient background and the increment value along the x axis was not correct for certain sets of data. Can click on the graph to get the actual weight values.
    6. Added Copy Location button.
    7. The Cost Estimate report now shows where patient was found.
    8. The query tool can now run more than one statement sequentially.
    9. Cages with more than one species will now say "Mixed" on the treatment sheets.
    10. Bug fix - abbreviations manager would perform substitutions within a word instead of just substituting standalone letter combinations.
    11. The Auto-update feature can now be disabled in the preferences panel.
    12. The accent colors on the patient record screen can now be set in the preferences panel.
    13. Redid the way errors are reported when running the year-end reports. They are now displayed in a non-modal window to allow them to be corrected easier.
    14. Added ability to store fligh eval records.

    Version 3.3.22 - June 4, 2012

  • Historical patient count chart now uses GDI+ and fills the AUC.
  • Formatting fix - lab report subrecords were not splitting across lines in the patient record display properly.
  • Bug fix - long titles entered in the graph wizard would overflow and not display properly.
  • Added user privileges to limit/allow what each user can do.
  • Removed the 'Enable deletions', 'Enable maint functions' and 'Enable add patient' check boxes from preference panel as these are now configured on a user-by-user basis.
  • Bug fix - The historical patient yearly counts were incorrect.
  • Added the popup snapshot window to show quick info about a patient.
  • Event planner now lists all patients that are release approved OR have an expected release date set.
  • Put in more detailed error message when Group Transfer failed.
  • The days left until license expiration is displayed in status bar when the number of days is less than 30.

    Version 3.3.21 - May 2, 2012

  • Bug fix - Biometric.jpg and EyeExam.jpg files were not auto-updated.

    Version 3.3.20 - April 28, 2012

  • UofI - Clinician consults did not have a carriage return at the end when printed on treatment sheets.
  • Added ability to store Biometric data
  • Band Report band field is initialized to the patient's current band number, if any.
  • Added Eye Exam form. Can also view in historical view.
  • CRC - bug fix - BID groups were always listed under the "Outside BID" section on the treatment sheet regardless of whether they were inside or outside.
  • Carriage returns in the patient Notes field weren't not displayed on the patient record or on the treatment sheets.
  • UofI, CRC - carriage returns in group or orphan treatments were not displayed properly on the treatment sheets.
  • Group treatments are no longer displayed in the cage list unless there are 2 or more patients in the location.
  • Added Abbreviation interface. Abbreviations are used by the eye exam, CBC, endoscopy, surgery and daily record entry forms.
  • When setting image type, the current value was not pre-selected.
  • Added ability to only display the last n months of a record. Added the "Display Entire Record" link.
  • Can now search the patient record for text.
  • Completed first

    Version of the GraphWizard. This requires GDI+ on Windows XP or later.

  • Bug fix - Crashed when the details fields for Antibiotic and NSAID eye drops had text greater than 32 characters.
  • Bug fix - the layout on the main patient screen was too wide when there were too many sub-records attached to a single record entry.
  • Weight viewer - defaults to "Last year" instead of "All"
  • Added "Patient day count" calculation in patient count graph window.
  • Group transfer - the status and final date are only set for patients that aren't already in a finalized state (i.e. not still in rehab). 20. When creating a non-releasability letter, choosing an addressee from the address book is now optional. 2
  • UofI - Added the "Patients in hospital on date" report. 2
  • Double-clicking on entries in all the generic reports will open the corresponding patient record. 2
  • The graphs in the Historical Data viewer now use GDI+ and now have smoother, anti-aliased lines. 2
  • CRC, BRRC - Bug fix - Missing group treatments for Outside BIDs and TIDs were not caught and this would result in missed treatments. 2
  • CRC, BRRC - Bug fix - If some, but not all, patients in a location where marked as FEED SEPARATELY, the unmarked ones would be skipped with no error message.

    Version 3.3.19 - Feb 29, 2012

  • Added "Print Cage Summary" command
  • Bug fix - Group move function was broken.
  • Added the Settings Editor.

    Version 3.3.18 - Feb 25, 2012

  • Bug fix - the How and Condition lists in the Band Report dialog where not filled with the correct choices.
  • Bug fix - program crashed after checking the "Enable Maintenance Functions" checkbox in the preferences.
  • Treatment dialog is now centered.
  • Added the Group Orphan settings dialog box.
  • UofI - the treatment frequency list is no longer visible when setting the treatments for a neonate/orphan group. This is because it was ignored anyway.
  • Images can now be flipped, rotated, resized and cropped before importing. The image type is also specified to allow radiographs to be uniquely identified from all other images.
  • The image type can now be set by right-clicking on an image.
  • Images can be deleted and saved now by right-clicking on the image in the main patient record, not just in the image viewer.
  • Can now schedule specialist consults on treatment sheet. Added the "Waiting for Consult" report.
  • Bug fix - "Load Band Report" command was still in main menu.
  • Network connections to the shared folders can be automatically established when the program starts.
  • Only allows a single instance of the program to run at once.
  • Installer now defaults to a folder in the User's home folder on Windows 7.
  • Created Updater installation package.

    Version 3.3.17 - Feb 15, 2012

  • UofI - redid the way Orphans are handled. No more "Orphan" team.
  • Added the Neonate flag/checkbox.
  • Cosmetic fix - the buttons on the Species preference pane were not in correct position.
  • Reorganized "Group Add" dialog. Can now specify the team and also specify whether the new patients are neonates.
  • Bug fix - Sendmail function didn't work if exe path had spaces in it.
  • Removed "Load Band Report" command as it is no longer needed.
  • Added "Orphans ready for transfer" report.

    Version 3.3.16 - Feb 11, 2012

  • GetSetting() now initializes return buffer to an empty string.
  • The function the initializes the initials/name field in the medical entry forms can now be disabled.
  • Bug fix - Treatment sheet crashed when CaEDTA was enabled but not selected and Reglan was not enabled.
  • NOLO (case-insenstive) can be entered in the leftovers fields.
  • Bug fix - debug build crashed when reading CBC records - buffer overflow.
  • Removed "Load Species" and "Load UofI data" commands as they are no longer needed.
  • Bug fix - Switch To wasn't redisplayed properly on the treatment sheet once saved.
  • Switched to sendmail.exe for sending all emails.
  • Recoded email function to support IMAP, SSL, etc. Removed old wxSMTP code.
  • Mouse school reminders - midpoint reminder is optional.
  • Email settings are configurable in the Preferences window.
  • Bug fix - the "try no grab" option on ophthalmic antibiotic ointment was ignored when determining if a patient is a grabber or not.
  • Double-clicking on a patient id in the PT report will display the patient record.
  • Added ability to store dose calculation records. Also displayed in Historical data viewer.
  • Re-coded the way sub-record table names are stored and used for displaying sub records and for deleting entire record entries.
  • The server root folder can be set in the Preferences pane. Useful when switching to standalone mode.
  • Bug fix - Lactobacillus could not be enabled on treatmment sheet.
  • Added the ability to specify herbs on the treatment sheet.
  • Removed automatic IM for thiamine on treatment sheets. 20. Double-clicking on entry in Last Weights report will open the patient record. 2
  • Double-clicking on patient in Event planner will open the patient record. Also, in order to drag a patient to an event, the shift key must be held down. 2
  • Can now store band report data. 2
  • Bug fix - ivermectin dosages where not calculated automatically based on the route of administration. 2
  • Fecals are now included in Cost Estimator. 2
  • CRC - added Load Band Report data command. 2
  • Query tool - removed the "Import" command as it is no longer needed. 2
  • Added the Band Report Analysis tool with the ability to export to a Google Map.

