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RaptorMed LITE was designed for smaller centers that don't need the same level of customization that is available in the full version. The LITE version is fully functional but comes at a fraction of the cost.

Compare the two versions

 Full versionLITE version
Cost It varies but ranges from $3500 $1000
Yearly license fee
This includes all updates
(first year is free)
$1000 $500
Full functionality Yes Yes
Customizable? Completely. You will be surprised at what we can
do specifically for you. Need a
new report or function...no problem!
Pre-load your patient history Yes No
Pre-load your enclosure layout Yes Yes
Onsite training/installation Yes No
Number of users/workstations Unlimited One
Web page fucntionality Yes, including the ability to
receive donations
Support Unlimited via email/WebX/phone Of course, but limited
Upgradable? - You can upgrade to the full version at any time.

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