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RaptorMedTM is a patient management software package designed specifically for the unique needs of wildlife and exotic animals. It was created and developed by Dr. Dave Scott in a partnerhship with Carolina Raptor Center in Charlotte, NC.

It is very easy to use, requires little in the way of computing resources and has a very long list of useful functions and features that are designed to improve staff efficiency and the quality of care. In addition, because there is powerful database running behind-the-scenes, the data that is collected in the system is now completely searchable. With RaptorMed, you can "go paperless" since there is no need for traditional records anymore.

Click here to see how RaptorMed will save you money and will easily pay for itself.

RaptorMed was originally designed to manage birds of prey. However, it has been successfully expanded to not only handle all avian species but all types of wildlife and exotic species typically admitted to rehab centers or in zoo/aquarium collections.

Here is just a short sample of the many things that RaptorMed does:
  • All records are accessible simultaneously by any number of users
    • All records can be viewed from any workstation
    • No more looking for lost charts
  • Your patient records can now be made available on the web so your finders can track their birds and receive up-to-the-moment updates on patient progress. This page also estimates your expenditures and total cost to treat each patient and this allows the public to get an in-depth understanding of just what it takes to treat injured wildlife. There is a DONATE button that is sure to generate new income for your organization. Here is a screenshot of a typical patient page. We raised over $7,000 from donations for a single bald eagle chick patient!. Click on it for a larger view.
    Check out the online RaptorMed databases of some our current customers.

  • Track daily treatments and feeding
    • The system will alert you to any patients that were missed or forgotten
  • Schedule medications and procedures.
    • Allow the system to auto-calculate drug dosages based on your formulary
    • Schedule single or recurring reminders for treatments or rechecks
  • Handle individual animals as easily as large groups
    • Manage large collections in a single enclosure
    • Easily add, move, transfer and release groups at once
  • Record, track and graph water chemistry for your aquatic habitats
  • Track the exact location of every bird
  • View all laboratory and clinical data graphically
    • Why sort through a bunch of numbers when a graph is so much more powerful?
    • Catch trends and problems early
  • Track each patient's problem list based on your set of problem descriptions
  • Track weight and growth curves in babies
  • Monitor physical therapy and feather check results
  • Store and recall all imagery files
  • Run all sorts of historical statistics
  • Estimate the cost of care for a patient
  • Produce all required reports literally with the click of a button
    • Federal and state rehab reports
    • Bandit reports
  • The system is very customizable.
    • Need a new report...we can add it for you for a small fee
    • Need to track new data about a patient? ... No problem.
  • Predict and forecast releases
    • This allows release events to be scheduled with confidence
    • Boost your fund raising with a Release-A-Raptor program

Click here for some screen shots

Compare RaptorMed to our competitors

 RaptorMedOur competitors
Requires internet connection? No. You can run RaptorMed on single laptop or on mulitple computers on a network. No internect connection is ever requred. Yes. In fact, if you don't have a live connection, you are "dead in the water".
Is the software customizable? Completely. You will be interviewed to see what special functions or reports are needed. These features will be implemented as part of your installation. Very limited customization is possible.
Can the system handle groups of animals? You bet. RaptorMed manages groups as easily as individuals. From a small cage with a single songbird to a massive aquarium tank with 300 fish, RaptorMed will easily manage your collections. Not really
Can the system help me raise money? Definitely. RaptorMed also includes an optional web page that allows the public to view their animals charts. This includes a cost estimator and a DONATION button that allows them to make donations easily. Click HERE to see this in action at the Carolina Raptor Center. No
Can your current and past patient history be loaded into the system? Definitely. That is part of what is done when the system is installed. No
Where is your data kept? On your own computers in your clinic. RaptorMed comes complete with automatic backup procedures in place so your data will always be safe and secure and completely under your control. In "the cloud" on the company's servers.
How much does it cost? That depends on the level of customization. Typical installations range from $2500 to $5000. Free - but the saying that "you get what you pay for" is very true here. RaptorMed will be fully customized to match your workflow. No "one-size-fits-all" approach can match this.

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