    Version 3.3.15 - Jan 14, 2012

  • SC Report - release information is now displayed. Also reformatted the column alignments.
  • Finder Info - made the ZIP field narrower.
  • SC Report - was not handling birds with status ESC or PR properly.
  • License Key function is now limited to internal use only.
  • Added Hemolysis, Lipemia and Icterus fields to Chemistry record.
  • Bug fix - PI was not in the corrrect tab order in the CBC dialog.
  • Added Thrombocyte field to the CBC record.
  • Can optionally disable the CBC check for all percentages to equal 100%.
  • Widened the name/intitials field when making record entries.
  • Problems are now listed in chronological order (not alphabetically) and they are numbered.
  • Added Donation field in Finder Info.
  • IL Report - added option to include non-natives and to include out-of-state patients.
  • Year end reports - changed error message to refer to application log file for an explanation.
  • Weights are now stored as floating point numbers and the number of decimal places to display can be configured.
  • Can now specify what type of vitamin supplements to add to food.
  • Added SOAP template to medical record entry form.
  • Added UofI Fiscal Year report.
  • Added support for mammal chemistry panels.
  • UofI - added the load mammal chemistry panel function.

    Version 3.3.14 - Jan 3, 2012

  • Leftovers can now be specified when doing Group entries and when using the Multiple Cage Entry form.
  • Check for null values in the basophil fields when reading CBC record.
  • "Generated by RaptorMed" appended to all USFWS emails.
  • Delete, update, insert queries are not allowed in query tool if the user is read-only or the maintenance functions are disabled.
  • Bug fix - the total in Part A of the USFWS report was incorrect.

    Version 3.3.13 - Dec 27, 2011

  • Removed the "Species group" list in the Add New Patient and Patient Info dialogs.
  • Changed wording from "Initials" to "Name/initials".
  • If the drug form is not specified, then nothing is displayed when a record entry is recorded. It used to insert ().
  • Changed headings for Antibiotics and Analgesics on treatment sheet.
  • Added ophthalmic NSAID drops and oral pred to treatment sheet.
  • Changed wording on treatment sheet. Slide -> CBC. Tube -> PCV/TP.
  • Can now sort by columns in the species list.
  • Removed Load UofI data command - it is now obsolete.
  • Can now lookup species by common name.
  • The Maintenance and AddPatient functions can now be enabled or disabled from the preference pane.
  • The last update timestamp is stored for each record entry and can be optionally displayed.
  • Deletion of records can be optionally disabled.
  • On group add: the sex is no longer selectable since it will vary for each patient, the team can be selected and "Orphaned" is automatically set for the problem and injury cause, if specified.
  • UofI - specific times are no longer printed on the Orphan treatment sheets.
  • Bug fix - PT entry form did not record leg PT's correctly.
  • Can now specify left/right/front/rear legs on PT entry form.
  • Added IC fluids to the treatment sheet.
  • In the Patient Info dialog - moved the focus to the name field instead of the patient id field to avoid unintentional changes to that id
  • Bug fix - USFWS report skipped escaped birds in the totals. Also now displays the species abbreviation if the common name is missing or blank.

    Version 3.3.12 - Dec 13, 2011

  • Finishing changes for UofI.
  • Release records are now displayed in a simplified way when not using the complete form.
  • Updated the USFWS year-end report for 2011
  • The species common name (not the abbreviation) is now used in all auto-generated paperwork.
  • Bug fix - the Event planner dialog should not have a resizable border.
  • Added buprenorphine, carprofen, cefotaxime, ceftiofur LA, cisapride and photo to treatment sheets.
  • Added option to disable dosage auto-calclations.
  • Bug fix - the patient id wasn't filled in properly during group releases and transfers.

    Version 3.3.11 - Dec 3, 2011

  • Bug fix - Species common names were not escaped before inserted into the database during the import process. Therefore, Cooper's hawk failed to insert properly.
  • Widened species field in the Patient record.
  • Changed "Needs Mouse School" to "Needs Live Prey Test"
  • Added "Does NOT Need Live Prey Test" check box.
  • Added Cytology and Endoscopy record types.
  • Common species names can now be optionally used in all year-end reports.
  • Added option for 5x daily treatments for groups and for the various feeding types on the individual treatment sheets.
  • Mostly finished work for UofI.
  • Added link to BBL species abbreviations page in the Species dialog.
  • Bug fix - FeedSeperately() only checked one patient in a group, not all patients in the group.
  • Added "Bleeding tendency" check box
  • Bug fix - leftovers = 0 was ignored on graph.
  • Changed leftover graph to a bar chart.

    Version 3.3.10 - Nov 9, 2011

  • Bug fix - error message was displayed when there was not text message log file.
  • Bug fix - SendSingleMessage command would crash the program.
  • Bug fix - the patient count graph displayed incorrect data if the entire data range was not selected.
  • Added support for patient care teams.
  • The Query folder is now also opened during Step 2 of the Backup Wizard.
  • Bug fix - the Other section on the treatment sheet would allow any length of text to be stored but not retreived. It not limits the number of characters that can be entered.
  • Added Species pane in preferences dialog to manage species. Removed species choice from "Edit list choices" command. Removed species entries in Settings table. Removed cost categories from Settings table.
  • The species group is automatically selected when the species is changed in the Add New Patient or Edit Patient Info dialogs.
  • Added the View Species Info Page command.
  • You can now select the type of address book entries to export to the Google Map (not just transporters, rehabbers, etc).
  • Bug fix - when a location's name is changed, the location of each patient in that location is also updated.
  • Bug fix - don't allow a location to be changed to the name of an existing location.
  • The species common name is now displayed.
  • Bug fix - rehabbers with an apostrophe in their name did not export to the Google map properly.
  • Entries on Google map will be displayed as a rehabber rather than transporter if both check boxes are checked.
  • In "Special Species Admitted" email, added the word "county" in the location field.
  • In "Illegal injury cause" email, added the Age.
  • Cost esimator now includes PCVs.
  • On CBC plot, the total line is now labelled "Total" instead of "CBC".

    Version 3.3.9 - Oct 25, 2011

  • BRWI - the choices in the treatment sheet print window are remembered.
  • Added the transporter text messaging function. This required the address book to store cell phone provider information as well as availablity check boxes for each day of the week and AM/PM.
  • Bug fix - the results were not cleared in the Query Tool when a new query was opened.
  • Single clicking on the Google Map stores the lat/lon in the Windows clipboard.
  • Added the "globe" button to the AddressBook and Release dialogs to allow the lat/lon to be pulled directly from the Google Map.
  • Added the ability to record and graph leftovers.
  • Finished Historical patient count graph. It only shows a total (rehab + resident).
  • Began mods for UofI treatment sheets.

