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RaptorMedTM will increase your efficiency, and, in so doing, will automatically save you money. Here are just a few examples of how Carolina Raptor Center has dramatically decreased costs:
  • Our average "days in rehab" statistic dramatically decreased after we started using RaptorMed. It dropped by 36% (from 110 to 70 days). If you assume it costs $1 per day on average just to feed a patient, we are now saving $40 per patient! Multiply that by hundreds of patients each year and the savings really add up. And this doesn't include costs for medications and other medical supplies.

  • When medications are ordered for each patient, a final date can be specified. Because of this, patients will not be accidentally on medications any longer than they need to be. This is good medicine and it can also save a large amount of money. Some commonly used drugs such as Sporonox, Clavamox and Baytril can cost several dollars each day for typical pateint. Unintentionally treating a patient for even a few extra days can really waste money. RaptorMed eliminates this problem completely.

  • It used to take us 1 week or approximately 30 man-hours to generate our year-end reports. Now, with RaptorMed, our reports can be created quite literally with 2 clicks of a mouse.

  • Before RaptorMed, it took approximately 8 phone calls to arrange transport for a single patient. Now, because of the built-in address book and transporter map functions, the number of calls has dropped to less than half. This saves us a HUGE amount of time.

  • There are many, many more features in RaptorMed that help us daily in so many ways. In the last 2 years, our case load has increased by 30% but our staff has been cut by 50%. Despite this, our quality of care has actually increased and this is almost entirely due to RaptorMed. RaptorMed actually allows you to care for more patients with less people and this certainly saves money.
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