    Version 3.3.8 - Oct 9, 2011

  • Query tool dialog is now centered on main window.
  • Began Historical patient count graph.
  • Sulfatrim can now be SID or BID.
  • Changes to BRWI treatment sheets: Can now select locations to skip on sheets. To be used for cages that are simple feeders. The checkboxes for prepped, done and In RM are now printed. Notes, alerts, problems and weight history are displayed for individuals.
  • The Add patient function is re-enabled if the config file gets corrupted.

    Version 3.3.7 - Oct 4, 2011

  • CRC - Bug fix - the date was not displayed next to the Reminder, Exercise and Cleaning sections on the treatment sheets.
  • CRC - Added an "In RM" column to the rehab bird diurnal and nocturnal treatment sheets.
  • The wing/leg is now displayed on the PT records.
  • The non-trivial treatments are now highlighted/bolded on the treatments sheets.
  • Auto-set "Needs mouse school" flag when adding a new raptor patient that is a baby.
  • CRC - Removed the "Weight" column and replaced with "Leftovers" on the resident bird treatment sheets.
  • "Move out" now says "Move out/band" on the treatment sheets.
  • Year-end reports crashed for BRRC due to long org_address in Settings table.
  • Rewrote the Query Tool.
  • The standard illegal injury cause values are no longer hard- coded into the list of choices.
  • Can now store a winter and summer ideal weight to be displayed in the weight chart.
  • Reminder viewer for an individual patient defaults to "Upcoming" instead of "Today".

    Version 3.3.6 - Sep 3, 2011

  • Added Miscellaneous preference tab that allows the Patient of the Week to be specified.
  • Bug fix - don't allow user to push an auto-repeating reminder.
  • Cosmetic - don't display 0000-00-00 or auto-repeating reminders.
  • Added "View reminders" link to the patient page to allow user to view reminders for a specific patient.
  • CRC - The date is now displayed after each section in the rehab daily sheets.
  • CRC - Added an "In RM" column to the resident bird daily sheets.
  • Reminders can now be edited.
  • Display all phone numbers in the address book list.
  • BRWI - allow QID feeding (FIC,FF,Tube and syringe feeding).
  • Year-end reports now say "Created by RaptorMed...".
  • Can now exclude non-avian species from year-end reports.
  • Bug fix - non-native species are excluded from year-end reports.
  • On SpecialSpeciesAdmitted email, age is now displayed and 'Injuries' is now 'Injuries/Problems'.
  • The selected treatments on the treatment sheet can now be chosen in the Preferences dialog.
  • Just display the date (not the time) in the maint log list in the About box.
  • Surgery time is now display.
  • Surgery Record -> Surgery Report.
  • Added live prey results function.

    Version 3.3.5 - July 26, 2011

  • Bug fix - the PT report showed the next PT listed in the treatment sheet but not necessarily the next one chronologically.
  • Added left and right arrow buttons to New Patient and Finder Info dialogs to easily copy between the "Found" and "Presented by" data fields.
  • Bug fix - new address book entries default to the county set to the first entry in the county list. Now it defaults to NA.
  • Added the "Report band" command.
  • Added Color preference dialog.
  • The user can now change status for patients that have already been set to R or T. This was not allowed before.
  • Changed icon artwork in the option tree control.
  • BRWI - the band and species are also displayed on the daily sheets for reminders for animals in groups.
  • Bug fix - left/right was not displayed for entries for the wings and legs in the physical exam form.

    Version 3.3.4 - June 28, 2011

  • All graphs display Days since today OR the final date depending on the status.

    Version 3.3.3 - June 25, 2011

  • The physical exam form is now centered. It used to run off the bottom of the screen.
  • Added 'Vet' as new address book type. These entries are now plotted separately on the Transporter Google Map.
  • BRWI - Removed "prepped" column from daily sheets.
  • CRC - Only print Reminders on the daily sheets when doing an AM print.
  • Bug fix - a record entry with a surgery record, sample or lab_test could not be deleted.
  • Added the "Delete patient" command.
  • The USFWS email functions are only accessible if they are properly configured.
  • Bug fix - Reminder viewer crashed when a patient id or location where specified.
  • Widened the patient id field in the reminder viewer.
  • Can now add reminders with no date that will be displayed every day until deleted.

    Version 3.3.2 - June 18, 2011

  • On treatment sheets - Baytil changed to enrofloxacin.
  • On treatment sheets - Torb changed to butorphanol.
  • Can now add up to 50 recurring reminders at once.

    Version 3.3.1 - June 16, 2011

  • Bug fix - On BRWI daily sheets, SID treatments for nocturnals should be done at night.

    Version 3.3.0 - June 14, 2011

  • Began Spanish translation
  • Removed "Upcoming release" report.
  • Removed "Add thyroxine reminders" function.
  • Corrected typo - Copy treatments to all cage/kennel mates.
  • Bug fix - BRWI daily sheets. BID treatments were blank at night.
  • Bug fix - BRWI - "mixed" was displayed when the species in an enclosure were not mixed.
  • Typo - Syringe feeding was spelled wrong on daily sheets.
  • BRWI daily sheet - Increased the number of individuals to display in an enclosure from 3 to 8.

    Version 3.2.6 - June 11, 2011

  • Bug fix - The lab test results were not displayed properly. The lab/source and submission dates were swapped.
  • Bug fix - BRWI daily sheets crashed because of locations without a specified group treatment.
  • The entries in the maintenance log are now listed in the About dialog.

    Version 3.2.5 - June 6, 2011

  • Bug fix - the previous update caused a serious bug that did not print out TID patients if they also had a BID treatment in their individual treatment plan.

    Version 3.2.4 - June 5, 2011

  • Added simplified release form that skips the banding fields.
  • Bug fix - the Add New Patient and Patient Info dialogs would sometimes be positioned with their bottom edge off the screen. The are now centered.
  • Cosmetic fix - the patient id column in the physical therapy report dialog is now wider.
  • Widened the age fields.
  • Removed the BRWI data load function.
  • The Documents folder is opened during the Backup procedure.
  • Weight trends command is now available for all location types.
  • Bug fix - the group operation commands had an invalid date in the record entries that were automatically created.
  • Bug fix - For release records, the district was not displayed and the county was displayed when using Chinese addresses.
  • The combo lock for an enclosure is displayed on the Exerise sheet.
  • Change in behavior - treatment options are disabled unless specificially enabled. This is important since I don't want new options to appear when they were added for another customer.
  • The species is listed in the patient list when performing group operations.
  • The patient list is no longer displayed when doing a group Add.
  • Cosmetic fix - the patient id's where clipped off at the right in the weight trends graph when the id's had more than 5 or 6 characters.
  • The document repository now has a + button, the 'Type' column is wider and it checks to see if the filename is already in used before allowing a new document to be added.
  • Group treatments can now be TID.
  • Feed Separately was not displayed on the rehab diurnal/nocturnal sheets.
  • First pass at the daily treatment sheets for BRWI
  • EnableAddPatientFunction defaults to enabled if the ini file becomes corrupt or is deleted accidentally.

    Version 3.2.3 - May 22, 2011

  • Bug fix - treatment dialog crashed when "Training" field not enabled.
  • Bug fix - the found and presented by county would revert to the first choice in the lists in the Finder Info dialog if those fields were blank.
  • Bug fix - The species list in the Monthly report was incomplete when there is a long list of species.

    Version 3.2.2 - May 15, 2011

  • Added the document repository function.

    Version 3.2.1 - May 7, 2011

  • A physical exam is now included in the Cost Estimator.
  • The Cost Estimator will now assume a size of "small" if the species is not specifically listed. The user will no longer be prompted with a warning popup in these cases.

    Version 3.2.0 - April 21, 2011

  • Added function to auto-generate emails to USFWS for illegal injury cause cases and for special species admissions.
  • Added function to auto-generate non-releasability letters.
  • In Advanced Search Dialog - the problem field is not a choice list instead of just an edit field.
  • The address book lookup dialog now has two columns and it can be sorted.
  • Bug fix - the flag/alert text was not displayed properly when there was an overflow into the upper 32 bits of the flag field.

    Version 3.1.1 - April 9, 2011

  • Implemented patient id format for BRWI.
  • Added 'zoo/aviary' as a type in the address book.
  • Implemented code to load BRWI patient data.
  • User management (add user and change password) operations are now logged.
  • Added the "Group release" and "Group add" commands. All group operations are now available from the main menu or from a right-click on a cage/location.
  • The login password can be optionally saved in an encrypted form in the .ini file.
  • Double-clicking on a result in the query dialog will open the patient's record, if appropriate.
  • Bug fix - times of day with spaces in them were not accepted as valid entries.
  • Cosmetic fix - Query dialog did not have a minimize button.
  • Added the Advanced Search function.
  • Switched to a new MySQL .lib. Seems to be backward compatible so the new file may not actually be required.
  • Location combo lock info is now stored in a separate field and is displayed on the daily sheets.
  • Location properties can now be edited from a right-click in the location list.

    Version 3.1.0 - March 25, 2011

  • Created maint_log table for all db maintenance log entries
  • Password strength is now enforced when adding a user or changing the password. The password edit fields also now hide the text entry.
  • Bug fix - resident bird id\band\name info was not appearing on the rehab treatment sheet when combined in outside BID groups. This was a problem when a resident was used as a surrogate parent for rehab orphans.
  • Bug fix - the phone numbers weren't retreived properly from the address book in the New Patient dialog.
  • Bug fix - Entering a " in the any of the text fields in the treatment sheet would make it unreadable.
  • On treatment sheet, 'Iron injection' is now called 'Iron dextran'.
  • The type can now be specified for ophthalmic antibiotic and the labels for pred and antibiotic say "Ophthalmic antibiotic/pred".
  • Created "Other meds" section on treatment sheet.
  • Added diphenhydrammine, lactobacillus, loperamide, activated charcoal, tylosin, amoxicillin, dex, dex-SP, kaopectate, lactulose, and toltrazuril to treatment sheet.
  • Added the "Exclude from web page" flag.
  • Changed name of "Missing Relaese Cards" report to "Missing Release Locations".
  • The Species Group field can be optionally displayed in the main filter bar, the New patient dialog and the Edit Patient Info dialog.
  • Added the "Group move" command.
  • Added the "Group transfer" command.
  • SpeciesGroups.xml is not longer needed.
  • Bug fix - the drug form was not displayed for ivermectin, carnidazole, or levamisole.

    Version 3.0.1 - March 12, 2011

  • Bug fix - The resolved date for a problem could not be cleared.
  • Added new banner artwork to About box.
  • The chemistry panel labels for the analyte units are now configurable.
  • Marbofloxacin and be SID or BID.

    Version 3.0.0 - March 6, 2011

  • Cosmetic fix - Fixed some formatting problems in the Generic report generator.
  • Cosmetic fix - CBC's were not displayed nicely on medical record page.
  • Cosmetic fix - The mobile, home, and work phone number edit fields are now properly labelled in the address book editor.
  • Database backups are logged when completed.
  • Added png artwork for all + and - buttons.
  • Added the Sample\lab test interface.
  • Bug fix - list choice with escaped characters could not be editted or deleted.
  • The initial and resolved date can be stored for problems.
  • Added non-native flag to exlcude these birds from year-end reports.
  • Added Lead graph.
  • New image\artwork in Fluid Calculator dialog.
  • On the treatment sheet, bandage changes default to "dates", not SID.
  • The BCS field label is now configurable (i.e. Keel score vs BCS).
  • Species can be assigned to species group with separate drug formularies for each group. This supports non-raptor species.
  • Rearranged code (Cost Estimator, SubRecordLoader, Feather check display, etc) to share with the CGI application.
  • Added the cold-intolerant flag and report.
  • Added the "Create Transfer Request" command.
  • Widened Event 'Notes' field.
  • First

    Version of CGI web interface. 20. Bug fix - the Release and Transfer records did not handle Chinese addresses. 2

  • Locations can now be marked as inactive. This is useful for locations like ISO-1, ISO-2 that are only used during orphan season. 2
  • Added the 'Long-term feeder' patient flag. This is used to force SID indoor birds onto the diurnal\nocturnal treatment sheets. To be used for birds that don't require anything special other than feeding (for instance, when overwintering). The birds with this setting cannot be in a kennel room. 2
  • Can now search patients by final date or admission date. 2
  • Reworked appearance of patient record page. 2
  • Bug fix - read-only users created with RaptorMed had normal access. 2
  • Color bars on treatment page changed to match new color scheme. 2
  • When the ini file gets accidentally deleted, the app no prompts the user for the host string and resaves the settings to auto-correct the problem.

    Version 2.2.5 - Jan 23, 2011

  • Cosmetic fix - The id and band number for individual birds on the exercise sheet were displayed on separate lines and it looked like two separate birds.
  • Bug fix - Clindamycin could not be set to SID.
  • CaEDTA can now be SID or BID.
  • The database

    Version is stored and displayed in the About box.

  • Bug fix - The installer was creating unnecessary folders for the help files.
  • Fluid calculator allows deficit replacement over 24 or 48 hours.
  • Added 'Very large' category for cost estimator.
  • Added SID option for bandage changes.
  • Added Foot soak and training to treatment sheet.
  • Widended the CBC interpretation field.
  • Added ability to mark cage as disinfected.

    Version 2.2.4 - Jan 16, 2011

  • Bug fix - The species column in cleaning and watering printout did not display properly when the cage was empty.
  • Bug fix - The "Skip day" checkbox for food in cage was not displayed correctly when a skip day was not selected.
  • Cosmetic fix - MetrInidazole was spelled wrong on tx sheets.
  • Treatment dialog crashed on open because when thiamine was disable as a treatment option.
  • Widened Patient Notes field to 255 characters.
  • Changed cc's to ml on treatment sheets.
  • Cosmetic fix in Edit group tx dialog when skip days are disabled.
  • Bug fix - INDOOR individual birds in non-kennel rooms were being printed on the diurnal sheet.

    Version 2.2.3 - Jan 7, 2011

  • Bug fix - could not disable Aminophylline on the treatment sheet.
  • Cosmetic fix - made the selection tree in the medical record entry form larger.
  • Disabled the "Graph wizard" button on the Query form since the function isn't complete yet.
  • Bug fix - the Print Treatment Sheet dialog should only prompt for the time of day if BID, outside BID or TID are selected.
  • Bug fix - The transporter field would get incorrectly set to the first choice in the list in the FinderInfo dialog if it wasn't set to anything.

    Version 2.2.2 - Jan 2, 2011

  • Bug fix - USFWS reminders were not created for illegal injury causes.
  • Added "Refresh" button to Event Planner.
  • Bug fix - "Switch to: SID" was not printed out fully in the medical record when the "Treatments" tree item was double-clicked on.
  • Bug fix - only birds Reh\PR birds should show up on "Needs cope" or "Needs imp" reports.
  • Wording change: Imp'd to Imped.
  • Reformatted exercise sheet so the id's and band numbers are easier to read.
  • Baytri-SQ and clindamycin can now be SID or BID.
  • Widened the 'Species' field on the RAR event form.
  • Potential bug fix - the RaptorMed.tmp file is deleted before attempting to update it. This will hopefully solve the problem where settings aren't being saved properly.
  • Bug fix - slashes and apostrophe's not handled properly when adding to the problem list.
  • Cosmetic fix - reformatted the handler training reports.
  • Changed "BNP" to "Triple Ab" and "Pred drops" to "Pred" on treatment form.
  • User can now choose AM, Midday, or PM when printing treatment sheets.
  • Added optional district (for China\Beijing) and country address fields.
  • County is now and optional address field.
  • Allow State to be renamed as "Province" (for China).
  • The county field in the AddressBoook editor is now a chooser list.
  • The transporter field in the New Patient and Finder Info dialogs are now a chooser list.
  • Added support for BRRC patient id format. 20. The Cost Estimator supports $ or Yuan. 2
  • Changed button caption from "Apply filter" to "Search" on the main window. 2
  • Cosmetic change - Removed jpeg from Treatment dialog. 2
  • Can now configure which treatments are available on the treatment sheet. 2
  • Added Levamisole and Ceftriaxone to treatment sheet. 2
  • CaEDTA and reglan can now be IM or SQ. 2
  • CaEDTA and ivermectin dosages are now autocalculated. 2
  • Removed images of old paper forms from the intake, treatment and exam forms. 2
  • Added new fields to physical exam form. 2
  • Check for valid Chinese permanent band numbers in Release form. 30. Added marbofloxacin, praziquantel, cephalexin, aminophylline and metrinidazole to treatment sheet. 3
  • Configured Releases.html for BRRC. 3
  • TransporterFinder map now optionally displays the County if specified. 3
  • Added mysql_free_result() after eery mysql_store_result().

    Version 2.2.1 - Nov 28, 2010

  • Added Tools | Maintenance submenu.
  • Added Backup wizard tool.
  • The date in the event planner is no longer required. Events with no date are considered flexible and can occur whenever a bird is available.
  • Added 'source' columnn to blood lead record.
  • Added Reports to the Handler Training Log window.
  • Bug fix - could not open non-image attachments. Attempted to access files with http:// prefix
  • In the Handler Training Log, the bird's training level is now displayed.
  • In the Handler Training Log, can now edit and delete entries.
  • Made list boxes in Event Planner a little bigger.
  • Remove maximize button from Event Planner and Handler Training dialogs.
  • Added the Handler Summary Report in the Handler Training Log.
  • Added the "Exercise" option to the daily printouts.
  • Can now record surgical procedures in a separate table which is used in the Cost Estimator. Added the ability to add and edit surgical procedure descriptions in the List Choices editor.
  • wxEscapedTextCtrl now un-escapes text when the initial value is set.
  • Cosmetic fix - feather checks are displayed on a separate line so the overall record isn't too wide.
  • The feed order and display order are now displayed in the Site Viewer.
  • Bug fix - unable to save problems\injury cause when one of the patient text fields (like Notes, etc) contained an escapable character (like an apostrophe).
  • Voriconazole dosage is now autocalculated.
  • Added SQ baytril to treatment sheet.
  • Moved the Cost Estimator tool to the patient's record page.

    Version 2.2.0 - Oct 31, 2010

  • Added the Event Planner.

    Version 2.1.0 - Oct 26, 2010

  • Centered the first three columns on the resident bird daily sheets.
  • Added the Handler Training Log function.
  • Bug fix - there was an extra cage displayed in the upper-left corner of the Site Viewer.
  • Bug fix - fixed crash bug introduced by the change #21 in the last

    Version. Long band\id strings for rehab birds would cause the app to crash when printing daily sheets.

  • The Skip Day is now configurable.

    Version 2.0.3 - Oct 19, 2010

  • Reglan injections did not indicate IM on the treatment sheet.
  • Bug fix - help files did not launch properly in a browser when in a shared network folder.
  • Bug fix - minimized patient windows weren't restored when clicked on again in the main patient or cage lists.
  • The organization name is now displayed on the transporter map for rehabber-type contacts.
  • Bug fix - SID treatments should no longer show up on mid-day or evening treatment sheets.
  • Bug fix - outside kennel rooms and inside group locations were not handled correctly.
  • The "Mark as cleaned" command is available for all types of locations.
  • Widened the "Husbandry notes" field.
  • Doxycycline can be SID or BID.
  • Nystatin dosage is now auto-calculated.
  • Added the drug form and planned dosage to the dosage.xml file. The drug form is now printed in the record along with the dose. Also, the frequency can be specified as "SID,BID", for example.
  • User is prompted before changing the group treatment as this can be done unintentionally.
  • The PT report now shows "Reminders" not "In group" for birds in group. When you click on the cell, it displays all the upcoming reminders in a popup window.
  • Bug fix - IO fluids were not printed properly on treatment sheets.
  • Added the "Show reminders" command to the right-click menu on the main screen.
  • The list of special species that need USFWS notification is now configurable in the database.
  • Cages can be marked as under construction and they are displayed in red in the cage list.
  • Added the Site Viewer.
  • Bug fix - Fixed orphaned dialog problem that caused the exe to not quit. 20. Bug fix - Weight Trends Report did not handle species="All" correctly and it only included rehab birds. 2
  • Widened the Patient.band fields and renamed it to "Band\id\unique characteristics" so it can be used to identify birds in a group. This information is now displayed for "Feed separately" resident birds so the feeders can tell which bird is which. "Feed separately" is no also printed on the feeding sheets for these birds. 2
  • Bug fix - the PT report showed "Reminders" in the next PT column for birds in kennel rooms. Now shows the next PT date from the individual treatment plan. 2
  • Don't show -1 for Days in Rehab for resident birds. Now shows just a blank.

    Version 2.0.2 - Oct 2, 2010

  • Address book is not sortable by clicking on the list columns.
  • Changed application icon artwork.
  • Removed temporary "Load transporter list" command.
  • Bug fix - Organization name is no longer mandatory in address book.
  • Bug fix - Inactive was missing as an option in the address book.
  • Removed temporary "Convert problems" command.
  • Bug fix - Deleting a medical record entry failed when removing attachments. This bug was introduced in

    Version 2.0.1.

  • Bug fix - Thiamine injection amount was not saved properly.
  • In address book, changed 'trainer' type to 'handler'.
  • New AddressBook icon.
  • The entries are now sorted by org and name in the AddresssBook lookup dialog.
  • Bug fix - apostrophe's entered in the address book for a transporter would result in the Google map not displaying.
  • Address book can now be filtered by all the different types.
  • The "Save image locally" command now sets the default image file name to use the patient id.
  • The patient id access functions are now driven by a "format" setting in the database.
  • All "generic" queries under Tools menu can now be sorted by clicking on the column headings.
  • Changed Ok button to Cancel on Multiple Cage Entry dialog.
  • Added HusbandryNotes field to patient info.
  • Weight trends graph: red and green lines are much brighter, display defaults to 30 days, "Days since today" is now displayed and the values are no longer negative numbers. 20. Bug fix - couldn't add image files with a jpeg extension. 2
  • Weight trends graph can now look back for 60, 90, or 365 days. 2
  • Rearranged the choices in the Reports menu. 2
  • When auto-updating files, the application will no longer throw an error if the source files are missing. 2
  • Bug fix - the following text entries were not escaped before attempting to insert into the database: attachment names, problems, list choices, the text fields in the location record. 2
  • Bug fix - Group cages that had a skip day were not printed out at all on the daily sheets. Now they say "Skip day" 2
  • Finished help files and added help buttons to all forms. 2
  • PT Report displays "In Group" and ignores scheduled PT's on a bird's individual chart if the for birds are in a group and are not "Feed separately". 2
  • The units for blood lead tests are configurable from the database.

    Version 2.0.1 - Sep 5, 2010

  • Started html help
  • The nocturnal species list is now configurable from the database.
  • Reworded mouse school reminders to be more clear.
  • Bug fix - Cage cleaning report did not show watering info.
  • Widened comments field in Releases table.
  • Chemistry source list is now configurable and is loaded from database.
  • Bug fix - when the number of unique species was greater than 40, the Totals row in the monthly report did not show up. Increased the max to 60.
  • Added voriconazole, carnidazole, and CaEDTA to treatment sheet.
  • Adult birds can be optionally displayed on the weight trends graph.
  • Added LicenseManager functionality
  • Renamed "age-related characteristics" to "age and sex-related..."
  • Status bar displays # of "patients" now, not # of "records".
  • Widened phone number fields in address book dialog.
  • Days in rehab for PR birds is now blank instead of -1.
  • Outside BID's can be printed separately.
  • Bug fix - permanent residents undergoing physical therapy did not appear in the PT report.
  • Mouse school reminder dialog rewritten to allow the mid-point and ending dates to be directly specified.
  • Can now specify an amount for iron, vit B and thiamine injections.
  • Added Resident Bird Summary report. 20. Added configuration file setting to disable auto-update feature. 2
  • Address Book has been expanded to include different types of contacts. The Transporter google map data can be imported and exported. 2
  • Can now add any type of attachment to a medical record entry. The 'images' table was renamed to 'attachements' to support this. 2
  • The species daily rates in the cost estimator are now looked up in the database instead of being a hard-coded list. 2
  • Added check after fopen() when exporting patient record. The app was crashing at CRC when exporting the e:\ on a USB drive. 2
  • Bug fix - the lead input dialog would allow a blank entry for the lead level. 2
  • The Release band number format can now be specified in the database and is no longer hardcoded.

    Version 2.0.0 - July 1, 2010
    This update makes the application distributable by removing any functionality that is specific to CRC.

  • Bug fix - WBC count was not adjusted up when PCV > 45.
  • Bug fix - Fixed a few cosmetic problems on the cleaning and watering sheets. Also, the sheets no longer display the indoor kennel rooms.
  • Cleaned up FeatherCheckViewer code.
  • Added ability to mark a cage as watered in addition to cleaned.
  • Empty cages display in highlighted text in the cage list.
  • Removed minimize and maximize buttons from CostEstimatorDialog
  • Patient problem lists are now stored in separate table and not as an xml structure in the patient table.
  • Dosages.xml - Clavamox: changed 1\2 large to 1 small tab
  • Widened patient flags field to 64 bits. Added Contagious and Easily Imprintable flags.
  • Alert text can be specified for all location. The text is displayed on the treatment sheets. Cages are now specified as indoor\outdoor and multikennel.
  • Tramadol and doxycycline doses are now autocalculated.
  • Org name is now pulled from the database instead of being hard-coded.
  • There is now a separate logo that can be customized for the organization.
  • USFWS service reminders are now configurable from a setting in the database.
  • Added the EnableMaintenanceFunctions setting in the GENERAL section to control access to the Increment Ages function and any other maintenance functions.

    Version 1.2.30 - May 30, 2010

  • Bug fix - The cost estimator calculation did not interpret a blank in the quantity column as 0.
  • Bug fix - The positions of the caption and prompt text in the List Item editor dialog where reversed.
  • Add the ability to mark a cage as cleaned and to print cage cleaning sheets.
  • Moved the "Edit group treatment" right click menu option down in menu to make it harder to accidentally select it.
  • Bug fix - the html for fecal display was not well-formed (missing tag) and it did not always display properly.
  • Bug fix - buffer overflow crash in exam form if too much text entered.
  • Can now display the record entry id on the patient record by setting General.Debug=1 in ini file.
  • "All meds PO" is automatically displayed when appropriate when making medical record entries.
  • Added doxycycline and tramadol to treatment sheet.
  • Added Save\Cancel buttons near the top of the treatment sheet for convenience.

    Version 1.2.29 - April 18, 2010

  • Bug fix - the TS "goal range on the PCV chart was not in the correct location.
  • Updated dosages.xml to include more clindamycin dosages
  • Bug fix - BID grabber "Other" treatments were displaying as non-grabbers on the evening treatment sheet.
  • Fixed export function to allow the filename to be chosen. Also, the exported file does not contain links or images since they were not viewable anyway.
  • Bug fix - tabs did not work in Physical Exam form
  • Bug fix - downloaded updatable files are made writeable before the update. This is an attempt to fix a problem where it appears that various Windows patches seem to reset file attributes to read only.
  • ReadMe.txt is now auto-updated.
  • Added List Choices editor dialog to allow age, county, injury cause, keywords, problems, species, fecal parasite and location to be added, removed and editted.
  • "Other:" is no longer displayed on the treatment sheet for the "Other" category of treatments.
  • Removed athe Tools | Show Map command and the "GetselectedLatLon" buttons from the New Patient and Finder Info dialogs.
  • Added the Cost Estimator dialog
  • Rewrote the way resident bird treatment sheets are generated. The feed order is now used on the printout and on the multiple cage entry form.

    Version 1.2.28 - March 7, 2010

  • The patient id and date are displayed in the title bar images.
  • Added Imagery and PCV tab to historical data viewer
  • Added Export Releases to Google Map function
  • Automatically append .jpg when saving images locally.
  • Added clindamycin to treatment sheet.
  • Reorganized graph code using virtual class hierarchy to allow for reuse.
  • Added legend display and gradient fill to graph background
  • Added PT to historical data viewer. The joints display like error bars for the before and after angles.
  • Added EEOW to the list of nocturnal birds
  • Made the address book manager dialog wider.
  • Added PCV\TP and CBC tabs to the historical data viewer.

    Version 1.2.27 - February 7, 2010

  • Added AddressBook manager dialog to add, delete and edit entries
  • Added "Looking for" field to address book to track organizations looking for NR birds.
  • Made the address book lookup dialog larger.
  • Added a tabbed viewer for historical data. One tab shows weight. The second tab shows feather checks.

    Version 1.2.26 - January 31, 2010

  • Reworked the Monthly Report to not include misleading information.
  • Bug fix - Resident bird feeding sheets were not ordered by feed_order so it did not match the order in the Multiple Cage Entry dialog.
  • Disabled Group treatment entries for cages with only one bird.
  • Enabled auto-reconnect to reestablish connection if it drops for any reason.

    Version 1.2.25 - January 8, 2010

  • Updated dosages.xml to round up clavamox dosages so as to not require quarter tabs.
  • Added Pelvis to Exam template
  • Added "Escaped" as status option
  • Bug fix - removed extaneous dashes in name\band column of Last Weights Report.
  • Bug fix - no longer allow group treatments for ISO, KR1, KR2
  • Added the "Increment Ages" command
  • Bug fix - header in Bandit file had a comma that should have been a tab.
  • The organization info for year-end reports is now stored in database instead of ini file
  • USFWS report title now matches actual report and there is a signature block at the bottom.

    Version 1.2.24 - December 28, 2009

  • Added "singed" feather state
  • Added "notes" field to the MoveOut item on the treatment sheet
  • Added the Release-A-Raptor field to the patient record.
  • Upcoming Releases report - dropped unused columns, added RAR field and adjusted column widths
  • Added the Age-related characteristics field the patient record. This field is also displayed in the Release Dialog to help to make the How Aged? choice.
  • Removed the Load Database menu function as it is no longer needed.
  • Patient record PRINT command renamed to EXPORT
  • Patient record html page now uses arial font by default
  • Bug fix - the year printed on the Monthly report was not correct if the user didn't press the Query button. The button was removed and the query is automatically run whenever the user makes a change to the choice combo boxes.
  • Added "Untreated yesterday" report
  • Bug fix - patients without a treatment specified were added to the SID list with a "No tx specified" message. If the treatments are printed for the evening, then the SID section is not printed and this oversight was not caught. Now the program puts up an error box so the condition must be corrected before printing.
  • Bug fix - Bandit report crashed if a bird had a release record but did not have a final date (i.e. still in rehab)
  • Bandit Report now shows unmatching locations in degrees:minutes:seconds instead of decimal degrees.
  • Bandit files are now exported to tab-delimited .txt files instead of comma-delimited .csv files. The Remarks field now contains the days in rehabe and the problem list instead of NA.
  • The name is now displayed in the Last Weighs Report.
  • Reminders are now printed for birds that are in a group in the area on the the daily sheet for the birds's current location. Before the were only printed in the master reminder list and it was easy to miss them.
  • Added the Band column to the Missing release cards report.

    Version 1.2.23 - December 3, 2009

  • Added ability to enter patient id in ReminderViewer
  • Image viewer window size is more visually appropriate
  • Improved image view magnification function
  • Added "Delete image" menu command

    Version 1.2.22 - November 19, 2009

  • Bug fix - added ini file setting in [GENERAL] section MissingReleaseCardQuery_FirstYear=2009
    to allow the first year for MissingReleaseCard query to be specified. Defaults to 2009
    if not specified.

    Version 1.2.21 - November 18, 2009

  • The report dialogs are now always on top of the main window and will no longer stay open when the application quits.
  • Bug fix - the status field was always set to 700 in the Bandit export file.
  • Added year-end reports.
  • Only one reminder to contact USFWS is created when a new eagle is admitted instead of 2 (tomorrow and day after tomorrow). This was changed because it is easy to push a reminder if not completed so more than one is no longer necessary.
  • The user is prompted to contact USFWS regarding illegal injury causes and a reminder is also created.
  • Added "Missing release cards" query

    Version 1.2.20 - November 2, 2009

  • Bug fix - Lat and lon values like 20 minutes were rounded down to 19 minutes.
  • Fixed typo in BanditLocations.dat file

    Version 1.2.19 - October 14, 2009

  • Bug fix - Birds with torb and reglan injections with an future until date were identified as non-grabbers on the treatment sheets.
  • Release dialog now accepts lat\lon as deg:min:sec, not decimal degrees
  • Added minimize button to patient dialog.
  • Added Bandit report output The BanditLocation data file is autoupdated when the program starts.
  • Enforced a valid band number entry in the release dialog
  • Skip Day is now printed on treatment sheets when necessary.

    Version 1.2.18 - October 1, 2009

  • Added Band number to Last Weights Report
  • Added "Bent" feather status for feather checks
  • Updated treatment sheet Fixed "exercise" typ0 Added terbinafine, reglan, ampho B, endoscopy, nebulization thyroxine, blood lead

    Version 1.2.17 - September 6, 2009

  • Added support to Abaxis Vetscan chem panels.
  • Added NROA flag
  • Adjusted colors of green states in feather check display as they were too close to differentiate.

    Version 1.2.16 - August 29, 2009

  • If an patient id is specified in the filter form on the main screen, then all other filter options are ignored.
  • Physical Therapy Report dialog was made larger.
  • Fixed positioning of the graphic on the Releases dialog.
  • Added the Last Weights Report.
  • Bug fix - opening the patient record viewer for a bird would crash if a record_entry had a null date.

    Version 1.2.15 - August 22, 2009

  • Added the Physical Therapy Report.
  • Widened the Location and Release by fields in the Release record.
  • Whitespace is trimmed from the id input field in the filter area in the main window.

    Version 1.2.14 - August 19, 2009

  • Bug fix - Expired treatments were still being considered when creating the daily treatment sheet. This would result in the incorrect SID\BID\TID frequency would be selected and "No Tx Specified" would sometimes be displayed.
  • Bug fix - The frequency for tube feeding was not being saved properly.
  • Bug fix - The weight chart crashes program when a record_entry has an all-zero date.
  • Implemented the "Copy to clipboard" function in the Query dialog.

    Version 1.2.13 - July 27, 2009

  • Units are now displayed for all values in Chemistry panels.
  • Numbers for each feather state are now displayed in the feather check editor.
  • Left and right on feather check editor and display are reversed.
  • Added name field to "upcoming releases" report since it is often used by RAR.
  • Bug fix - The R17 "rehab-2 and above" warning was not always displayed properly.
  • Bug fix - printing resident bird daily sheets caused a crash due to a buffer overflow in Treatment::GetFormattedText().

    Version 1.2.12 - July 6, 2009

  • Bug fix - The "Vet check" tag wasn't always displayed on the daily sheets. This bug was introduced by a change 1.2.11.
  • Removed the "Re-load band number" function as it is no longer needed.
  • Widened Patient.Notes field
  • Template files are auto-downloaded from the server at program startup
  • Location is stored and displayed for each record entry
  • Added "7 days" as a new option for mouse school duration in the mouse school reminder dialog.
  • Added mandatory "readBy" field to CBC record
  • Can specify a day range for Weight graph
  • Upcoming releases report now shows all birds with an expected release date, not just ones with a future release date.
  • Added Feather Check graphical display
  • User is prompted to set age to HY if user attempts to release a bird with the age still set to Local.
  • Bug fix - AddReminder dialog would not allow an interval in days greater than 50.
  • On daily sheets, band numbers are displayed regardless of age (not just for babies).
  • Bug fix - skip wednesdays for Group treatments was applied for Thursday if sheets are printed on Wednesday for TOMORROW.
  • The application now auto-updates itself by spawning RaptorMedUpdater.exe
  • Falconer Eval report now checks only status=Reh
  • Ophtho Consult reprot now checks on Status=Reh or PR

    Version 1.2.11 - June 14, 2009

  • Added the Multiple Entry dialog
  • Weight Trends Graph displays birds that are either HY or L
  • On treatment sheet, added option for eye meds to try without grabbing
  • On treatment sheet, add the "Use camo\puppets" option for Food in cage
  • On treatment sheet, can now specify 3 dates for VetCheck
  • The date is displayed on the bottom of each daily sheet page
  • Added the "Add to address book" query
  • Replaced "Upcoming reminders" report with the Reminder Viewer that allows various filter to be applied and reminders to be "pushed" until tomorrow.
  • Added "RWF count" query
  • Added the "Re-load band number" utility.
  • Time validation was improved in all data entry forms
  • Display all problems on dialy sheets - not just unresolved problems.

    Version 1.2.10 - May 26, 2009

  • Ability to add recurrent reminders (x days, weekly, monthly).
  • Thyroxine protocol reminders can be automatically added.
  • Bug fix - "Leftovers" was not displayed in the correct column on the nocturnal daily sheet.
  • Added a space for "Food" above "Leftovers" on the diurnal and nocturnal daily sheets.
  • Added checkboxes for "Prepared", "Completed" and "Recorded" on the daily sheets.
  • Bug fix - Staff will feed PR birds did not show up on the daily sheets if in KR1, KR2, ISO.
  • Bug fix - In an oUTDOOR GROUP with 2 or more birds being treated SEPARATELY, any SID birds in the group did not show up on the daily sheet as either a diurnal or nocturnal.
  • Double-clicking on cage in cage list allows user to "Add new entry" instead of editting current orders.
  • Bug fix - single SID diurnal\nocturnal birds where showing up twice on the treatment sheets.
  • Updated and expanded drug dosages for clavamox and baytril
  • Updated Health Check template

    Version 1.2.9 - May 17, 2009

  • Added button to allow record entries to be deleted.
  • Added "View Weight Trends" as right click menu item on the cage list
  • Added "Delete last group treatment" command
  • Bug fix - group treatment text was not autowrapped to the proper width
  • Monthly report now calculates the number of birds released during the month.
  • Can add and removed queries in the query manager.

    Version 1.2.8 - May 9, 2009

  • Color coding of Weight Trends graphs is more intelligent and takes recency into account.
  • Query dialogs are now not always on top.
  • Size of query dialog is now more user-friendly.
  • Weight trends dialog now allows the location and number of days to be specified.
  • Added Band column to the patient and cage lists.
  • Added a Nocturnal\Diurnal column to the patient list.
  • Non-releasable birds are not included in rehab trend statistics.
  • Bug fix - birds without a location specified were skipped when the daily sheets were printed.
  • Added a + button to add keywords from a list in the database.

    Version 1.2.7 - May 2, 2009

  • Added Weight Trends graph
  • Outside group treatments can now be BID's
  • Added the "Copy treatments to cagemates" command

    Version 1.2.6 - April 30, 2009

  • Bug fix - the cage list wasn't reloaded when the Refresh button was pressed.
  • Added the display_order column to Location table so that the order that cages are displayed in the GUI can be controlled.
  • A warning about Rehab-2 and above is displayed when birds are in R17a-e.
  • New patients that are added with Age=Local have the "carry and weigh in box" and "body grab only" alerts automatically set.
  • Reminders to call USFW are automatically created when an eagle is admitted.
  • All reminders are now printed on the RRK "Staff Will Feed" daily sheet.
  • Bug fix - BNOW was appearing as a diurnal on daily sheets.
  • Bug fix - app crashed if group treatment was too long

    Version 1.2.5 - April 22, 2009

  • Slow loading of patient record pages is fixed.
  • Bug fix - birds were not appearing as grabbers on the dail sheets if torb was selected without an until date specified.

    Version 1.2.4 - April 19, 2009

  • Hour glass displayed when patient records are loaded
  • Bug fix - "No treatment specified" was not always displayed on daily sheet when appropriate.
  • Added "Add new record entry" to right-click menu in main patient list.
  • Added right-click menu to patient items in cage list
  • Band\color is displayed on daily sheets for babies
  • Daily sheets are sorted by location, then by patient id.
  • Added "Requires grabbing" checkbox to "Other" section on treatment sheet.

    Version 1.2.3 - April 12, 2009

  • Added ability to delete reminders
  • Added "Escape artist" alert
  • SEOW is now treated as a diurnal
  • Bug fix - The finder.phone2 and finder.email fields were getting mixed up in the FinderInfo dialog box.
  • Diurnal and nocturnal paients are ordered on the daily sheet according to the feeding order.
  • Patient lab results record loads where optimized and are much faster than in previous


  • The "Feed separately" flag is now utilized for rehab birds

    Version 1.2.2 - April 5, 2009

  • Bug fix - Text in medical record entries is autowrapped to 80 characters in order to make sure that it displays properly.
  • Bug fix - CBC counts were truncated if too large.
  • Added "Fracture search" and "Presented By search" to query templates
  • Bug fix - On database load, the finder name field was overflowing into the finder org field. Also, it failed on STRICT MySQL installations due to several invalid date fields in the Patient table.
  • Put in debug log statements to track down why Who and Username cannot be saved to config file on rehab computer.

    Version 1.2.1 - April 1, 2009

  • Bug fix - new "CheckKeel" choice in treatment dialog messed up the "Weigh" choice sometimes
  • "Needs Mouse School" report now checks for status=REHAB
  • Added "Needs Placement" report
  • Reminder printout on daily sheets now shows bird location and name if available.

    Version 1.2 - March 29, 2009

  • Bug fix - SID feedings and fluids where showing up on the PM treatment sheets
  • Outside BID's are listed separately on the daily treatment sheets.
  • Cage list was moved to main window.
  • Day of week is displayed for each medical record entry
  • Reordered the hints that print on the daily sheets
  • Can view patient by double-clicking in cage list
  • Bug fix - Double-clicking on patient to display patient dialog would sometimes open one of the patient dialog child windows accidentally.
  • All reminders are listed at the top of the daily sheet, not just the general reminders for the day.
  • Added "Feather check" and "Keel check" to treatment sheet.
  • Bug fix - doesn't allow invalid patient id's to be entered in the New Patient Dialog and the Patient Info Dialog
  • "Mouse School Complete" reminder reworded.
  • Added "Force feed if LO's" check box to treatment sheet.
  • Widened weight column on RRK daily sheets
  • Widened "Released by" edit field in Release Dialog
  • Bug fix - The "Other" category on the treatment sheet was not being handled properly

    Version 1.0.9 - March 24, 2009

  • First official release
  • © 2010 David Scott, RaptorMed.com